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Best Portable Mobility Scooter

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Enhance your mobility with the best portable mobility scooter. Lightweight and foldable, it offers easy transport and storage. With a powerful motor and long-lasting battery, it ensures smooth, reliable performance. Ideal for travel and everyday use, it provides freedom and independence on the go!

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  • 【THE BEST “PARTNER” FOR THE ELDERLY】With this four-wheeled mobility scooter, it can be easily maneuvered in a smooth indoor and outdoor. This lightweight scooter is designed to safely support 265 pounds of items, the maximum forward speed can reach 8KM/H, and the travel distance can reach 15-25 kilometers per charge.
  • 【Safe driving】Our mobility scooters have headlights and rear brake lights to illuminate the road and alert the driver behind you when you brake, allowing you to drive safely at night.
  • 【EASY-TO-OPERATE CONTROL PANEL】The control panel is located on the 4 Wheel Mobility Scooter console and allows you to use the variable speed dial to set the maximum speed, change from the forward direction to the reverse direction。The display also includes battery life indicator to check the battery status at a glance.
  • 【HIGH-PERFORMANCE OPERATION AND EASY DISASSEMBLY】This 4 Wheel Mobility Scooter is easy to disassemble and easy to assemble. It can be easily carried when traveling, just disassemble it and put it in the trunk. It’s easy to assemble when used!

4 Wheel Mobility Scooter

Providing safe and stable mobility assistance, the four-wheel mobile scooter can be easily maneuvered on smooth indoor and outdoor surfaces. This lightweight scooter includes a lightweight seat and armrest backrest with backrest and a front storage basket for storing daily necessities. This lightweight scooter is suitable for the elderly and adults, and is the best choice for traveling!



Max Forward Speed:8KM/H

Max Driving Gradient:8°

Max Driving Range:15KM

Weight Capacity:120KG


Tire Sizes:9″x3″(front) 9″x3″(rear)

Driving System:Rear Wheel with Gear Box

Brake System:Electromagnetic Brake

Batteries:Lead-acid 12V12AH*2pcs

Charger:DC24V2A AC100-240V

Charging Time:6H


Motor Controller:24V/50A(Dynamic)

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  Best Portable Mobility Scooter of 2024

As we get older, it is only natural that we start to have various difficulties, one of them being the difficulty to walk or move freely or without any pain. But mobility is an issue that many people experience throughout their lives, not just when they get to a certain age. Whether we are referring to the physically or mentally disabled people, those that have obesity issues or older people that are limited due to various affections, none of them could live their lives to the fullest if it weren’t for the advancements in society and technology nowadays. 

Until the 1960s, the only help and real lifesaver was the wheelchair, which was also a useful invention, but people who didn’t have mobility in their arms had to rely on others to push them around and take them to the places they wanted to go to. On the other hand, for people who had arm mobility, it was still hard to move and steer the wheelchair.

Today, we have many more options, thanks to the invention and innovation that the mobility scooter brought to people in need for easier access and a more comfortable life in general. 

What is a mobility scooter?

A mobility scooter serves the same purpose as a wheelchair but it’s similar to a motor scooter. Mobility scooters are electrically powered and some of them can be used both indoors and outdoors and can handle different terrains. They are powered by a battery, they feature a seat, a steering element, three to five wheels and a floor so you can sit comfortably. They can also include everything that a regular scooter has, like speed controls, lights, turn signals or a speedometer.

There are two main types of mobility scooters: the front-wheel-drive, which is smaller and can be used indoors, and a rear-wheel-drive, which can be used both indoors and outdoors and some of them can carry up to 500 pounds.

Today we have even better options when it comes to mobility scooters, as manufacturers are constantly innovating and trying to ease the use of their products. That’s why today we are reviewing the portable mobility scooters category: those that are made to travel with, fit in your trunk and are easy to fold or assemble on the spot.

Having limited mobility today doesn’t have to mean being put under house arrest, nor should it mean that you can’t do the activities you love, visit the world and live like a normal person (as much as possible). Mobility scooters can now be a part of your daily life, however, if you need to use a mobility scooter most of the time and you don’t need to disassemble it, you should look for full-sized versions that can be used on all terrains. But if you need one for traveling, a portable mobility scooter is a good choice.

That being said, you might want to look into all available options, but before buying your portable mobility scooter, let us underline some features and elements that you should consider.


Well, this one is obvious, right? That’s why it’s called a portable mobility scooter. The answer is yes and no. There are smaller versions that are also foldable in two or three parts. Those are made from lightweight materials so they can be easily packed in the trunk. You can even find auto-folding mobility scooters that fold on their own with a touch of a button or key. The only thing is, they sacrifice comfort in order to be as lightweight and as easy to transport, meaning you won’t find any large seats or other deluxe materials than aluminum or light plastic. 

