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Best Indoor Dog Potty

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Keep your home clean with the best indoor dog potty. Featuring a realistic grass pad and easy drainage system, it’s perfect for apartment living or training. Durable and easy to clean, it provides a convenient solution for pet owners. Ensure your dog has a designated spot with this practical indoor potty!

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Bullet Points:

1.Potty Training Revolution: Our puppy dog potty tray features a mesh slat design, making it easier for your furry friend to learn to use the toilet.
2.Prevent Pet Mess: Heightened fence prevents urine splash. Worried about urine splash while puppy potty training? With this potty tray’s raised fence, you can be sure your floor stays clean and dry. No more messes!
3.Durable and Sturdy: With solid frame construction and strong PP material, this puppy dog potty tray delivers consistent and lasting results, capable of handling your furry friend’s potty training needs for years to come.
4.Convenient Design: Say goodbye to messy floors with this puppy dog potty tray. Its easy-to-clean appearance and absence of urine flow ensure cleanliness.
5.Easy Cleanup: Ideal for busy owners, this puppy dog potty tray provides a convenient solution for small animals like cats, rabbits and dogs.


Name: Puppy Dog Potty Tray
Material: PP
Size: about 40*30*11cm/15.74*11.8*4.3inch

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Puppy Dog Potty Tray *1


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Grey, White, Purple, Green

  Best Indoor Dog Potty of 2024

It’s so exciting to bring home your new puppy and start including him in your daily routine, but you’ll soon discover that having a dog as a roommate can be quite challenging. Dog owners are also called “Urban pet parents” and this name calls out their responsibilities. Besides feeding and providing a home for your pet you must assure that your pet has a potty schedule, in case you take it outside at least three times a day, or is potty trained, of you are busy and out of house for several hours. Many pet owners also have a full-time job and it can get quite annoying to come home in the evening and find mess all over the place, not to even mention the smell. We have a solution for this major issue: a potty trainer for your pet. It usually looks like a fake grass mat that actually resembles a patch of grass so good that your dog will accommodate immediately. It may take a while to make your pet understand what that new mat with a tray under it is used for but you’ll be glad to end rushing to the bathroom to grab the mop or wet vacuum before it all gets a bigger mess. Cleaning a potty is surely way effortless than cleaning floors and rugs: all you have to do is to slide the bottom tray, grate and mat and clean them with soapy water. Less mess and a happy dog. Potty train a puppy is not as daunting as it seems and, with the right potty, it can be really simple.

When looking for the best indoor dog potty, you should consider the following:

We present you the best pet potty trainers that are similar as concept but each different when it comes to design, price and size. Choose the best trainer for your pet from a variety of models.

1. PETMAKER Puppy Potty Trainer – The Indoor Restroom for Pets

This product is simply perfect for owners who don’t spend enough time at home to take their dog outside. Presented as a grass mat to bring an “outside feeling” to your dog, this potty trainer looks also a bathroom mat, it can be used both indoor and outdoor (recommended for patios) and you can set it anywhere you need it. Its three layers system makes it easy for your dog to use, for you to clean and for your house to maintain its fresh scent. Completely safe, odor resistant, antimicrobial and non-toxic for your pet, the grass mat stays dry, while the liquid can drain to the bottom tray through holes from the detachable grid. And if you think that cleaning it up can turn in a chore, you are actually wrong. All you have to do is rinse the three layers with soapy water (you can use special cleaning products for dogs or what you usual use to clean your bathroom). Easy as that!

Its trays and inserts are made of hard plastic and the grass surface is made of synthetic plastic, but there is no reason for you to worry about that annoying plastic odor because there is none. If you want to install it in a restrained space, make sure you have enough space for its dimensions: 20” x 25” x 1.25”.

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2. Klean Paws Indoor Dog Potty, No Torn Potty Pads! Keep Paws Dry!

A great potty for your pet is one that ensures its paws dry and your house odor free. This training potty is perfect for small dogs and cats and it can be used indoor or outdoor. Its dimensions are: 21.5” x 1.2” x 16.5” and it comes only in green, looking like a rubber mat. No more torn pads or litter on the floor with this potty! Due to its simple but effective design, the grate helps the liquid to drain below and your pet’s paws will stay clean and dry: necessary if you are missing most of the day and you want to come back to a clean house. Also, the snap on/off grate system will stop the puppies to get their little paws into the training pads in the pad holder. While keeping those pads for a longer time, you keep your money in your pocket for that extra time.

The pad holder does not necessarily require special pads: you can use old newspaper too, or whatever you find to work better. Cleaning this product is basically just changing the pads and rinsing the mart with soapy water to remove any spot and bad scent.

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3. PetSafe Pet Loo Portable Indoor/Outdoor Dog Potty

This dog potty comes in all three sizes, small, medium and large to assure enough space even for a very large breed. You can install the potty trainer inside or outside; just make sure that your pet knows exactly its place anytime you decide to move it. While it works perfect with small places, there is a variety of places to install it: in campers, RVs, open or closed apartment rooms, patios or balconies. The mat is covered with plastic grass soft enough to feel like the real one and designed to assure drainage for liquids in order to avoid wet paws all around your house. To keep the potty odor free there is the combination of the covered waste bin and Wee Sponge powder (that transforms the liquid into a gel): together they do an amazing job to trap all the smell.

