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Best USB Powered Portable Monitor


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    Good quality.

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    Very fast delivery.

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    The product is firmly packed.

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Good quality.The product is firmly packed.Good service.Very well worth the money.Very fast delivery.


Product sellpoints

  • 【Sleek and Minimalist Design】-This high-end portable monitor features ultra-narrow bezel, ultra-light weight and ultra-thin body.
  • 【Versatile Compatibility】-This monitor has two multi-function USB Type-C ports. It's primarily designed to serve as an external screen for the laptop or computer display for mini PC, allowing you to work on a neat screen or to multitask with ease.
  • 【Productivity On-the-go】-The monitor can be stored in a tiny space and put in a backpack to carry out, even a compact desk can be placed to use it. You can easily take the monitor and a laptop to build a dual screen setup.
  • 【Wide variety of uses】-It is also versatile enough to work with game consoles, TV stick, part of smartphones to be used as a display for entertainment purposes. Moreover, the monitor is incredibly easy to use as it is plug-and-play ready.
  • 【Discounts & Offers】-We are more than happy to share with every customer, contact us for more offers!



ITEM:15.6 inch 4K MonitorRESOLUTION:3840x2160px


2* Type-C (fully functional)

1* Standard HDMI

1* 3.5mm Earphone Interface

1* OTG Port

What in the box:

1* 15.6 4K Monitor

1* Power Supply-PD 30W

1* USB2.0-A Male to Type-C

1* Type-C to Type-C

1* Standard HDMI – Standard HDMI

1* Product Manual

1* Magnetic Cover


①We have four different power supply specifications. EU-US-AU-UK

②Please choose the appropriate plug according to your needs.

③We will also send the right plug according to your country.

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Best USB Powered Portable Monitor of 2024

In our modern times, portability is essential for everyone. Slimmer and lighter laptops are coming out year after year, and that's great for people that travel a lot and need their laptops with them. It's even great for a short commute, if you need to carry your computer, maybe even secondary portable monitor, with you - then every pound matters. Portability gives people the flexibility that they need, as well as the freedom of movement. With smaller and portable devices, you need to worry less about the space they take and about the weight in your backpack or case, and you get to focus on more important matters. Most traveling professionals already choose their smartphones, tablets, laptops, and other portable devices that allow them to work while on the move based on how easy it is to work and travel with them. It is the same with a portable monitor or travel monitor - when screen real estate is crucial to you, then you'll need to carry it with you on your travels or commutes. We're here to help make your life easier and inform you so that you may choose the right one. Be it a light portable monitor that you can easily set up anywhere, a light, small travel monitor that you can pack and take with you on your vacation or an extension of your laptop's screen for the benefit of more pixels to help your work - we've got suggestions for you and tips on choosing right.

The next level in portability is set by high-end devices that allow professionals, creatives, and business people to perform their work more comfortably, smoothly, and efficiently. The best USB powered portable monitors are part of this category of equipment. Depending on their specs and purposes, one might call them travel monitors - which is a pretty good description for most, primarily when used by a frequent traveler. 

New display technologies are beneficial for those who need more than one screen in their day to day computer activities. Writers, programmers, artists, or engineers need to facilitate their tasks by using additional screens. USB powered portable displays have been created and developed to serve the purposes of such people.

The main benefit of a USB portable monitor is that it can be easily connected to a primary display or unit using just a single USB cable that has a data transmission rate of 10 gigabits per second and the ability to transfer up to 100 Watts of power. We will be focusing mainly on portable monitors that are truly portable and use only one cable to transmit both power and the video/audio signal. Thanks to technological developments, secondary screens can be just as good as the main screen on a laptop. Therefore, if you are in constant need of two displays, yet you are a freelancer, or you travel a lot, this product is ideal for you. The laptop or tablet screen is just not enough when working with complex tasks, a lot of windows or programs or simply want to have something else running on a secondary display.

The market has become enriched in this segment lately - while a couple of years ago there weren't many good choices for a portable display, nowadays you can easily find a few of them and prices have become more affordable too. The size, weight, the resolution, and the connectivity of these screens are the most important criteria that one needs to look for when buying a portable monitor. It is also imperative to get some safety/protection like a blue light filter when available to reduce stress on your eyes. We will try to provide you with a very detailed list of features, benefits, pros, and cons in this article and help you choose the right one that not only meets your requirements but also fits in your budget. 