The mile range would also be shorter than what you usually see in full-sized mobility scooters and the speed may also decrease due to a smaller battery. 


It’s always best to set your expectations from the beginning. There are many types of mobility scooters, including the heavy-duty ones that can handle rough or off-road terrains. Those mobility scooters usually have a higher range, bigger wheels (they can even have no-puncture wheels), can carry up to 500 pounds and have lots of extra capabilities and technologies. Portable mobility scooters don’t fall under this category and these are ideal to use on pavements.

Number of wheels

Before buying a portable mobility scooter, consider this question: three or four wheels? Why is this an essential element? Let’s explore this together. 

First, the three-wheeled scooters have the advantage of maneuverability as they have a shorter turning radius, so you can turn sharp corners in no time. On the same note, the three-wheeled scooters can be folded to a more compact shape and size or they could have lightweight pieces if they are one of those that need disassembly. The downside is that three-wheeled portable mobility scooters have lower stability than their four-wheeled counterparts. Moreover, the four-wheeled scooters have more foot room and are overall more comfortable.


Mobility scooters are not cheap. The more technology and comfort are being packed into a product, the more expensive it would get. However, you can still find portable scooters that don’t require a significant financial sacrifice. Consider the cost per use before buying the most expensive one available. For example, if you or your loved ones are frequent travelers or you want to start traveling more, then you would need something sturdy and reliable that can withstand different terrain conditions and multiple uses.

We looked at many different types and models, and after careful consideration, we gathered this list and reviewed each one. Here are some of the best portable mobility scooters of 2020:

1. Buzzaround EX 4 wheels

If you are not on a tight budget and you want the best features, stability and sturdiness in one package, this is for you. This portable mobility scooter is more like a full-sized one, except it’s easy to assemble and disassemble in just four pieces. It’s bigger in size than other scooters and the fact that it has four wheels makes it exceptionally stable.

It’s extremely sturdy, it has a great design and it’s made out of good quality materials. Its shipping weight is 185 pounds and its own weight is around 155 pounds, so it is much heavier than other mobility scooters, but for good reasons. It has 9-inch wheels front and back and what that means is that it can withstand driving on rough terrain. It has no problem passing over uneven surfaces, mainly because it has front and rear suspensions that are very good at absorbing shocks. It’s almost a full-sized mobility scooter.

The swivel seat is adjustable in height, it’s very comfortable and you also have an adjustable tiller and foldable armrests. The maximum speed reaches 5 mph and the maximum weight capacity is 330 pounds. The range is 18 miles per charge.

Overall, this is one of the best portable mobility scooters around if you are not on a budget and willing to spend the extra dollar on comfort and stability. The fact that you could take this for a ride on a rough terrain is also a plus that the majority of similar products just don’t have.

What’s to like:

• Very well-designed

• Qualitative materials

• Sturdy, four wheels

• Adjustable swivel seat, tiller and armrests

• The 9-inch wheels can go over rough terrain

• Front and rear suspensions

• 18 miles range

What’s not to like:

• It is pricy

• It’s heavier than other scooters and it could be hard to handle without additional help

2. Go-Go Ultra X

Again, an affordable option if you want a mobility scooter for traveling. The Go-Go Ultra X is a three-wheeled scooter that is very easy to assemble and disassemble as it is modular. It has five lightweight pieces (one of them being the basket, so there are actually four main pieces) that you can quickly put together, as well as a front frame mounted seat. 

The seat is relatively comfortable. Some people appreciate it, while others say that the backrest is not tall enough, so you cannot lean on the back, but this depends on your height as well, so take everything with a grain of salt. It also has a drop-in battery box that has a range of about 6.9 miles. The range is shorter than what you see in other products, but for the price, this is not bad at all. The scooter weight 92 pounds and it has a weight capacity of up to 260 pounds.

Given the fact that it’s a three-wheeled scooter, the turning radius is very sharp, so you don’t have to worry if you get into tight spaces because you can easily turn almost on the spot.

However, be careful where you take it, as it is not meant for rough terrain or going down a steep hill. Generally, you can ride this scooter both inside and outside, but try to stay on pavements as much as possible, as it can tip over easier than those four-wheeled scooters.

