Best Travel Vest of 2018

When thinking about traveling, most people picture it as the most exciting thing that can happen to them and the one activity that fulfills them. Traveling can boost one’s energy levels, confidence, their desire to explore the world’s beauties, to get to know new people and their cultures and many more. Traveling is recommended for everyone, from toddlers to seniors, as it can make one feel alive.

In spite of all that, some trips can turn into nightmares if you forget to pack the necessary requisite, accessories or clothing. When traveling to a new destination, it is essential to do a bit of research and think about the things that will be useful during the trip, depending on the weather conditions, road conditions and the activities that you will have. Having all of these planned out from the beginning will help you avoid unpleasant situations.

A travel vest should be on top of your travel checklist when packing your luggage. Regardless of the destination, such a piece of clothing will ensure that you can carry with you everything that you need, securely. For instance, a travel vest can prove to be useful during city breaks, when visiting a lot of places and being on the road all along, as you can carry things like:

  • Wallet
  • Card holders
  • Document holders
  • Sunglasses
  • Photo camera
  • Selfie stick
  • Food
  • Tickets
  • Headphones
  • Writing accessories
  • Phones or tablets
  • Passport or other documents

The main purpose of a travel vest is to fit in as many objects as possible in a secure and comfortable way. Most such products are designed for men and have a design that is quite bulky, yet practical and comfortable to wear. Imagine that you must visit an entire city and fit everything that you need in just one or two pockets. It is not only impossible, but also extremely annoying.

Lately, the travel vests that are available on the market are more comfortable than older models. They come with practical designs and are usually made of materials that allow you to feel comfortable the entire day.

If you are already looking for the best travel vest for your needs, you will be delighted to know that we have reviewed some of the best-selling models on the market. While analyzing them, we have looked at factors that can determine their high or poor quality and therefore, your decision to buy them.

The following elements should be included in a good travel vest:

  • Durable and high-quality materials
  • A large number of pockets
  • A practical design
  • Thick or thin materials, depending on the season they are designed for
  • Well-stitched pockets
  • Hidden pockets
  • Comfortable collar
  • High-quality zipper closure

Take a look at the below travel vests and see for yourself which one of these 5 fulfill your requirements.


Product Size Weight Rating Price
SCOTTeVEST Men’s RFID Travel Vest - 26 Pockets – Travel Clothing SCOTTeVEST Men’s RFID Travel Vest - 26 Pockets – Travel Clothing S, M, L, XL, XXL 2.4 ounces 4.9/5 $$
SCOTTeVEST Women’s Travel Vest - 17 Pockets Travel Clothing SCOTTeVEST Women’s Travel Vest - 17 Pockets Travel Clothing S, M, L, XL 1.9 ounces 4.8/5 $
Weekender Traveler Air Vest Weekender Traveler Air Vest XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL 2.6 ounces 4.8/5 $
Rothco Undercover Travel Vest Rothco Undercover Travel Vest S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL 2.2 ounces 4.7/5 $
Columbia Men's Silver Ridge Vest Columbia Men's Silver Ridge Vest S, M, L, XL, XXL 1 pounds 4.6/5 $

1 SCOTTeVEST Men’s RFID Travel Vest - 26 Pockets – Travel Clothing

The ScotteVest is probably the most popular men’s vest on the market. It comes at an affordable price, giving the multitude of advantages it has and its thin design that makes it look amazing. This is a gadget-friendly vest that can be used for professional purposes and traveling. It has no less than 26 pockets that are suitable for phones, tablets, cameras, e-book readers and so on. This is the best vest that you can find if your gadgets have a lot of wires and you they always wreck your nerves.

This travel vest was designed in such a way that it is extremely lightweight, yet durable and perfectly balanced, so that its load will not affect your neck or back. One of the best things about this vest is its RFID enabled pocket that is meant to carry your passport and other important documents. By using it, you will be protected against identity theft while traveling internationally.

What’s to like?

  • It is gorgeously designed
  • It is lightweight
  • It has 26 pockets
  • It has an RFID pocket
  • It is designed to balance the weight throughout the vest
  • It is gadget friendly

What’s not to like?

  • This vest has zipper closure, which is great. However, the zippers raise a question mark, as they look cheap and not very durable

2 SCOTTeVEST Women’s Travel Vest - 17 Pockets Travel Clothing

ScotteVest brings to the market a model that is similar to the previous one, but this time it is designed especially for women. With a thin and slim design, this travel vest looks amazing and comes in black, red, grey, khaki and green. It is extremely lightweight, comfortable to wear and gadget friendly. If you are planning to go on a trip and take plenty of electronics with you, this is the right vest to carry them in.

This travel vest has 17 pockets and it is designed to help you organize your devices’ cables, so that you feel comfortable while walking or when searching for something in your pockets. One of the great things about this vest is its padded pocket that is suitable for iPads or other tablets. It is oversized and it can keep any sensitive device safe. Something else that you will love about it is its wrinkle-free fabric that makes it ready to wear at any time.

What’s to like?

