Best Safety Razor of 2022


Product Size Weight Price range
VIKINGS BLADE The Chieftain Safety Razor + Swedish Platinum Super Blades + Carry Case VIKINGS BLADE The Chieftain Safety Razor + Swedish Platinum Super Blades + Carry Case 3.8 x 1.8 x 1 inches 3.84 ounces $$
Merkur Long Handled Safety Razor Merkur Long Handled Safety Razor 1.5 x 1 x 4 inches 0.32 ounces $$
Double Edge Safety Razor with Long Natural Bamboo Handle Double Edge Safety Razor with Long Natural Bamboo Handle 2 x 1.2 x 5 inches 3.84 ounces $
Miusco Men's Shaving Set, Safety Razor, Badger Hair Shaving Brush Miusco Men's Shaving Set, Safety Razor, Badger Hair Shaving Brush 2.2 x 1.7 x 4.8 14.9 ounces $
MERKUR Classic 2-Piece Double Edge Safety Razor MERKUR Classic 2-Piece Double Edge Safety Razor 0.46 x 3.28 x 3.04 inches 2.72 ounces $$$

There are many reasons why men should continue to use safety razors in the era of electric razors. The old-school shaving routine is cool and manly, shows that you pay attention to details and you like to have a perfect look. The fashionable, long beard that all men long for these days is perfect if your goal is to obtain the wild look of a rock star. However, a perfectly shaved beard that puts all of your features on display is everything if you want to obtain a professional look that screams reliability and sobriety.

Although you might think that traditional safety razors are on the brick of extinction, they are actually more and more popular. If you pay close attention when strolling through the city, you will observe more and more barber shops. Taking good care of the beard has regained its popularity, so if you want to keep the pace and raise your standards, you have to decide which camp to join. Are you a bearded guy or one who likes a classic style?

If you like to have a perfectly shaved face, then you need one of the best safety razors on the market. In case you didn’t know this, a safety razor is different from a regular one, as it has a protective part that is meant to reduce skin injuries while shaving. This device is highly suitable for those of you who aren’t as skilled as a barber, but still want to obtain the best results.

If you are looking for the perfect safety razor for your needs, then you have come to the right place. We have reviewed the five most popular products on the market and highlighted their pros and cons to help you make a decision faster and easier.

Take a look at the five safety razors below:

A fresh, clean shave is that one small detail that can make you look amazing every day, except for your outfit and attitude. Do you want to look professional, serious and attractive? Then this is the way to go. The Vikings blade is one of the best products on the market for the job. It can help you obtain the closest shave that you have ever had, protecting your skin from cuts, injuries or irritation. Thanks to its anti-misalignment system, the butterfly doors will not close if they aren’t completely aligned, which is a great safety system. This product is 20% heavier than other similar products, which allows you to have more control and to maneuver it more easily. It is an eco-friendly product that meets all safety requirements that you might have.

This safety razor is made of high-quality materials, it has a sturdy construction and provides great quality control. It is covered in chrome, it has a gorgeous design and it is the perfect shaving tool for traveling. This is one of those accessories that help you make an impression and that will always make you feel elegant and sophisticated. It comes in a stylish suede case that you can use during your travels or simply to store it in a safe place. Is this the first time that you are willing to use a regular razor? Then this is the perfect product for you, as it is great for beginners. Another great thing about this model is that it is covered by international lifetime protection, which means that you will receive a new one should you find any manufacturing flaws.

What’s to like?

  • It has a stylish design
  • It comes in an elegant, suede case
  • It is chrome coated
  • It has an anti-alignment system
  • It has a 3.75 inches length
  • It is heavier than most razors
  • It has a sturdy construction
  • It is made of durable materials
  • It is well-balanced
  • It can make perfect short strokes at 30 degrees
  • It has an instruction leaflet
  • It has lifetime protection

What’s not to like?

  • It is more expensive than the regular razor

If you are a fan of classic razors that cut impeccably, but you would like to purchase a safer shaving tool that leaves your skin perfectly smooth, then this is exactly the product that you are looking for. Merkur is a reputable brand and a manufacturer that brings high-quality products to the market, so you can fully trust its razors. This product is cheaper than the previous one, yet it doesn’t have such a special design. However, it is a double edge razor with a 4.2 ounces weight that can be used comfortably and safely. Thanks to its great grip and long handle, you will be in control of you every move. Its sleek design is mainly given by the chrome finish and the nice shape of the handle.