What’s to like:

• Affordable, well-priced

• Holds a decent amount of weight (260 pounds weight capacity)

• It is lightweight

• Easy to assemble and disassemble

What’s not to like:

• Stability is not the best. It can tip if you are not careful

• The range is shorter than others (6.9 miles with one charge)

• The backrest is not high enough to lean back comfortably for some people

3. EV Rider Transport Folding Travel Electric Mobility Scooter

If you are looking for a mobility scooter that is incredibly sturdy, portable and comfortable and you don't have a limited budget, this is worth taking a look at. This is a folding vehicle that comes with a unique design and has some nice features for the price. No, this is not an affordable mobility scooter, but if you have the budget and you are willing to invest in good quality for long-term use, this is one of the best portable mobility scooters around. 

This folding scooter is easy to store, is equipped with a 270-Watt 4-pole motor and  improved stability thanks to its articulated front end.  It operates using sealed gel batteries. Once charged, they have an autonomy of 10 to 15 miles. It has 1-inch thick cushioning, a folding backrest and a seat that is made of ABS plastic and a high-density foam cushion.

It is not the lightest weight product, weighing a total of 70 pounds on its own, but definitely one of the sturdiest and the most stable on the list. It has four wheels, the ones in the front being brought closer to each other, but still, four wheels generally means more stability. 

The EV Rider Plus also has lots of other useful features like a digital display, a removable seat (to make the scooter lighter when traveling) and front and rear lights. The top speed is 4 mph and you could ride this both indoors and outdoors, but keep in mind that it’s best to use this on pavements and not tough terrains or off-road. The weight capacity is decent, accommodating up to 250 pounds.

Users are liking this portable mobility scooter and they say it’s a good companion. However, because it doesn’t sacrifice stability, it is a bit heavy. 

What’s to like:

• It has four wheels
• Stable and sturdy
• Good mile range (10-15)
• Easy to fold and unfold
• It has a digital display
• You can remove the seat when traveling

What’s not to like:

• It is pricy
• It is heavy

4. Drive Medical Scout Compact Travel Power Scooter

This portable mobility scooter is an affordable one. It has a great design that is compact and visually pleasant, ergonomic and comfortable for the elderly. It is easy to assemble and disassemble and it has interchangeable color panels that are meant to hide any scuffs or scratches that can occur over time.

It has a height-adjustable swivel seat and a backrest that can be folded down, as well as some padded armrests that are also adjustable. This portable mobility scooter measures 42.5 x 20.5 x 36 inches and weighs 94 pounds, which makes it comfortable to transport and carry around in airports or from the hotel room to the ground floor. You can use it both inside and outside as it has non-marking tires with anti-slip wheels.

It can support up to 300 pounds, which is an impressive number for a portable mobility scooter and the maximum speed reaches 4.25 mph. The battery is a quick-connect type, which means that you can take it out and charge it separately and it has a total range of 9 miles. The scooter has a large basket in the front so you can carry your groceries, a purse or any other items that you need to take with you while traveling.

It has four wheels, which is excellent stability wise, but the downside is that the turning radius is not so sharp (57,75”).  Just don’t get into small places where you would need to make quick and sharp turns and you won’t have any problems. Another thing that users pointed out was regarding the leg room. For tall people it just isn’t the most comfortable. However, if you have an average height, this mobility scooter is perfect for you, primarily due to its price point, but also for all the nice features that it has.

What’s to like:

• Good price point, affordable
• Adjustable seat and armrests
• Quick-connect battery that can be charged separately
• Weight capacity up to 300 pounds
• Sturdy and stable due to the four-wheeled design

What’s not to like:

• Uncomfortable for very tall people
• Climbing angle is 6 degrees at most, so it’s not able to climb hills most of the time

5. Drive Medical Bobcat X3 Compact Transportable Power Mobility Scooter

This is a more affordable mobility scooter that would be worth your attention. For this lower price you get a decent product with nice features. First of all, it is a small scooter and also lightweight, at just 84 pounds. It’s not a foldable one, but it is relatively easy to assemble and disassemble. 

It has an adjustable seat, adjustable armrests and tiller so you could easily find a comfortable position while driving it. The backseat folds down as well, so it could be out of your way when you need to disassemble it. It comes with a large metal basket in the front, which you can use to carry your belongings or groceries. 

The weight capacity is 265 pounds, pretty good considering its own weight. The maximum range is 7.5 miles. Some customers were a bit disappointed with this range, but you have to remember the price point and the purpose of this scooter. Otherwise, it’s a standard portable scooter, meaning it can reach up to 4 mph and due to the three-wheeled design, it can turn sharp corners, so it has great maneuverability.

The wheels are small (only 2.5 inches) and that is why, although it can be used both inside and outside, you have to be careful where you take it. It’s not made for rough terrain or for passing over rocks and larger bumps on the road, so try to stay on the pavement.