The looks are mostly the same with most travel monitors - that's something you realize quickly once you start doing your research in the market - but there are a few distinct products that truly stand out like the very appealing HP and the elegant metallic finish ASUS ZenScreen. If looks matter to you and you want to impress people when you start showing off your wares, then you might want to look at one of these - they're sure to impress.  If not - they're still amazing choices because of their specs - but might be a bit pricier than the other bargain deals you'll find below.

Check out our top recommended list for a portable USB powered monitor:

1. ASUS ZenScreen MB16AC 15.6-Inch Full HD IPS USB Type-C Portable Eye Care Monitor

I'll call this the "has-it-all". It is by far the best option available from the range of portable monitors we've looked at, and I could even say available out there today. Especially if you're looking for a long-term, reliable travel-ready and travel-resistant portable monitor and budget isn't really tight. If your budget is tight, then go look at its other two siblings (see below). They're close behind and provide most of the features and benefits for a better price.

It comes in 3 flavors:

  1. USB Type-A & C
  2. Type C, Micro HDMI, w/ Battery
  3. Type C, Micro HDMI, Battery w/Touch Screen

The touchscreen version is the most expensive obviously, going well above $300, but again, this is the "has-it-all" and is the one that can please everyone, everywhere. The price is well worth it because you get it all.  

It is a large screen, providing you with lots of "pixel real estate" but at the same time, it is light and very slim so it won't be on opposition with your super-slim, super-portable laptop. Check out our review at the bottom of the page to see how it looks next to a super-slim laptop. It is going to be easy to carry around on your travels; personal experience has shown me that. Just put it into your backpack and forget about it. It's that light and practical - sits nicely in its protective sleeve and waits for you to take it out without adding any unnecessary extra weight. 

The top 2 versions also come with stereo speakers and a 7800 mAh battery for maximum compatibility. Some devices will require additional power for the portable monitor to work, and that's understandable.

It will automatically rotate into landscape or portrait, its smartpen hole and smart cover will allow for easy detection of the position your monitor sits in. Both its sleeve and its pen can support it.

Apparently, it is also highly contagious! Friends and Co-workers tend to buy the same portable monitor after seeing this one in use - it's that practical and good looking. If it was showcased like the iPhones in all the stores, everywhere, prominently, I'd bet that this would be the most popular accessory to laptops worldwide.

It has certified flicker-free backlighting and blue light filter, which will help minimize eye fatigue. For those of you (and me) that spend hours and hours on your laptop and adjacent screens, this is an essential feature, and something you'll only learn to appreciate in the long-run. Or after you've used such a device for a long time and then switched to a lower quality product that doesn't provide the same level of protection. That's when you start to feel the difference in quality and very likely in headaches and fatigue. So while this is usually a footnote and something that you don't give as much attention to when deciding to buy, it is one of the most essential features to have if you'll be using it often.

What’s to like?

What’s not to like?

2. Asus Zenscreen Go MB16AHP

If you are in the market for a premium portable monitor that will boost your work productivity and help you get more "pixel real estate," then you can't go wrong with the Asus Zenscreen Go MB16AHP. Shipping with a 15.6-inch display that supports 1920 x 1080 pixel native resolution, aka 1080p, the portable monitor has all the tools needed to help you be more productive. The display uses FHD technology paired with anti-glare IPS, which is a "must-have" if you find yourself often spending too many hours in front of displays.

Wearing glasses is sometimes not enough to keep your eyes safe during work or gaming hours. We are spending more and more time in front of displays, and Asus created a special display technology designed to protect us. The technology is called Asus Eye Care, and it implements TUV Rhineland-certified flicker-free backlighting into the Asus Zenscreen Go MB16AHP. Not just that, but the portable monitor automatically filters blue light to minimize eye fatigue.

What makes the Asus Zenscreen Go MB16AHP stand out when compared to the other portable monitors on our list is the fact that it's beloved by both gamers and people who need to work when away from the office. Featuring support for USB-C and micro-HDMI connectivity, you can display content on the monitor from a wide variety of devices without a single problem. This includes laptops, smartphones, DSLR cameras, and even game consoles! The freedom that the Asus Zenscreen Go MB16AHP offers makes it hard to imagine how life without using a portable monitor was like before.