  • It has a great design
  • It is made of wrinkle-free fabric
  • It has 17 interior and exterior pockets
  • It has zipper closure for most of the pockets
  • Some of the pockets come with magnetic closure
  • It has an extendable keychain
  • It has a water bottle holder
  • It is made of lightweight poly fabric
  • It dries quickly thanks to the Teflon treatment of the fabric
  • It is gadget friendly and has a padded pocket for tablets

What’s not to like?

  • This is an amazing piece of clothing that you can wear comfortably during your travels, yet it does not protect you against identity theft because it does not have RFID protection

3 Weekender Traveler Air Vest

If you are looking to buy a travel vest that is more affordable, you should consider buying this product. It is made 100% of nylon, it is a lightweight piece of equipment that can be worn in any situation and it has a durable design. It comes with a mobile phone pocket, a map pocket, a water bottle holder, a pocket that is especially designed for your passport, as well as an iPOD pocket. In order to make it even more comfortable to wear when loaded, the manufacturer added shoulder padding that is meant to reduce the tension of the weight.

More than that, the vest has interior shoulder grips that are made of rubber and adjustable side tabs. The fabric is water repellent and stain resistant. Also, it dries incredibly fast, giving the NyLite fabric. If you are traveling in sunny areas, this travel vest is ideal for you, as it protects you from harmful UV rays thanks to its UPF 50+.

What’s to like?

  • It is fairly priced
  • It is lightweight
  • It has a variety of pockets
  • It has a water bottle holder
  • It has shoulder padding
  • It has shoulder grips
  • It is made of NyLite nylon
  • Is has UV protection
  • It is water and stain resistant

What’s not to like?

  • Although it comes in various sizes, it is rather suitable for men than for women, as it has quite a bulky design

4 Rothco Undercover Travel Vest

This travel vest is way more affordable than the previous models in our list, yet it is a simpler model. If you are looking for a travel vest that is comfortable, thin and suitable for long walks during your trips, this could be a great product for you. It has 12 pockets, out of which one is a hidden passport pocket, it is made of a combination of cotton and polyester and it can help you carry everything that you might need while traveling internationally.

This product comes in black and khaki and can be worn by both men and women as it has a neutral design that looks good on everyone. It is a great travel vest if you care about wearing something nicely designed while exploring new destinations, yet it does not have as many pockets as other similar models. Also, it does not have RFID protection, but it comes with a pocket that is especially designed to hold your documents in a secure way.

What’s to like?

  • It is inexpensive
  • It is thin and lightweight
  • It has a lovely design
  • It is suitable for men and women
  • In comes in black and khaki
  • It has 12 pockets
  • It is suitable for wired gadgets

What’s not to like?

  • Its fabric is a mix of cotton and polyester, which means that it is not water and stai resistant

5 Columbia Men's Silver Ridge Vest

This is yet another travel vest that looks amazing and is very comfortable to wear during long trips, while carrying plenty of devices and objects with you. It is fairly priced, it is made of nylon, it is abrasion resistant and comes with sun protection. It can be worn during long hikes, fishing or long walks in complex destinations. This vest comes in three colors that you can choose from: green, white and grey.

This vest does not have as many pockets as other travel vests, as it only comes with 3 interior pockets, two hand pockets and other small ones. However, it has other advantages that cannot be ignored. It is made entirely of nylon and has some mesh panels. Also, it includes the omni-wick technology that helps your body remain dry and comfortable even when the temperatures outside get really high. Overall, this is a lightweight, beautifully designed travel vest that is suitable for everyone, but probably not the best model for you if you are a gadget enthusiast, as the number of pockets that it has only allow you to carry a few objects.

What’s to like?

  • It is affordable
  • It has an amazing design
  • It protects you against wind and UV rays
  • It is lightweight
  • It has three interior large pockets
  • It is made entirely of nylon
  • It protects you from discomfort when the temperatures are really high
  • It is abrasion resistant
  • It is water repellent

What’s not to like?

  • It does not have enough pockets
  • It is not equipped with RFID technology
  • It is not gadget friendly

Travel vests are essential pieces of clothing that can turn your trips into comfortable and enjoyable journeys. Choosing the right model for your needs is crucial, yet a vest that has a large number of pockets is not necessarily the best for your needs. When choosing a travel vest, think about your general behavior and whether or not you need that many pockets. If you are one of those people who only brings their phone and wallet with them, you will be annoyed by so many pockets.

On the contrary, if you like to have everything at hand, such as maps, water bottles, food, all sorts of accessories, camera, Go Pro camera, tablet, notepad, iPod and many more, then you certainly need a travel vest that is complex and filled with pockets. One of the most important things that you should consider when choosing such a product is the design. The load of such a vest is usually high, which means that you could get tired easily if the design of the vest is not able to balance the weight correctly and efficiently. Your shoulders, neck and upper back could get tense and sore and you will want to get back to your hotel room after only half a day.

Although travel vests seem to be basic pieces of clothing, they get better as they integrate advanced technologies. RFID pockets, for instance, have the ability to protect you against identity theft and protect your personal information no matter where you are. If you are traveling in destinations with intense traffic and you are worried about the safety of your data, you should definitely choose a vest that integrates such technology. 

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