All in all, we like this portable mobility scooter and there are many reasons why we do. It is an affordable product, so, as long as you don’t expect luxurious seats and other extra features, it does the job well enough. Keep in mind that its purpose is to assist you while traveling, so don’t expect it to be a full-sized mobility scooter, but rather an additional help for short trips, grocery shopping or just for moving around inside the house.

What’s to like:

• Very good price point, affordable
• Good weight capacity
• Small, compact and easy to assemble and disassemble
• Lighter in weight compared to other similar products

What’s not to like:

• The battery is small and so is the range
• It has small wheels, cannot be used on many surfaces
• It has three wheels, so it is prone to tip over

6. Shoprider Echo 3 Wheel Scooter, Blue

This portable vehicle is meant to satisfy the needs of individuals with reduced mobility that weigh up to 250 pounds. It has a compact, simple design, it is easy to drive and comfortable to sit in, with a handlebar that is easy to reach even by the shorter people. It is battery-operated and it has a quick-connect battery pack. It has a wide turning radius, which makes it suitable for indoor use.

This portable scooter measures 37 x 20 x 36 inches and it is considered to be lightweight at its 70 pounds. The height of the seat is adjustable, the tires are puncture proof and it is easy to drive and steer. A small basket is present in the front side of the scooter, so shopping becomes an easier task.

Buy this portable scooter if you:

What’s to like about the Shoprider Echo 3 Wheel Scooter?

This mobility scooter is very likeable, thanks to its design, functionality and portability. Also, the fact that it is suitable for short people is a great advantage. The turning radius of this vehicle equals the size of the scooter in a circle, which is great for indoor use. Thanks to the lithium battery pack, this scooter can be transported by plane worry-free.

What’s not to like?

Despite of the fact that this is a high-quality scooter, it does not have the modern features that other similar scooters do, which is why it could be considered a bit expensive by those who are looking for more complex vehicles.

7. Travel Pro Premium

This is the most inexpensive portable mobility scooter on our list, so if you are on a tight budget, we think you would like this one. It is still not a foldable mobility scooter, but it disassembles and assembles into five pieces and it’s not hard at all to put it together or take it apart. 

The best part about it is the seat, which is fully padded in faux leather and very comfortable. It is also adjustable in height and you also have two armrests with the same faux leather padding. On its own, it weighs 126 pounds which, yes, can be a bit heavy and you might need help when you lift it. For its size, the weight capacity is fantastic, as it can carry up to 275 pounds, so this is definitely a plus.

The range, however, is not impressive. Only 6.3 miles range for this one, so you would have to make sure you charge it before every trip. Again, remember its purpose, as this is just a companion during your short trips. Otherwise, it reaches the standard 4 mph, so nothing too fancy.

It has three wheels and they are not large at all, so this is meant to be used on smooth surfaces. Don’t try to go off-road while driving this scooter, as it can tip over. The stability is okay as long as you try to stay on the pavement, but again, three-wheeled scooters are less stable than their four-wheeled counterparts, so just be careful and try to drive it on leveled surfaces.

It is small, so some people say that the leg room can be a problem sometimes. If your height is average and you use it just for short trips, you won’t be bothered by this. However, this is something to consider when buying any mobility scooter because, in the long run it might affect your comfort level.

At the end of the day, considering the price point, you get a basic portable mobility scooter that you can use both indoors and outdoors, it has a good weight capacity and comfortable seat and armrests.

What’s to like:

• Small, compact

• Fully padded seat and armrests for maximum comfort level

• Goof weight capacity

• Small price, affordable

What’s not to like:

• It can tip over, it is not so stable

• Small leg room

• Smaller mile range

• It is a bit heavy

8. EV Rider MiniRider MiniRider 4 Wheel Travel Scooter

Just like the second product on our list, this travel scooter is extremely comfortable, comes with an excellent design and a price to match all the great features. It is easy to assemble and disassemble, it is compact and visually pleasant thanks to the combination of black and blue and it has four wheels that inspire superior quality. It is easy to transport while traveling and easy to drive when at home. When it is not used, it can be easily disassembled and stored into the trunk or anywhere in the house.

This mini rider come has a deep cushioned seat that makes the driver really comfortable, especially when sitting down for long hours. Also, it has flip-up armrests and 360-degree seat swivels easily. Also, the height of the seat and the handle are adjustable. Its 400 Amp motor is quite powerful for such a tiny scooter and its cruising range of 15 miles is quite awesome.

Buy this mobility scooter model if you like the following features:

What’s to like about the EV Rider MiniRider MiniRider 4 Wheel Travel Scooter (Blue)?