The biggest problem that you will run into when using portable monitors is that you are required to find a secondary power source. Fortunately, this is not the case for the Asus Zenscreen Go MB16AHP. The portable monitor is fueled by a large 7,800 mAh built-in battery that will make sure you never run out of power, even when gaming or performing other heavy-duty tasks.

Even though the Asus Zenscreen Go MB16AHP is equipped with a rather massive battery, it doesn't make the portable monitor heavy. The Asus Zenscreen Go MB16AHP was designed from the get-go to be stylish and portable. Thanks to this, the manufacturers have created a slim design that is 0.3 inches thin! That's not all. The portable monitor weighs in at only 1.9 pounds. Therefore, you can carry the portable monitor anywhere you go.

Another important feature that might grab your attention is the ZenScreen Pen. The stylus makes it super easy to control the content displayed on the portable monitor, but it does much more than that. Asus has equipped the device with a smart design that helps you create an instant stand anywhere. There is a small hole on the right side of the portable monitor, and you can use the ZenScreen Pen to balance it on any surface. Now, let's take a look at the highlight features that Asus Zenscreen Go MB16AHP has to offer and see why it's categorized as the best portable monitor:

What's to like?

What's not to like?


Wouldn't it be great if you could game at ultra-settings everywhere that you go? This would make traveling fun, especially when you would rather spend your time gaming. Here is where the ASUS ROG Strix XG17AHP comes in and saves the day. Ask any gamer what the most important requirement for a gaming monitor is, and they will say that it is the refresh rate. Well, the ASUS ROG Strix XG17AHP exceeds all expectations for portable gaming monitors. The device doesn't only display your favorite games in vibrant colors and full HD (1920 x 1080) resolution, but it also provides an impressive screen refresh rate of 240Hz.

If you are not yet sold on portable gaming monitors with a high screen refresh rate, then you should know that this feature will make you a better player in online games. The image clarity will be improved, and more importantly, the objects will move faster and smoother on your screen than on other monitors. As you can imagine, this makes it a bit easier to aim in FPS titles like Warzone. Pair the 240Hz refresh rate with a modded weapon as the infamous Grau or Bruen, and no one is going to stand in your way. It's also worth mentioning that the ASUS ROG Strix XG17AHP supports 144Hz, and it has an incredibly fast response time of 3 milliseconds!

The display measures in at 17.3-inch, and this means that you will be able to play games at a professional level, anywhere you might be, even in the hotel room! The high screen refresh rate and fast response time of the ASUS ROG Strix XG17AHP are not the only features that make it one of the best choices for a portable gaming monitor. The portable gaming monitor is also lightweight so that you can carry it everywhere. If that want impressive enough, then the fact that ASUS ROG Strix XG17AHP is bundled with a ROG tripod, smart case, and carrying bag might be enough to do the trick.

You can use the foldable ROG Tripod to mount the ASUS ROG Strix XG17AHP on any surface, be it an office desk or a nightstand. The choice is all yours. ASUS knows that when it comes to gaming, people don't like to waste time setting up their devices. This is why the manufacturer has created a quick and convenient release mechanism that makes it possible to mount the portable gaming monitor to the tripod in less than a second. Gaming on the road has never been more fun!

The ASUS ROG Strix XG17AHP is one of the best USB powered monitors on the market. It features USB-C and micro-HDMI connectivity, but you don't have to rely on the USB-C port for power. The portable gaming monitor is powered by a 7,800 mAh battery that lasts for up to 3.5 hours when running at 240Hz. Considering the impressive frame rate you will get while gaming, the battery's performance is quite remarkable. You are going to get a seamless, fun, and tear-free gaming experience every time that you power up the ASUS ROG Strix XG17AHP.

What's to like?

What's not to like?

4. AOC e1659Fwu 16-Inch Ultra Slim 1366x768 Res 200 cd/m2 Brightness

Amazing prices and good set of features is what best describes this portable monitor from the world-renowned company AOC. The basic version of the AOC e1659 is inexpensive going well under $100. It has a highly attractive design and has technical specifications that are ideal for most work environments. It has a 16 inches display with a 15.6 inches viewable surface, HD resolution, 200 cd/m2 brightness and a 16:9 aspect ratio.

