How To Use A Tens Unit

If you are a person who is suffering from some kind of muscle pain or if you are a person who works out quite a bit, then a TENS unit can be something that will greatly improve the way that you feel. A tens unit can be extremely effective as a therapeutic device, helping to relieve sore muscles, pain, and even loosen muscles that are tight and constricted. It is truly a remarkable machine in terms of how effective it can be, and the best part of it is that you can use this at home.

Whether you are using a portable TENS unit or one that is more stationary in terms of its use, the application is extremely easy. You begin by placing the electrode pads in the areas where you are feeling pain or discomfort. Depending upon the kind of machine that you have you may have as many as six different pads that are included, but most have somewhere between two and four.

Once you have placed the pads and the location desired, you simply apply the amount of electronic impulses that will help to alleviate your pain or discomfort. While there are many great options out there, the best TENS unit options give you a great deal of flexibility in terms of the kind of pulse and setting for that pulse that you can choose.

For example, some offer you the ability to have continuous electricity sent to the affected area, while others give you the option of intermittent pulses sent as you desire. You also will have the capability to be able to set the strength of those electric pulses, allowing you to have a low amount of stimulation all the way up to a much higher degree.

The intensity should be based upon the level of discomfort you are feeling and the amount of intensity needed to be able to achieve the required results. It is to your advantage to start at a rather low intensity and work your way to a higher one as your body needs.

You may also want a TENS machine that offers you the ability to set the amount of time that the device will run before shutting off. This allows you to even apply the machine at nighttime before you go to sleep, knowing that it will shut off after 10 or 15 minutes.

One important note before using this machine. There are certain parts of your body where you should never apply the electrode pads out of concern for potential injury that may occur. This includes such locations as your eyes, chest, throat, or areas where you have a wound, cut, or abrasion. This can lead to a person getting severely injured or heard from the electrical impulse, especially in areas like the eyes.

You also should never apply this over your chest above your heart if you have a pacemaker. This can have negative effects on the operation of the pacemaker and possibly endanger you.

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