The EV Mini Rider is a safe and comfortable scooter that allows individuals with reduced mobility to enjoy their rides more and to feel more comfortable while steering. It comes with features that are meant to redesign the scooter cruising experience. The battery pack lasts for approximately 15 miles, the seat swivels 360 degrees, it is lightweight and it is equipped with a 400 Watt motor.

What’s not to like?

Most of this scooter’s features are amazing, but there is one minor flaw that can become annoying and that is the horn. It does not whisper loud enough, so it cannot be heard properly in crowded places.

9. E-Wheels 19 Sporty

On the last spot, we have the E-Wheels 19 Sporty that is perfect if you are searching for a mobility scooter that is light and easy to carry. What’s great about this product is that despite shipping with a compact design that weighs in at only 83 pounds, it doesn’t leave out any essential features. Just take, for example, the LED front lights and two-tone paint job that looks amazing. Even though the design of the portable mobility scooter is great, this is not the most impressive thing about the E-Wheels 19 Sporty. Instead, what makes this scooter stand out is its excellent driving range of 21 miles.

With a driving range of 21 miles, the E-Wheels 19 Sporty will help you get anywhere you need. Not just that, but you will also get to your destination with time to spare since the scooter features a top speed of 15 miles per hour. If you don’t want to deal with assembling the parts, then you should be pleased to know that this product ships fully assembled and ready to ride. You just have to charge the battery, and you are ready to go.

The weight capacity for this portable mobility scooter is 500 lbs. and therefore, you can use it to do your grocery shopping without any problems. Furthermore, you also have three different speed settings and a secure braking system. We want to highlight that the motor type is 800 watt and that it uses 60-volt batteries.

What’s to like:

What’s not to like?

If you need a portable mobility scooter and you’re looking to buy one for yourself or your loved ones, we hope that we provided enough details to help you decide which one is the best. If you have more questions about portable mobility scooters, here are some handy answers:


While most scooters are splash-proof, it’s not recommended to use it for a long time under such weather conditions, as they are not waterproof. When they are exposed to water, they get damaged. To be more specific, there is a risk of short circuit and the electronic components can get damaged. If you catch a drizzle, keep riding until you find a shelter, but if it starts pouring, get inside as soon as possible to avoid damaging your mobility scooter.


Mobility scooters are quite popular nowadays, as they help the elderly feel more independent. Thanks to the evolution of technology, these mini vehicles are equipped with all sorts of great features that can assist you in your daily activities.  They allow those who suffer from injuries, surgeries or mobility issues to move freely, stroll around the house and continue to do all their favorite activities. Mobility scooters are not just for elders, but also for those who are mentally or physically disabled. Overall, portable mobility scooters are usually foldable and compact so you can take them with you while traveling. They can improve your quality of life by allowing you to enjoy all the activities that otherwise you couldn’t do.


Mobility scooters are great. They were built with practicality and safety in mind, so they can’t reach high speeds. Driving one as you would drive a car could be extremely dangerous, which is why manufacturers have limited their motors. There are three main categories of scooters. Class 1 invalid carriage, also known as a manual wheelchair, class 2 vehicles that have an upper speed limit of 6 km per hour or 4mph (these cannot be used on the road, only on pavement) and class 3 vehicles which have a slightly higher upper speed limit of 12 km per hour or 8 mph. These ones can be used on pavements as well as on the road. The great thing about them is that the speed can be adjusted using a controller, which makes it even more pleasant to ride. However, if you haven’t had a mobility scooter, it’s recommended to practice before going out on the road and gradually increase your speed, so you won’t risk falling or injuring yourself.


There have been several discussions regarding the definition of a pedestrian. Still, the bottom line is that a person using a mobility scooter is declared a pedestrian and has to stay on pedestrian pathways. While it is true that portable scooters have wheels, they aren’t built to be used on the driveway. They run at low speeds and are designed to help those who cannot walk to get outside, enjoy the outdoors or simply do their daily activities.


Although it isn’t considered a vehicle and it has to stay on pedestrian pathways, a mobility scooter is still powered by a motor, has batteries and plenty of electrical components, plastic or metal components and these are exposed to environmental factors. It is therefore important to clean all exposed parts by dusting them with a dry cloth. The exterior can also be cleaned using household items like detergents or glass cleaners. The use of oil, wax or harsh chemicals should be avoided, though. Always check the manufacturer’s instructions before exposing your mobility scooter to any chemicals, as some of them could be made out of sensitive materials that may be prone to rust or other damages. Avoid the temptation to wash your scooter as you can permanently damage the electrical components.

In terms of maintenance, it is recommended to check the tires, breaks and other crucial parts daily to ensure that they are functioning properly.