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Best Turtle Tank Setup Kit

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Provide the perfect habitat for your pet with the best turtle tank setup kit. Complete with filtration, heating, and lighting systems, it ensures a healthy environment for your turtle. Easy to assemble and maintain, it’s ideal for beginners and experts alike. Keep your turtle happy and thriving!



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Turtle Deluxe Kit 20-gallon terrarium environment with and heating lamps incorporates a basking platform for your pet’s pleasure. Make this great tank a feature piece in your home. Along with a 20-gallon glass aquarium, your kit includes all of these essentials:  fauna Decorative Repto with three cartridges, two 5.5-inch dome lamps with bulbs,  fauna Turtle Terrace Basking Platform, a boxwood plant mat, a screen top with locking clips and product samples. Place your reptile kit in a location close to an electrical outlet to allow the use of lights and . The kit should not be placed near heating or air conditioning ducts, or in direct sunlight, as this can cause the temperature inside the habitat to fluctuate, and direct sunlight can cause algae growth. Let your reptile bask in the light as your terrarium becomes the focal point of any room

 Fauna 20-Gallon Deluxe Turtle Tank Starter Kit:

  • COMPLETE AQUARIUM KIT: 20-gallon tank is ideal for turtles, and this kit includes all the essentials needed for success, including a decorative with cartridges, basking platform, heating lamp, boxwood plant mat, and screen top.
  • INCLUDES WATER: Decorative Repto instantly creates a beautiful waterfall while keeping water clean with 3-stage filtration.
  • HEATING: Dome lamps are incorporated into the screen top for warmth and prime basking.
  • CONVENIENT: Includes food and water care product samples – everything you need to get started.
  • DIMENSIONS: The aquarium measures 30 inches wide x 12 inches deep x 12 inches tall.
  • MATERIAL: Clear Glass and Metal
  • Let your reptile bask in the light as your terrarium becomes the focal point of any room

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