How to Choose the Best Water Bottle for You

Water bottles are becoming a lot as people are looking for ways to improve their health while staying hydrated. Because of how important water is, it is essential that you drink a large amount of it each day, and this is why so many are turning to taking water bottles with them everywhere they go.

While it is a great idea to carry one, knowing what is the best water bottle for you is an entirely different story. It’s not like trying to figure out the best flashlights or the best socks to wear. Choosing a perfect water bottle is something that is a little more personal to the individual. You may have specific desires that one kind fits over another, so here are some things to consider when choosing the best for yourself.

Size - most will think that having a larger size just makes sense, if you are a person who carries your water bottle everywhere you go or you have it attached to the side of your backpack, you might want to smaller sized to fit your active lifestyle.

Shape - the shape of many water bottles is changing as well, as many are specific for the grip of a person’s hand, whether they attached to a bicycle or backpack, how they fit in the cup holder in a car, or how easy it is for them to store. These are all things to consider when choosing the right one for yourself.

Materials Used - there are two primary materials that water bottles are made of these days: plastics and stainless steel. Plastics are usually cheaper, but they do not generally keep the water as cold as stainless steel does. It is really a matter of cost versus functionality for you.

Type of Nozzle - the type of nozzle is important as well. Do you need one with a flip that closes tightly, or do you like a plunger pulls in an out to release the water? This may not be a deal breaker for you, but many people like the idea of having one kind of nozzle over another.

Design - the design on the water bottle may matter to you as well. People like choosing specific water bottles as a symbol of something they enjoy, like having a sports team on it, the name of their university, or even the logo of their employer. The great thing about a water bottle is that it allows you to display these kinds of things, and it is easy to put logos on them.

Use - what you intend to use the water bottle for most is also a consideration. For those who like to camp or hike, you may prefer hydration packs over getting a water bottle. However, if you are a person who is frequently around areas where you can refill your water bottle, then it makes sense to get yourself one that you could have on your desk at work, at home, or while you are out and about.

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