The monitor is also available in 17 inches for those who need a large viewing surface. This portable screen can be connected to any desktop using USB 3.0 and can deliver clear images in portrait or landscape view. It has an auto pivot mode which is only compatible with Windows 7 & 8. It comes with a flexible stand that is very comfortable to use and thanks to its thin design it is easy to transport whenever traveling.*please note that this model might be difficult to set up on Windows other than 7 and 8. 

What’s to like?

What’s not to like?

5. AOC I1601FWUX 15.6" USB-C powered portable monitor

The more advanced version of the previous product, AOC i1659FWUX is a bit more expensive, as it integrates the IPS technology and has a few more features. This USB powered portable monitor has a 16-inches screen with full HD resolution, the same brightness of 220 cd/m2 and an aspect ratio of 16:9. The contrast ratio, however is of 700:1 and the viewable surface is, just like in the case of the previous product, 15.6 inches. Its design is outstanding thanks to its thin screen, black finish and beautiful stand. It's a beautiful piece of technology.

The foldable stand that is attached to this monitor allows users to place it both vertically and horizontally. The image adjusts itself to portrait or landscape view automatically. Also, it has an Auto Pivot Mode and it is compatible with Windows 7 and 8. Its response time is 25 ms, which is a lot slower than what similar models can offer. However, it has wide viewing angles of 160/160 and a color uniformity that you will love.

*please note that this model might be difficult to set up on Windows other than 7 and 8. 

What’s to like?

What’s not to like?

6. ASUS MB169B+ 15.6-Inch Full HD 1920x1080 IPS USB Portable Monitor

If you are looking for a 15-inch affordable portable monitor without sacrificing much on the features/quality side, then this could be the best product for you. It is available in Full HD and connects through a USB 3.0 cable, which also powers the monitor. Its 15.6 inches display is ideal for daily tasks that require using more than one monitors - on the larger side. One of its main advantages is that it is fully portable. Also, it is exceptionally slim and lightweight. It has a sleek metallic finish that makes it look elegant and professional. It can be connected to another screen using nothing more than a USB cable, being able to offer a full HD resolution.

Another great thing about this display is its auto-rotating ability. It has an adjustable stand and a protection sleeve that makes it easy to handle, move, and adjust to your needs. Also, it comes with a blue light filter that will help minimize strain on your eyes. This feature is extremely useful, especially if you spend long hours in front of the computer. This product is compatible with laptops, desktops, and notebooks, which gives you a lot of flexibility.

What’s to like?

What’s not to like?

*We have a more extensive review on this product (voted our favorite) at the bottom of the page - including a video review. Please check it out if you're interested in the product. 

7. HP Pavilion 21.5-Inch IPS LED HDMI VGA Monitor - Amazingly cheap good monitor - (NOT USB Powered)

Regardless of the number of features and advanced technology that a portable monitor might have, sometimes it is simply not a good time to spend a large amount of money if you don't really need one. If that is the case or you simply don’t need an advanced portable monitor, but a basic monitor that can simply help you extend your main screen, then this affordable, device might be an ideal option. It is large, inexpensive and is equipped with two ports that allow you to connect with devices. Its screen has a 21.5-inch diagonalfull HD resolution and 178-degree wide viewing angle. The 2 million pixels in this display offer a clear, impeccable image, so the monitor is ideal for visual content. By comparison with other more expensive products, this one has a lower response time of only 7ms.

This monitor can be connected with other devices using VGA and HDMI cables. Also, it supports HDCP. It has mercury-free LED backlighting, arsenic-free glass and low halogen, all meant to increase energy efficiency. Thanks to the anti-glare panel, you will be able to work even in the brightest environments. Design-wise, this monitor satisfies the needs of those who pay attention to details. It is sleek, it has a 3-sided micro-edge design and easy access to the ports. It comes with a stand that allows you to tilt the monitor between -2 and 25 degrees.

What’s to like?

What’s not to like?

