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Best Bedwetting Alarm

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Help your child overcome bedwetting with the best bedwetting alarm. Featuring sensitive sensors and gentle alerts, it encourages dry nights through effective training. Comfortable and easy to use, it’s a reliable solution for a common issue. Support your child’s confidence and well-being with this device!



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【Free From Bedwetting & Develop Good Potty Habits】:Our upgraded 2-in-1 Wireless Bed Wetting Alarm and Pee Alarm Adopts scientific parenting methods to train children to go to the toilet independently before wetting the bed, the extremely sensitive bedwetting monitors detect the first drop of urine and immediately reminds the child or parents when bedwetting happens, let baby sleep more comfortable, mother feel more relaxed

【3 Reminding Ways】:Support strong vibration and enjoyable music reminding ways, can be customized mode to meet different needs. This bed alarm bedwetting can wake your kid up and allow you to guide her/him to the toilet. Easy to improve bedwetting, A very reliable bedwetting alarm for kids potty training

【Set The Timers】:Our potty training watch is built in with timer and song, make toilet training relaxed. A convenient looping clock for 30,60,90 and 120 minutes lets your little one know when to visit the restroom, making it an adorable accessory to wear. It is better to use not exceed 5V voltage for the adapter to charge the alarm and receiver

【Give More Love to Bedwetters】:Potty alarm bedwetting is suitable for the elderly, babies, people with limited mobility or who cannot take care of themselves. Help them improve bedwetting; Urine alarm make an alarm sound when they wet the bed

【Kid-friendly & Convenient】:Potty training alarm adopts wireless design, the waterproof transmitter and receiver are separated;the wristband is adjustable,included USB cable for easy charging, safe,comfortable and convenient to use. We promise 1 year warranty and 24/7 customer support.



Item Type

Bedwetting Alarm



Product Battery

Li ion 300mAH

Receiver Battery

Li ion 55mAH

Package Dimensions

4.33 x 3.54 x 1.97 inches


2.89 Ounces

Charging Method


Supply Voltage



Package includes:

Bedwetting Alarm* 1
Receiver* 1
Record Card* 1
User Manual* 1
USB Charging Cable* 1



1: Power: Press and hold for 2 seconds to turn on/off

2: Mode selection: Long press the mode button for 2 seconds, the mode icon on the screen will flash and jump. Press once to switch mode selection and adjust to

After the desired mode is reached, it will flash for 2 seconds and then stop flashing, automatically determining the current mode

3: Timer setting: Press and hold for 2 seconds to turn on the timer, and the time icon on the screen will flash and jump. Press once to switch between different times and adjust

After reaching the required time, it will flash for 2 seconds and stop flashing, automatically determining the current selected time.

Press and hold for 2 seconds after turning on the timer function to turn it off

4: Battery level and charging: When the battery level is low, the red light on the battery icon flashes, indicating the need for charging. After connecting the charger, the red light breathing indicates charging

When fully charged, the green light remains on. The green light remains on when the battery is fully charged during normal use

5: Mode: Vibration, Sound, Sound+Vibration: When adjusted to this mode, the icon’s white light is constantly on, and the corresponding screen light stays on for 1 minute

Automatically turn off after the machine, press any key to wake up

6: Reminder light: When wet urine is triggered, the red light flashes, and the beep and vibration are prompted according to the mode selection

When the alarm is triggered at a fixed time, the blue light flashes to indicate that there are two types of sounds (sound and vibration can be selected according to the mode)

7: Urine moisture sensing transmitting end, when the clamp senses water, the positive and negative poles conduct and a short circuit occurs, sending an alarm signal to the host, which sends an alarm signal

An alarm prompt appears, and the host can cancel the prompt by pressing any button. After canceling the prompt, if the clamp is not opened within 1 minute, the host will give a new alarm prompt

Trigger the host alarm. After the clamp is opened, the host alarm needs to be manually cleared by pressing any key

Transmitting end battery indicator light: When the battery is low, the light flashes to indicate, when charging, the red light is displayed for suction, and when fully charged, the green light remains on

When the battery is full, the lights will turn off without prompting. (Energy saving)

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