When it comes to clean the potty, all you have to do is to slide the Pee Pod out of the base, and to remove the grass mat and simply rinse it with soapy water. The items included in the box are: Pet Loo Base, grass mat, waste container, disposable Pee Pod, trial size Wee Sponge.

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4. Ideas In Life Dog Potty Grass Pee Pad – Artificial Pet Grass Patch for Dogs

The bad weather or your 12 hour shift at work doesn’t mean your pet should suffer indoor and eventually make a mess. You can now purchase a dog potty, perfect for training your dog to use it whenever he needs, day or night. It can be installed indoor or outdoors and it’s suitable for small dogs and larger breeds too. There is no assembly required and all parts are made of non-toxic materials. The product has three main parts: the upper part is a mat made of fake grass and looks like a real patch of grass; the middle part it’s an elevated grid tray that has holes in it that allows the liquid to drain in the base tray, the third main part, that slides away to be cleaned. Due to the grid, the grass mat is always dry to avoid mess.

There is no assembly required: you simply purchase it, open it on the floor and put it wherever you want or where you have enough space. Its great design helps cleaning a lot: simply rinse the tray, grid and mat with soapy water when is necessary. While is safe for your pet, you can use this potty to train puppies without worrying about plastic smell or toxic residues.

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5. Nature's Miracle High-Sided Litter Box, 23 x 18.5 x 11 inches

This model has a slightly different design: it comes with high sides to avoid litter scatter and avoid mess around the box. It is suitable for small breed dogs and cats and it can be installed both indoor and outdoor, depending on the dominant weather conditions in your area. Assure that it is set on a flat surface to avoid accidents. It is a very sturdy litter box and it guarantees that your pet won’t pee over the sides. Cleaning it up is basically effortless: its design and non-stick surface make dumping the litter really convenient.

Its scooped out front indicates the entrance for your pet and it will get used to it almost immediately, simply because the sides are higher enough to discourage your pet to use them to get in the box. Also important if you have a larger pet is that the high sides are sufficient to avoid mess when the pet paws away the litter. You’ll experience less litter on the floor, less mess around the box and no bad odor in your house.

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Is using an indoor dog potty useful? 

Indoor dog potties are innovative pads that offer an alternative to dog owners who find themselves challenged by their pets’ bad habits. To understand the need of an indoor potty for dogs, you must first understand the reasons why a dog might poop or pee inside your home. There are several potential reasons for this. There are situations in which the dog cannot hold it that are associated with various medical conditions. Poor training can be another reason for this habit, but more often than not, they do it out of revenge or when the owners spend very little time at home and don’t follow a strict walking schedule. 

An indoor potty helps you maintain your house clean. This is a very convenient solution, but it implies training the dog to use it every single time. It is extremely important to mention that owning such an accessory should not reduce the frequency of the dog’s walks, as keeping it inside for long periods of time can lead to anxiety and frustration. A dog potty can be hygienic as long as you clean it regularly. If you aren’t sure that you can do that, you have the option of buying a rolling potty pad that cleans itself. Of course, these models are pricier and require regular roll replacement. Such a product offers a lot of comfort; it helps keep the house clean and solve some of the dog’s bad habits, which makes it a great choice. 

How to teach your dog to use the potty?

Most such products come with instructions and free training to support the transition, but this might sometimes not be enough. Your dog will need plenty of support and guidance during the first days of use, as well as understanding from your side. If you want to teach your pet to use it fast, you can add real grass from the spots it loves to pee on when outdoors. You can also buy sprays that contain the same substances, as a replacement. Some models that are available on the market include built-in attractant and are super absorbent, so that your dog will be used to it fast. If you are worried about the smells, you can choose a product that is quick-drying, leak proof and has odor control. 

What is the best dog potty for the indoors?

The best indoor potty is the one that can simulate a natural environment. Most users prefer using fresh grass instead of buying fake one that is a bit more difficult to clean and maintain. Others prefer using the more advanced approaches that have self-cleaning systems, but do not imitate nature so well. To compensate, some manufacturers add attractants and soft fabrics, so that the dog can feel as comfortable as possible. In order to find the best model for your dog, it is wise to analyze the environment in which you take it for walks and buy a potty pad that looks and feels just like that. 

Purchasing the right size for your pet’s potty is very important because each breed ha its particular behavior and needs. Some dogs get along with a potty that is large enough to turn once or twice with their paws on it but other simply need a larger space that reminds them of a real patch to solve some business on. When introducing your dog to its new toilet you should let him accommodate with it first by sniffing it, touching it and even chewing it for a bit. Of course that training won’t happen overnight but with some patience and little mistakes on the floor you’ll be eventually assured that once your dog learns how to use the potty he won’t go back on peeing around the house. Also, a very important aspect is to check if the potty you want to purchase is non-toxic, especially if you have a puppy still in that “I have to chew absolutely everything” phase. Enjoy life as a pet owner by keeping your little friend clean, dry and safe.