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Best Portable Gas Grill

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Grill on the go with the best portable gas grill. Compact and lightweight, it’s perfect for picnics, camping, and tailgating. High heat output and even cooking ensure delicious meals every time. Easy to set up and clean, this grill is your ticket to outdoor culinary success!



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1. Stable frame structure: frame material stainless steel, good load-bearing; Triangular support frame, stable structure, can adapt to outdoor ground; The support surface is large after the bracket is unfolded, which is suitable for most camping pots.

2. The support frame can be folded: the upper and lower support frames can be folded, and the storage volume is small and easy to carry.

3. High power, full combustion: power 3500W, large flame blue, full combustion, fast cooking speed, boiling 500ml water in room temperature environment only takes 1 minute and 45 seconds.

4. Material upgrade: The material of the electronic igniter is upgraded to high melting point plastic plus ceramic tube, which is more resistant to high temperature and has a longer service life.

5. Parts can be replaced: fire plate, electronic lighter, nozzle and other parts are easy to wear, you can purchase original accessories separately, disassemble and replace, and extend the overall service life of the gas furnace.

6. Suitable for various scenarios: camping, picnic, hiking, self-driving, cycling, fishing, outdoor team building.


1. Name: Widesea split outdoor camping stove

2. Color: Metallic

3. Material: Aluminum alloy, stainless steel, all copper, PVC pipe, ceramic tube, high melting point plastic

4. Unfolded size: φ155mm*72mm

Storage size: φ 76mm * 62mm

5. Weight: about 235G

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