This 3-piece double edge safety razor comes with open or closed comb head, it can perform straight cuts and has a fixed blade gap. Adjustability could have helped even more, but that it available in other models, such as the Merkur Progress. Its 4 inches long handle is great for those of you who have large hands and feel that small razors are difficult to maneuver. Merkur’s product uses universal recyclable razors, which makes it eco-friendly. Thanks to its double edge, it helps save a lot of money that you usually spend on non-recyclable ones. This shaving tool is perfect for traveling, as it is safe to carry in any toiletry bag. It doesn’t come with its own case or carrying bag, which could have been a plus, but it is still one of the best products out there.

What’s to like?

  • It is fairly-priced
  • It has a classic, stylish design
  • It has a long handle
  • It has a chrome finish
  • It is made of high-quality materials
  • It is a double edge razor
  • It gives close cuts
  • It has recyclable razors
  • It has a closed comb
  • It has a knurled handle grip
  • It is a 3-pieces razor
  • It helps avoid ingrown hairs

What’s not to like?

  • It doesn’t have a travel case

Classic shaving tools are the best, yet sometimes you might feel the need to change a few details and still enjoy all the benefits. Wowe has thought of everything when designing this double edge safety razor that comes with a long handle that is made of bamboo. This product comes at an incredible price comparing to all of the benefits that it offers. Although its handle doesn’t have an anti-slip grip, it offers an incredibly natural sensation that contributes to a feeling of relaxation while shaving. Except for having an amazing design, this product is meant to give a perfect shave. It comes with 5 blades, which means that you won’t have to invest in any for a few months at least.

This product is capable of shaving at a 30-degree angle, without putting pressure on the skin in the direction of hair growth. A smooth shave can be, therefore, obtained effortlessly. When using it, you will notice that the 4.4 inches long handle doesn’t slip, which is great giving the fact that it is made of bamboo. Another great thing about this product is that it is environmental-friendly and it is entirely made of recycled materials. Although shaving is a basic need of stylish men, razor and manufacturing lead to pollution and a lot of waste, which is why Wawe adapted to the new ecology requirements.

What’s to like?

  • It is medium-priced
  • It has a great, innovative design
  • It is relaxing to use
  • It is covered in chromium
  • It has double edges
  • It is made of recycled materials
  • It has a long handle
  • It isn’t slippery
  • It includes 5 blades
  • It is great for traveling

What’s not to like?

  • It doesn’t have a storage case
  • It doesn’t have an anti-slip grip

If you have turned shaving into a habit and a routine, but you also like to do it with style, then you are a person with high-standards who likes to feel pampered every day. In this case, you need more than just a safety razor. A shaving set just like the one that was brought to the market by Miusco is exactly what you need. This elegant kit is great for men who like to use a shaving brush along with a safety razor. It includes an elegant stand that helps you hang both tools when you don’t use them. Giving the accessories and all the benefits that this product offers, it represents a good investment.

The shaving brush that is included in the set is made entirely of badger hair, which gives a unique sensation of smoothness and comfort. Its purpose is not only to help you spread foam on your face, but also to exfoliate, lift even the smallest hairs and open up skin pores. By using this brush along with your favorite product, you will feel pampered and protected. The safety razor is made of high-quality materials, it has a non-slip long-handle, painted in a darker color than the usual models that you see on supermarket shelves. The entire set is dark-colored, which makes it even more stylish. The blade is not included, so you might want to buy one separately.

What’s to like?

  • It offers great value for money
  • It is fairly priced
  • It has a great design
  • It is dark colored
  • It includes a stand, a razor and a brush
  • It makes it easy to change the blade
  • It has a long handle
  • It has a great grip
  • It is non-slip
  • The brush is made of 100% badger hair
  • The brush helps exfoliate the skin

What’s not to like?

