Best Travel Boots for Fall-Winter of 2022


Product Size Weight Price range
DailyShoes Women's Military Combat Lace DailyShoes Women's Military Combat Lace 5-13 4.9 pounds $
Camel Men's Leather Insulated Work Boots Water Resistant Camel Men's Leather Insulated Work Boots Water Resistant 9-10.5 4.7 pounds $$
BEARPAW Women's Emma Short Snow Boot BEARPAW Women's Emma Short Snow Boot 6-10 2.7 pounds $
Danner Corvallis 5-Inch Brown (17601) Work Boots Oil & Slip Resistant Danner Corvallis 5-Inch Brown (17601) Work Boots Oil & Slip Resistant 8-14 5.3 pounds $$$

Traveling is one of the most pleasant activities ever, yet wearing the right shoes for the right season can make or break your holidays. It is important to choose the right travel boots for your needs, especially if you choose to travel to destinations that require a lot of walking, visiting, trekking and hiking. There are a lot of factors that need to be taken into consideration when starting to research for your next travel boots.

The design, materials, durability, technology and practicality are all important. Also, you might want to set a budget, as some of the best travel boots on the market can be very expensive. However, you can find really good deals, too. According to podiatrists, there is a great difference between boots that are really comfortable to wear and boots that should only be worn for the sake of beautiful design. In their opinion, it is essential to wear shoes that provide proper support for your feet, especially if you know that you are going to walk for long hours. The last thing that you want to do during your travels is to feel bad because of your aching feet.

Are you one of those people for whom both design and comfort are extremely important? Then you should start looking for the best travel boots that shoes producers offer, as your options will be quite limited. Consider the season in which you are planning to wear them, as you might want them to be soft and warm or thinner and colder, depending on the temperature outside.

There are plenty of boot models that you can choose from on the market, but making a decision isn’t always a breeze. We have gathered the five best-selling models out there, highlighted their pros and cons and analyzed their most important features. Check them out and choose the best one for your needs.

If you are one of those women who like to climb the mountains, explore new trails and get out of your comfort zone, then these boots will fit you perfectly. These are mid-calf, they come in 24 color options that you can choose from and are made of synthetic leather. They are affordable, comfortable and have a rubber sole that will not slip. Their shaft measures about 9.75 inches starting from the arch. Their circumference of 13 inches is highly comfortable for all feet types. More than that, they have a 3.5 inch zippered storage pocket that is perfect for those who hate keeping their small objects in the pockets of their pants. This is the perfect place to keep or hide your stuff.

The military design is perfect for those of you who enjoy the casual, sport or punk style. They are perfect for outdoor parties, mountain trails, camping and many more such activities. Thanks to the padded sole that they have, you will always feel comfortable in your shoes. The great thing about them is that they have an ultra-secure zipper design that will not wear in time. If you have over-pronation or under-pronation and you are always careful about the type of sole that you choose, you must know that these boots offer great support. If you love dark colored boots, then you will be able to obtain the dark outfit that you enjoy wearing, yet if you want to wear an accent color, these boots are suitable for that, too.

What’s to like?

  • They are affordable
  • There are 24 color options
  • They have a smooth surface
  • They are made of synthetic leather
  • They are suitable for all terrain types
  • They have a 3.5 inches pocket
  • They are padded inside
  • They offer great support for your feet
  • They are comfortable to wear
  • They are suitable for hiking and outdoor events

What’s not to like?

  • The sizes are not standard, so you might want to take a look at the manufacturer’s measurements
  • They are only suitable for women

If you are looking for men’s boots that are versatile and can be worn with a variety of occasions, then this model will probably be satisfying enough for you. It comes at an acceptable price and has a lot of features that convince those who spend a lot of time outdoors that this is the best decision for the well-being of their feet. These boots are suitable for mountain trails, hiking, winter walks and all kinds of challenging situations. Your feet will feel very comfortable in them thanks to the leather they are made of, but also thanks to their insulation. Being made of cowhide leather, they are more durable. At the same time, they are fashionable and can be worn even at social events.

The fact that they have a padded collar, a lining made of a sponge material that easily absorbs water contributes to your overall comfort. These boots have an anti-skid rubber sole that is designed to prevent them from slipping. They have great traction and help your legs remain steady. There is just enough cushioning inside of these boots to absorb shocks caused by heavy walking. There’s more to it: they have a composite toe cap that protects the feet from getting hurt. Also, they are water resistant, so you will not get wet if you will wear them on rainy days.

What’s to like?

  • They are made by a reputable manufacturer
  • They are affordable
  • They are impeccably designed
  • They are designed to protect the feet from heavy weather conditions
  • They are cozy and warm
  • They have waxed laces
  • They are made of cowhide leather
  • They have double stitching
  • They have double protection
  • They have rubber sole that does not slip
  • They are fashionable
  • They are wear-resistant

What’s not to like?

