Best Travel Cables Organizer of 2022


Product Size Weight Price range
BUBM 3Pcs/Set Computer Cable Electronic Organizer BUBM 3Pcs/Set Computer Cable Electronic Organizer 10.5 x 8 x 4 inches 14.4 ounces $$
BUBM 12'' Large Double Layer Waterproof Handbag Travel Office Gear Organizer BUBM 12'' Large Double Layer Waterproof Handbag Travel Office Gear Organizer 11.4 x 9 x 4 inches 1.15 pounds $
BAGSMART Universal Travel Cable Organizer BAGSMART Universal Travel Cable Organizer 11.3 x 8.7 x 1.2 inches 9.1 ounces $
Travel Electronics Organizer, Waterproof Cable Organizer Travel Electronics Organizer, Waterproof Cable Organizer 11.1 x 9.5 x 3.5 inches 14.4 ounces $

Whenever you are carrying a laptop, a smartphone, a tablet, an e-reader, and a few more electronics,

you need to ensure you also have all the chargers, spare chargers, peripherals, batteries, power banks,

memory cards and sticks, cables, adapters and so on. The best travel cable organizer is a lifesaver as it is

handy and fits in any backpack, purse, or bag. It is also light and easy to carry around, and most

importantly, it has an exclusive design with different pockets and compartments that allows you to fill in

all your gadgets accessories you might need. The best travel tech organizer will keep everything neat for

you and will help you get organized when you travel as well as in your daily life—no more lost cables

around the house, no more missing headset or mouse. From now on, all your accessories are easy to

find and use, all of them in one place.

The best travel cords organizer will be ready for you when you will run late for work, or when you will

need to go camping. All the electronics cords are protected inside by the waterproof and shockproof

fabrics of the dividers, the high-quality elastic meshes, and loops, reliable zippers, and sturdy handles.

Holidays are now just about relaxation.

General information about travel cables organizers:

There is a large variety of products that are different in sizes, colors, capacity, and prices. Choosing what

you need is a question of taste, as well as a matter of practicality as the best travel tech organizer,

should help you to keep yourself organized and neat with carrying your cables. As well there are

different features to help you remember what items you have inside before making your departures.

How to choose the best travel tech organizer will become not only a matter of what you like but also a

question of what will suit you the best.

Why do you need a travel cable organizer?

Whenever you are going to the office on your holidays or just on a weekend trip, you need to make sure

you have all the chargers, adaptors, cables, headset, and other similar items with you to make sure you

can use your devices. But what would happen if you borrowed your charger to someone and that person

just left it somewhere around? With a travel tech organizer, you could make sure that after every use,

the cable goes back in his pocket of the case, and if you need to go, you just go, as the cable will be right

there, ready for you to use. You are going to pack for your holiday quickly, and you will have a safe

place to fit all the cables, all the chargers, all the memory sticks or cards, all you could ever need to

make your trip.

How do you carry it around?

A small but very generous in divider case will allow you to fit it in your purse, your backpack, your

handbag while on a plane, or in your luggage. If you would instead choose a more spacious case and you

Don't mind carrying it around, then it should instead be lightweight, and with a handle, so you can hold

it. Durable and functional quality zippers would be as well important as the organizer would not open

and lose items while you are on the move. The elastic loops and meshes also should be excellent quality

as they are responsible for keeping the accessories stead, in place. The case will be neat and will look


Things to consider when choosing a travel tech organizer


Based on the number of electronics you own, you can choose different sizes for the organizer. If you

own and use lots and lots of gadgets, then the bigger sizes would give you extra storage spaces and

would help you to carry with you all your devised accessories in one single place. If you like to share,

then you can also choose a roomy organizer for your electronics accessories as well as for your

children's charger and your partner cords. If you are not a big gadgets fan and hardly use a smartphone

and a tablet, a smartphone, and a tablet, then maybe you will consider using a small case. A less

spacious organizer will be lightweight and fit better your luggage, without requiring too much space. No

matter the size you choose, the organizer needs to be practical and make your life easier and happier.

Storage space

Travel cable organizers interior has a function designed to fit lots of cables, memory cards, memory

sticks, adaptors, charges in smaller or bigger compartments and loops.

Most of the organizers have two layers closed with zippers. Each layer has its design and functionality

and can also differ in size. Few products provide detachable dividers with Velcro to customize the space

as you like. You can move, remove, or adjust the padded dividers with Velcro to create the area you

want inside your case. The possibilities are numerous, and you just need to use your creativity.

Items you can store

Every travel cable organizer has small dividers for USB cables and chargers. There might be as well

elastic loops where you can as well fit cables and chargers, but also there might be small meshes where

you can store USB cards, memory cards, USB sticks, iPod, headsets. Some of the organizers offer bigger

sizes for meshes, so you can also deposit a laptop charger, a mouse, a power bank, or similar items. Due

to the removable dividers, some organizers allow you to customize the interior space. You can as well

remove the dividers and create ample space for carrying a tablet inside the organizer. Based on the

brand and size, some organizers offer the possibility to load a tablet up to 11".

What else can be stored?

