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Best Portable Jump Starter

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Be prepared with the best portable jump starter. Compact yet powerful, it can jump-start your vehicle, charge your devices, and even provide emergency lighting. User-friendly and reliable, it’s a must-have for every car owner. Never get stranded again – power up on the go!



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Tips before use
【1】The car cannot be continuously ignited to start the car / or the key is not released, and the next start will be carried out after 30 seconds between each start.
【2】Remove the clip within 30 seconds after successfully starting the car. Violation of the above 3 points may cause the [fuse box] of the clip to burn out, please pay attention to the operation method.
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1: More everything a jump starter: the  booster car jump starter is derived from the improved design of , which will lead the market trend in the future. This battery jump starter integrates six functions such as car emergency start, tyre inflator, lighting, SOS warning, charging for mobile devices and starting vehicle-mounted 12V devices

2:Digital wireless air compressor 150 PSI: the car starter has a built-in digital LCD meter that reads data directly from the jump starter package and the air compressor. You can preset the desired value and it will automatically shut off when the pressure is reached. The jump starter battery set supports 4 optional units (PSI, BAR, KPA, KG). The 150 PSI air compressor is suitable for bicycles, cars, balls and other inflatable items

3:Powerful start power – 1600 A: the TPfocus battery starter is equipped with a peak current of 1600 A and can start 12 V vehicles up to 6.0 L petrol/4.0 L diesel.
Improved thermal design: Unique honeycomb heat dissipation design allows the TPfocus jump starter to have a stronger heat dissipation performance, so that the safety performance of the TPfocus car jump starter is increased by 30% and its service life by 50%.

*1. Dimensions: 195x130x55mm

*2. Weight: 855g~900g.

*3. Input: 5V-2A

*4. Output: 5V-2A/5V-1A.

*5. Starting Voltage: 12V

*6. Starting current: 800A

*7. Peak Current: 1600A

*8. Battery Service Life: more than 300 times of charging

*9. Full Charging Time: 5~6 hours

*10. Battery Capacity: 11000mAh .

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