8. ZEUSLAP 13.3 Inch / 15.6 Inch HDMI TYPE C 1920*1080 HDR Portable Monitor

Just by looking at the price and what specs you're getting for it - you've got yourself the answer: this is a great choice and you'll never regret the money you spent. Yes, it takes more time for it to arrive, but it's worth it. The seller has impressive ratings so their products are always of good quality and if that's not the case, personal experience has thought me that AliExpress is extremely good at defending their buyers. If you don't receive the product as advertised then you're very likely to keep it and get your money back or at the very least get a serious discount for it. The seller also states that they will grant you 7 days no reason return, 15 days no reason exchange, 1 year warranty.

With this brilliant usb-powered portable monitor you get two options, a 13.3" and a 15.6", both HDR, Full HD and with an 178 degree view angle. 

Advertised response time is 4 ms, a contrast ratio of 800:1 and it makes the following interfaces available to connect your devices: Mini HDMI, Type C*2, Audio Port.

It can easily be plugged into your laptop, game console (Switch, PS, XBOX) and even your phone! It comes with dual speakers and while you can't expect cinema-quality sound out of it, it will certainly do the job for some on-the-go movie watching, gaming or other activities when you're not looking for the ultimate experience, just the comfort of a larger (or secondary) screen when you're traveling. After all, if you're looking for cinema quality/experience, I would assume that you've probably set up your home living-room (or some other room) with hardware that makes this little toy obsolete. 

However, for the price that you're paying, the little toy is a good buy, it will be a reliable travel partner that you can count on to provide you with some extra pixels when you need them!

What’s to like?

What’s not to like?

9. ASUS MB168B 15.6-Inch WXGA 1366x768 USB Portable Monitor

This product is similar to the previous ASUS MB169B+ that we reviewed. This earlier version is slightly different, even if at first we notice many similarities. If your budget is a bit tighter and the more expensive "siblings" of this monitor aren't in your budget's range, as long as this fits your requirements, go for it. You won't regret the choice! By comparison to MB169B+, the MB168B model has a lower resolution of 1366 x 768, a lower response time, a lower static contrast and a smaller viewing angle. Other than that, the specifications of these two products are pretty much the same. They both weigh 1.76 pounds, they have matte surfaces and conventional screens, no touch capabilities. It also uses a single USB cable for powering up and transmitting video signals. 

Also, the brightness of the screen is the same. Just like the MB169B+, this screen has a blue light filter in place for eye protection. This model also comes with an auto-rotating display, a case and an adjustable sleeve. The size of this display is 15.6 inches, it is very thin and it has the same metallic finish. If you need this product to work out of the box on older windows machines, DisplayLink drivers must be installed. Another good thing is that this monitor is backed by a 3 years warranty.

What’s to like?

What’s not to like?

10. HP EliteDisplay S14 14-inch Portable Monitor

HP has been creating some veeeery sexy tech lately. If you look at its latest portable laptops, you'll see what I am talking about. They're simply gorgeous and as an owner I can say that even after a year I still find myself saying "damn, this thing is gorgeous". It's the same with this USB powered portable monitor from HP. It looks really, really good. And specs and performance are not to be ignored either!

You get a 14 inch full HD monitor with a 5ms response time which connects via USB-C and doesn't require any additional power supply. Not surprised to see that it has a blue light filter to shift colors to a warmer spectrum for more comfortable viewing - HP is known for good quality business products and when you do business products you need to consider long hours and impact on human body - eyes in this case. 

It comes with a magnetic cover that can double as a stand, it does have only one position in which the monitor can be held and it might not be right for all users but it is easy to use and stable. The monitor is entirely metal and that gives it a high-end look and feel, as one would expect from hp's latest designs, and it also makes it feel solid and reliable but at the same time adds a bit to the weight of the product. 

What’s to like?

What’s not to like?

11. Lepow 15.6 Inch Portable Monitor Full HD IPS Screen USB C, Include Smart Cover & Screen Protector

This is another incredible cheap but feature-packed product from a less known company. Despite not having a powerful brand name behind it, this full HD IPS portable monitor is a really good buy and it is making a good impression on buyers everywhere. Just check out its amazon reviews, it has hundreds of reviews and an average review of 4.5.  