The travel cable organizer is most probably convenient when you feel overwhelmed by the number of

cables and accessories you need to carry with you every single day to use your devices. But while

traveling in an airport or crossing a border, you might as well think it could be handy to keep your

traveling documents in one place, the same place with all the accessories. Different brands offer a

unique design for this matter, as they added some new front or inside pockets you might need. Your

passport, ID card, your bank card, your other documents can stay safe inside, in your one case for all

organizers. Some other times the organizer might offer the support you need to carry different other

items, such as pills, make-up, jewelry, and so on. You can use your imagination and adjust the inside

space to create a case you want based on your desires. Even the very fragile items could be carried

around with no stress as some of the organizers contain shockproof materials that will absorb the shock

in case of an accidental drop and will reduce the impact of the damages of the objects inside.

Fabrics and protections

Most of the travel tech organizers have waterproof material that can prevent the water from damaging

the electronics accessories inside. Some of the cases have a Shockproof material as well that will

prevent scratches and damage of the items inside the case in the case of accidental drops. The materials

used for the dividers are as well crucial as it can offer better protection for your accessories against

water, dust, and scratches.

Top 5 Best travel cables organizers:

The storage space can be separated with the dividing strips to make it fit all your devices and electronic accessories, giving more or less space to fit everything. You have the total freedom to decide on the size of the compartments you are going to use or you can change them as many times you would like to ensure they are useful for the things you would like to fit inside. For the large and medium sizes, the number of dividing strips to customize your compartments is bigger than for the small size.
As well the dividers can be all taken out so you can use the case for carrying a tablet of 5.5’’, 7.9’’ or 9.7’’ based on the size of the case: Small, Medium or Large. The offer includes 3 different sizes: Large: 10.5"’*8"’*4"’, Medium: 9.30"’*6.5"’*3.5" and Small: 7.8"’*5"’*2". You can use all 3 cases to organize yourself and fit all the small items, such as a mouse, charger, cables, power bank and so on or you can share with your family when traveling together. More cases more space to fill in, therefore your life can be more organized.
The case has a double layer with a zipper closure so the accessories can be taken out or put back in easily and safely. The elastic loops and meshes keep everything steady while the layers are open but also when you carry the case in your luggage or in your bag, in your car or on a plane. The double layer of waterproof fabric and shockproof material alongside with the high-quality zippers and the flat handle makes this organizer a very sustainable item that can be used on along term.  

· Lots of storage spaces and removable dividing strips
· Quality case with quality zippers and mesh lining
· 3 different cases in 1 purchase

· Plastic smell 

The case is easy to carry and it is covered with a heavy-duty durable and a waterproof Nylon material for outdoor activities. There are 2 main Nylon interior compartments and they both close with zippers to keep all the accessories safe inside while carrying the case around. 

 The interior is divided by padded semi-flexible covers and lining for protection. The first layer has elastic loops and small meshes as well as medium pockets. The second layer is very big and it has one large mesh pocket with zipper and another storage with 6 dividers. 

 The case has transparent meshes that give you the possibility to see trough and to easily check the items you have inside to be able to organize and add or remove the things you don’t need from it. 

 The travel cable organiser had 3 different sizes: Medium: 9.44"* 6.88"* 3.74", Large: 0.5"*8" *4" and Extra Large: 11.4" *9"*4". The Medium size can host an 8" Ipad mini by simply adjusting the padded dividers inside the case. The Large size case can fit a 9.7" Ipad and the Extra Large size case can fit an 11" Ipad.



· Padded dividers to customize the interior
· Quality fabric, mesh, elastic and padding
· It fits a big number of cables and accessories
· Easily fits tables based on the sizes of cases.
· Soft case fitting the backpack



· Rubber smell
· Not compact enough for lightweight travel luggage

The travel cable organizer can be purchased with 2 different sizes. One is Small: 9.2"L x 4.9"W x 1.8"H and one is Large: 10.2’’ L x 7.9’’ W x 2.4’’H. There are small differences between the two sizes offered, in regards to the materials and design. Both cases are covered with water repellent nylon for better protection of your electronics accessories.
The Small size case has also a water repellent inner foam for protection and a double zipper opening for easy access to a top handle. As for design, the case has 1 outer and 1 inner large zipper pockets where you can keep your mobile, cards, money.
The Large size has 3 front pockets with Velcro where you can keep your passport, ID card, money or other cards, your mobile or small devices while traveling. The big storage space can hold a tablet of 9.7’’ but it can be used as well to fit chargers, hard drives, batteries, USB cords, power banks, SD cards, power adapters and other electronic accessories. 

· Fits bigger items, such as laptop chargers
· Fits into a briefcase
· Great quality
· Well made, the zipper is quite robust

· Elastic holders
· Overall too small in size

This organizer is ideal for traveling, office, outdoor, school and camping, as it is easy to carry and has a waterproof and shockproof nylon material with padded foam, very efficient against water. No matter the environment and the activity you will do while carrying it with you, the case will resist and protect the accessories you have inside at all times. The Heavy-duty and anti-tear material used for the interior of the case will offer you extra protection against scratches, dust or accidental droppings. 

 Due to its design it is also easy to fit in bigger bags or backpacks. On the inside it has many pockets and elastic loops to fit keep neat the accessories you will carry. There is one layer that can also fit an Ipad up to 10.5’’. 

 The case had 3 removable and adjustable padded dividers with Velcro and this will give you the opportunity to decide on the design of the interior, by adjusting the spaces and customizing them based on the items you would like to fit.



· Well padded, the fabric feels durable, zippers feel strong
· Extra storage in pockets
· Good water repellent material


· Better to hold in hand or in a suitcase.