  • They are water-resistant, not waterproof

Are you planning to travel to the mountainside and spend a few days in a nice and cozy cabin? Then these snow boots are perfect for your needs, as they will keep your feet warm and they will protect you from getting a serious cold. They are designed for women and made of suede, having a lovely design that you will simply love, especially if you like UGGs. There are 32 color options that you can choose from, which is amazing, because you can buy several models, for different outfits. These boots are great for traveling, as they are incredibly comfortable and can be worn indoors and outdoors without feeling the need to take them off. They have a synthetic sole, they are dyed in various shades and have a shaft that is approximately 8.5 inches from the arch. Their platform measures about ¾ inches, while their boot opening measures about 13 inches around.

These Bearpaw boots have a mid-height that you will simply adore if you are one of those people who get cold easily. They have fur lining on the inside, which only adds to your comfort. When giving them a closer look, you will be able to see the pinched seaming. They have a round toe and a flexible sole, non-marking. The great thing about them is that they are lightweight unlike most winter boots. They combine comfort and modern style, so will look fashionable instantly when wearing them.

What’s to like?

  • They are the definition of comfort
  • They are extremely cozy
  • They are warm
  • They are suitable for traveling during wintertime
  • They come in 32 colors
  • They are affordable
  • They have fur lining
  • They are made of suede
  • They have flexible sole
  • They are mid-height
  • They are fashionable

What’s not to like?

  • They are not waterproof
  • They do not have anti-slip sole

If durability, comfort, high-quality and aesthetics mean a lot to you, this pair of boots will impress you. They are the definition of quality and durability and they will make every trail count. They require a higher investment, but these are the kinds of boots that you will own for life. If you decide to invest in this pair, you will get leather shoes with rubber sole, a shaft approximately 5 inches from the arch, a full grain leather upper side and extreme sturdiness. These boots are waterproof, extremely good looking, practical and fashionable. The most important thing about them is that they have an abrasion resistant toe and heel cap that will protect them for a very long time.

More than that, they are breathable and have interior liners that are warm, yet comfortable, so that moisture can get out easily. The great thing about these boots is that they integrate electrical hazard protection. Therefore, the soles and heels are made using non-conductive materials. The sole is oil and slip resistant, so they can be worn at work and outdoors, in nature. This pair has been certified by professionals who agreed that they meet the OSHA standards for safety.

What’s to like?

  • They have a gorgeous design
  • That combine quality with fashion
  • They are made of leather
  • They are waterproof
  • They are breathable
  • They are made of non-conductive materials
  • They have abrasion resistant to and heel caps
  • They have full grain leather upper sides
  • They are slip resistant
  • They are suitable for professional environments
  • They are great for hiking and traveling

What’s not to like?

  • They are more expensive than the average travel boots
  • They are not unisex

What are the most important features of fall-winter boots?

Travel boots come in many shapes and sizes and can be extremely different from model to model. When looking to buy travel boots for fall or winter, you surely think about the temperatures and the thermal comfort that you will be experiencing or lack. Depending on the weather conditions at your destination, you will need warmer, thicker or thinner ones. When it comes to travel boots, it all comes down to comfort. When you are freezing you stop thinking about how fashionable your outfit is or how good you will look in photos. You simply want to stay warm and comfortable. 

Therefore, the most important features of wintery boots are high-quality soles, a warm interior lining or even the existence of fur, a high-quality shoe shape, the right length to protect your legs from the cold, too, as well as anti-slip properties. A good pair of travel boots should be able to keep you warm and safe, without strangling your feet, which is why it is important for the materials to be breathable, too. At the same time, you should also consider the durability of the pair that you are planning to buy.  

Do travel boots for winter have to be warmer?

If you are planning to travel during the fall season or even more extreme, during the winter, we will declare you a brave person. While everyone gathers around the fire, collects movie titles for the winter and covers themselves in blankets, you are planning your trip to the next destination. That doesn’t only make you brave, but also adventurous. Pushing the limits and experiencing new things is healthy for the mind and body, but you should always consider taking care of your body first. When owning a pair of good travel boots for the cold season, with a sole that doesn’t slip, your legs and feet are well cared for and the risk of getting a cold decreases considerably. In order to stay healthy, you need warmer boots that have thick interior lining, a thick sole and the right height.  

What are the best shoes for snow?

Now, this is a whole different story. If you know that you are going to spend some time on snowy roads, you must absolutely prepare yourself well, pack the warmest shoes and don’t settle for your cute boots that you wear during your city breaks. Not only your feet will be frozen, but you will be slipping and falling the entire time. Ideally, you would find a pair that is especially designed for snow, made of very warm materials, similar to ski boots. In order to be able to walk normally, choose a pair that has nonskid soles. The shoes aren’t the only ones important in this discussion. Make sure to pack socks that are warm, but thin and lightweight, so that your feet will be able to breathe, such as the thermal socks that you can find in sports stores. 

When looking to buy travel boots, you might be confronted with the choice of wearing nicely designed boots that are fashionable, yet rigid and with little foot support, or bulkier boots that offer you the benefit of having an ergonomic design. Think about your activities during your travels in order to make the best choice. If you are rather a traveler who likes to explore the urban areas, the coffee shops and restaurants and you don’t have to walk too much on unusual trails, then you can probably choose a pair of nice, light boots. If, on the contrary, you know that you are very active and dynamic during your travels, then you might want to forget about the beauty of feminine boots and focus on more technical features.