For just a little more than $100 you'll be getting a 15.6 inch full HD IPS screen that can connect to  laptops, PCs, Phones, PS3/4, XBOX ONE, Wii or Nintendo Switch through a USB type C cable or a mini HDMI. It can work in both landscape and portrait mode. In the package there's a smart cover with a durable leather exterior and a soft lining on the inside to protect the monitor. The smart cover will fold into different positions to create a stand for reading, typing or watching. You also get a screen protector in the original package!

When it comes to being portable we can't complain: it's one of the thinnest portable monitors and it's also among the lightest. It also has dual speakers and HDR which will make watching videos, listening music and paying games a quite pleasant. 

What’s to like?

What’s not to like?

12. Lenovo ThinkVision M14

Lenovo is a household brand in the tech industry thanks to the premium products that it launches, and the ThinkVision M14 monitor is the perfect example of that. This is a premium USB powered portable monitor that stands out with the fantastic image quality that it offers. The monitor uses IPS display technology to provide an impressive Full-HD resolution of 1920x1080 that makes it ideal for watching movies and TV shows. That’s not the only thing that you can use the monitor for, and instead, it also works great for gaming.

ThinkVision M14 is an excellent choice for a gaming station because it features a refresh rate of 60Hz. Due to this feature, you will not miss any critical details when watching movies or playing fast-paced games. Talking about the responsiveness of the USB powered portable monitor, we need to mention that it delivers a response time of 6 milliseconds. If this isn’t impressive enough, then you should know that the ThinkVision M14 uses two advanced USB-C ports for power and video support.

The portable monitor measures in at 14-inches, and this places it into the premium category. Despite the big size, Lenovo came up with a clever design that reduces the weight of the monitor to only 570 grams. You can carry the ThinkVision M14 monitor in your backpack without any problem. Another essential feature that we think it’s worth noting is that the portable monitor features 16.7 million colors and that it uses low blue light technology to protect the user’s eyes.

What’s to like?

What’s not to like?

13. NewSoul Portable Monitor, Upgraded 15.6 Inch IPS, HDR, FHD, Eye Care Screen, USB C, Dual Speaker, Type-C, HDMI, VESA, smart case included

This is a no-compromise solution from another company that's doing really well for itself and has a pretty good product without having the brand name support behind it.

The NewSoul monitor is awesome oeven if it's priced in the middle of the lot, it packs top features. A 15.6 inch full HD HDR IPS portable screen that offers a 178 degree viewing angle. Connects through a USB-C cable and can be powered up through the same cable if your device supports it. If not, you can provide it with additional power on the right side and connect it to the device on the left side via the USB-C or  HDMI. It can therefore connect to Laptops, PCs, Phones, Samsung DEX, PS3/PS4, XBOX ONE or Nintendo Switch. 

It has dual stereo speakers out of which you should not expect too much - it is a light, thin, portable monitor after all, not a home cinema - but that's still a huge plus. It comes with a cover made of durable PU leather on the exterior and a soft lining on the inside to keep the monitor safe. Of course, as most of them do, it doubles as a stand. It also comes with a free screen protector. The package also includes a quality USB-C power adapter for when it is needed. 

I am really surprised to see Eye Care technology to filter blue light and help with minimizing eye fatigue. That's a really nice feature to have especially for those of us that spend a lot of time in front of the computer. Thank God for dark mode available in more and more apps nowadays. 

What’s to like?

What’s not to like?

14. GeChic 1303H 13.3 inch 1080p Portable Monitor with HDMI, VGA, MiniDisplay Inputs

This pretty white portable monitor from GeChic is a decent choice for those looking to match their devices with the laptop's color or even their furniture. It isn't a cheap option and there are certainly other portable monitors out there that give you the same features for a lot less, but if you really like this and want the white color, then it's not a bad choice. It is a very slim and light portable monitor and that makes travel with it very easy/pleasant. 

For almost $300 you get a 13.3 inch full HD portable monitor with True Coloras (16.7M colors), 178 degree viewing angle, 14 ms response time, connects via Micro-HDMI, Mini-Display port, VGA, Micro-USB .

Comes with a cover to protect the monitor when it is not in use as well as a stand. In order to make it compatible with VESA mounts you need to buy an addon, which costs quite a bit - that doesn't get a positive vote from me. 