  • It doesn’t have a case
  • It doesn’t include a blade

If you value quality above everything else and you are willing to invest a larger amount when buying the best safety razor on the market, then the Merkur Classic should be your first choice. This double edge safety razor is a great option for a number of reasons: it is safe, it is comfortable to use, it is highly effective and it is durable. These are just a few of the reasons why you will love this product. Experienced users know it as the 34C model, which has a short and thick handle, by comparison to the long-handled models described so far. This razor is capable of offering the closest shave that you might want to obtain. It was designed with the main purpose of protecting your skin from irritations, even though it cuts as precisely as a scalpel.

This product weighs 2.72 ounces, being more lightweight than products with longer handles. IT is 3.28 inches long and it has a 3.04 inches long handle, with a 0.46 inches diameter. Thanks to the double edge, you won’t have to invest in blades as often as you would if you used a regular razor. Merkur builds its products with functionality in mind, respecting the environment and helping you save money. This product is a perfect mix of a blade that cuts to the right angles, blade alignment and perfect weight. Also, it offers the perfect finish and it has an amazing design that makes you feel sophisticated every time you use it.

What’s to like?

  • It has a gorgeous, classic design
  • It is a reputable model
  • It is a more aggressive razor than the regular ones
  • It has a short and thick handle
  • It has a great grip
  • It has chrome finish
  • It gives a perfectly close shave
  • It is lightweight
  • It is comfortable and safe to use
  • It uses standard double edge razor blades
  • It includes a sample blade

What’s not to like?

  • It requires a larger investment
  • It doesn’t include extra blades

Does a safety razor offer the closest shave?

Safety razors are also known as double edged safety razors and they are renowned for their ability to protect from cuts and nicks. As their name suggests, they are safer than most alternatives in terms of razors. Although they can be more expensive than modern, basic razors that you can find in supermarkets, they are totally worth the money. If you want to own a high-quality razor that you can use for years on end, then a safety razor is the answer. Besides protecting you from cuts, they offer the closest shave, which is why such a product is recommended for those who want to obtain superior quality shave. Another great advantage of such a razor is the fact that it doesn’t require sharpening or blade honing. 

Although safety razors offer the closest shave you can get, it has its limitations. In terms of maneuverability, it is not as good as a straight razor, but it still does the job. The good news is that it gets really easy to learn how to use a safety razor by comparison to other types of razors. There’s more to it: replacing the blades is a breeze. Therefore, if you were always terrified of having those ugly cuts on your face after shaving, but you still want to have a soft skin at all times, this is the best option. 

What makes a good safety razor?

We already mentioned that safety razors are the most effective option if you want a close shave, with no cuts and irritations. However, you must be careful when choosing your next safety razor. Some models are too aggressive for sensitive skin, so you should really take a close look at your beard and moustache and analyses closely the specifications of the product. Remember that every single man has a unique skin and beard. It is also important to mention that these razors come in different sizes, so if you want to be able to maneuver it easily, you should choose one that fits the size of your hand. 

Ideally, a perfect safety razor has a variety of settings, a balanced weight, a solid, stylish design, is suitable for sensitive skin, is made of stainless steel, is easy to use even by beginners, has a quality construction, an ergonomic design and the correct handle length. 

Safety razor vs. straight razor. Which is the best?

Straight razors are used by very few men nowadays but used to be very popular in the past. By comparison to safety razors, this shaving tool is a long straight piece of metal with a sharp tip. This was the first type of razor ever to be used by men at home. It is rather recommended for experienced men who are in complete control and can shave with extreme precision. Both types are classics, but safety razors are safer and easier to use. The main difference between these two models, except the design, is the ease of use. While the straight razor requires a lot of practice to perfect the shaving skills, the safety razor is much easier to use. 

Wet shaving isn’t for everyone, but if you are one of those men who simply love to be freshly shaved every day, then a one-sided or a double-sided blade that protects your skin the best way possible is everything that you need. In a world that is governed by electronics, having a routine that involves conventional tools and accessories is great. If you aren’t sure how to choose the best safety razor, then you should look for a device that is durable, safe, well-finished that feels natural in your hand. The materials that it is made of are essential for a long life-span. Also, you might be interested in a razor that has an amazing design, so you can take it with you anywhere you go.

There are a few safety razor manufacturers on the market that are renowned for the high-quality products that they produce, such as Merkur and Edwin Jagger. Although these brands have built powerful names, there are others that bring to the market some excellent products that you simply cannot miss. Some of them are present in our list above.