What’s to like?

What’s not to like?

15. GeChic 1503E 15.6-Inch FHD 1080p Portable Monitor with HDMI

What can be better than a 15.6-inch portable monitor that is sleek, highly practical and that encompasses the latest technologies that you need to stay connected to your business partners even when traveling? This stylish device from GeChic comes with a light gray frame, has an elegant ultra-slim design and is easy to maneuver thanks to its light weight and integrated stand. Although it has a higher price than the other selected products in our list, it is totally worth your attention and you will see why. It has a full-HD wide viewing panel, an anti-glare display, built-in speakers and HDMIVGA and USB ports.

This portable monitor can be used right after unboxing it thanks to its plug-and-play function. This means that it requires no installation drivers or any additional effort from your side. It weighs only 779 grams and is only 1.1 cm thick, so you can imagine how convenient it is to take it with you while traveling. To avoid screen scratches or any other type of damage, it also includes a smart cover and a stand.

What’s to like?

What’s not to like?

16. PACKED PIXELS GO AND PACKED PIXELS 4K - Retina wingmirrors for your laptop

Packed Pixels - with a resolution of 2048 x 1536, these 'retina' wing-mirror-style displays can be attached to the sides of your laptop/computer's screen to extend the pixel real estate. They work best with a single app maximized to cover the full width. They work well with Windows so they're not only for Mac users as some might expect or fear when you hear the the term "retina" display. They do not work with HDMI out, they only work with DisplayPort and Thunderbolt so please make sure you check compatibility before trying to acquire one. You will however need 3rd party software to adjust the display size on a Mac, which is a bit unpleasant but worth the effort if you want to be able to use these unique portable monitors. 

At this time these brilliant portable monitors from Packed Pixels have yet to hit Amazon and other mainstream merchants/shops. We are including the direct link to check on Amazon - next to this review - perhaps they'll land on the market soon so feel free to check from time to time and we will be updating as soon as we notice them. Until then, you can get more information on their website here

What’s to like?

What’s not to like?

Our Favorite: The ASUS MB169B+

If you need a portable monitor that only uses one cable for connectivity and power, then I know what the perfect one is. I've been using this monitor for a long time, and I can say with 100% confidence that it really is portable! Check out the video; For someone that uses such a small laptop, you can realize that "portability" is essential. If it hadn't been amazing, I wouldn't have recommended it.

The ASUS MB169B+ is a great monitor, and it touches some of the essential points for me:

  1. It only uses a USB cable; you don't need an extra cable to power it up; it uses the USB cable for everything.
  2. It is very thin and quite light. I don't have to carry a bag or backpack just for it. It's something you can easily store/take next to your laptop and barely notice its size/weight when traveling.
  3. It is very sturdy - as the video creator, I can say that I've traveled a lot with this monitor, and it has performed really well. It usually goes into my Everki Titan (it's a beast of a backpack) next to my laptop, tablet, chargers, some clothes, my kid's toys, and a lot more, especially when we take it on a plane. That means it gets crammed and kicked quite often, and still, the monitor is in great shape. I even used to carry it with me while I was working abroad in Berlin at some point (in the same backpack) to the office on a daily basis - that lasted for three months. Keep in mind that daily commute with the monitor means it gets plugged and unplugged twice a day, it gets packed and unpacked in its case twice a day and it gets stored and carried in the backpack twice a day. Of course, having a great backpack helped, but the fantastic ASUS MB169B+ has to get some merit too.
  4. Pretty good brightness and colors - granted, I do not do photo/video editing, and I assume it's not what a professional would be looking for. Still, again, I doubt that a professional portable monitor gets close to this size/weight/price combo. 
  5. Great stand - I couldn't have asked for a better stand. Check out the video to see why - never had issues with it moving or falling, and it helps me keep cables organized. 
  6. Great price! I actually own two of these.

Do you really need a portable monitor?

This is a fair question. Most of us have laptops, some of them extremely portable, thin, and lightweight. My laptop is actually smaller than my portable monitor - but that in itself is sometimes reason enough to need a screen extension. We can do some of our work on desktops, tablets, and sometimes even on our phones. We can also use most TVs as an external display - some of them do this out of the box, and others can be fitted up to support the feature. Then why do we need portable monitors? In reality, it pretty much depends on the work you do and how much you travel. If you only need to reply to emails or talk on the phone all day long, you probably don't need one - in fact I am sure none of the people that read this fall into this category - one screen is enough for you unless you're doing research for someone else or planning to buy a portable monitor as a gift. Who wants to look at inboxes full of emails on multiple screens? The only thought of that would make me fear the beginning of a workday.

If you are in a management position, someone that needs to prepare reports often, presentations, you work with large Excel files, then you really need a larger working surface, which means more screens. Also, if you are a developer or someone that needs to be looking at multiple items at once, there is no way that you can do your work comfortably on a single screen. Another reason why you really need a portable monitor is the fact that its design allows you to take it with you anywhere and eliminates all questions regarding available equipment anywhere that you choose to work. This is why some of them can be called "travel monitors" - if you travel a lot and want to make sure that you've always got your screens, then that's when/why you need it.

Why is it so essential to work on a high-quality portable display?

The market is filled with a multitude of options for USB powered portable monitors. Some of them are very cheap, but aren't really advanced from a technology perspective or are quite ugly to look at. Yes, they offer you the flexibility you need, but they lack quality when it comes to colors, response time, eye fatigue protection, and more. Worse - some of them are so ugly that you wouldn't take them out to use them in a crowd - that makes them useless. The whole point of having such a device is to work more comfortably no matter where you are, and if your monitor isn't up to par with your standards, then you're not comfortable. Imagine working on a high-quality fast desktop screen and having a second monitor that doesn't show a good picture, or that moves too slowly, or you're comfortable working on your laptop's screen, and then you switch over and take a look at the secondary portable monitor, and your eyes start to hurt because of that bright harmful image, or because the text is so blurry you can barely read anything. It's essential to choose right so that you choose only once, otherwise for such an important piece of technology, you'll just going to end up replacing it with a "hopefully" better one.

Comfort equals productivity. Don't you agree?

The workplace as we knew it has changed considerably during the past years and everything along with it. We travel a lot more; we work from home, coffee shops, and even on the airplane. We change offices and desks more often than ever, and computer presentations seem to be happening around every corner. In order to do that efficiently and not be exhausted, we need pieces of equipment that are truly portable, especially for a business traveler. Imagine doing all the work you do with a desktop or a large, heavy gaming laptop. I used to - my back was happy to see me downgrade from my ROG laptop to an ultra-portable 2-in-1. The tech-savvy generation taught us that small, thin, and modern devices can be used to improve our daily comfort and win some time. Portable monitors that are easily powered through the same USB cable that delivers video signals are part of the change. Just like ergonomic seats or work on the go itself, they are meant to make our lives more comfortable. 

According to studies conducted at the University of Montreal, comfort has proven to be a basic need and leads to much higher productivity when met.

Working with a secondary screen while performing your day to day tasks can make you very efficient and can save you time. You'll be a lot more comfortable, and it can give you a broader view of what you are doing/working on. Sometimes when you see the whole picture, new ideas can come to mind, your brain can process the information a lot faster, and the desired results can be achieved in a shorter time. Sometimes it's just a broader view, or sometimes you're just watching a movie while you work (I do that sometimes).

A portable monitor is essential to anyone who has to travel or commute with their laptop and monitor, to freelancers who enjoy changing their workplace often or to business people who need to give computer presentations. Also, it can be useful for those who work on large surfaces or use many windows and tabs at a time, such as coders or artists, or just someone doing research! The advantage of these portable screens that you can carry around and work with is that they do not need a different source of power than the laptop or the desktop they are connected to. They get the necessary power through the USB cable, and most of the available models on the market have a very low power consumption. You also win when it comes to the desk space they require.

The portable monitors that we reviewed in the list above are reasonably priced and vary quite a bit when it comes to technical specifications. They're all easy to use, and each of them should be a good choice, even if some more than others. Most of them have adjustable stands and can be used in whichever position you need them. They have excellent brightness and contrast levels, and they come with either HD or Full HD resolutions.

We hope that we've been able to help you formulate a list of top choices and that you've found the information in this article useful. Enjoy your new USB powered portable monitor, no matter which one you chose!