Best Portable Gaming Laptops of 2022


Product Size Weight Price range
A9 Laptop 15.6-inch Intel i7 Laptop 8GB/16GB RAM A9 Laptop 15.6-inch Intel i7 Laptop 8GB/16GB RAM 15.6 inches 4.26 pounds $$
Asus ROG Strix Hero II Gaming Laptop, 15.6” Asus ROG Strix Hero II Gaming Laptop, 15.6” 15.6 inches 5.29 pounds $$$
Acer Predator Helios 300 Gaming Laptop PC Acer Predator Helios 300 Gaming Laptop PC 15.6 inches 5.07 pounds $$$
Razer Blade 15 Gaming Laptop 2019 Razer Blade 15 Gaming Laptop 2019 15.6 inches 4.63 pounds $$$
MSI GF63 Thin 9SC-066 15.6 MSI GF63 Thin 9SC-066 15.6" Gaming Laptop 15.6 inches 4.1 pounds $$$
ASUS ROG Zephyrus S Ultra Slim Gaming PC Laptop ASUS ROG Zephyrus S Ultra Slim Gaming PC Laptop 15.6 inches 4.63 pounds $$$
Acer Predator Helios 300 Gaming Laptop PC Acer Predator Helios 300 Gaming Laptop PC 15.6 inches 5.51 pounds $$
Asus TUF FX505DT Gaming Laptop Asus TUF FX505DT Gaming Laptop 15.6 inches 4.85 pounds $$

When it comes to gaming, desktop PCs have traditionally been the king. What happens when you travel or want to use your computer on the go or when you are commuting to work? That is where the best portable gaming laptop comes in. As technology improves, so does the ability to cram more and more processing and graphical power into smaller and smaller spaces. 

Gaming laptops are starting to become a credible and viable option if you are a serious gamer who wants portability as well as power. Yet finding the right machine for your needs is not simple, with many different things to consider. Next, you will find the most important areas to be aware of when choosing the best portable gaming laptop for you.

Top 5 Factors to Consider When Looking for the Best Portable Gaming Laptop

  1.  Performance and memory

The most important feature of any gaming machine is its performance. Can the device play the games you want at the graphical fidelity that you require? It is very important that you pay close attention to this when purchasing a laptop because the last thing you need is to boot up your favorite game on your brand new laptop and find that it can’t run it. 

Most modern gaming machines come with and 8th or 9th generation intel processor, anything older just will not do. As for graphics cards, you will find that NVIDIA is the most popular. Be aware that there are a plethora of options when it comes to these and do your research carefully to make sure you are not disappointed. 

In terms of RAM and storage, nothing less than 8GB RAM will suffice, with 16GB being excellent, if possible. The solid-state drive is less of an issue because it is easily upgradable with an additional internal or external hard drive. These can be bought for relatively little money.

  1.  Build

This is a feature that is mostly aesthetic and therefore some might say less important than performance. It does affect the overall quality and value of the machine, nonetheless. Premium machines will be made from metal which gives them a sturdy and premium feel. The cheaper models often go for plastic, to save on cost. This can negatively affect parts of the laptop such as the keyboard and trackpad. The quality of these can be quite poor on some devices, making the need to buy the external replacements a real possibility. 

  1.  Battery life, heat, noise

With all that power inside such small frames, a few downsides can regularly occur with many models of gaming laptops. First, there is the battery life. Do not buy a gaming PC looking for long battery life because it is just not possible to achieve anything more than a couple of hours when gaming on any machine. These devices are power heavy and an adapter for the mains will be  needed to be carried at all times when out and about. 

Secondly, there is the effect that this power has on the temperature of the internals of the laptop. High processing powers create a lot of heat and these machines will get hot. This is all part and parcel of being a laptop gamer and it is something that is difficult to avoid. Cooling systems vary from manufacturer to manufacturer and some work better than others for whatever reason. Fans are the main way that hot systems are cooled, but they can create rather a loud noise when powering on and in full flow. This can be a real turn off for some and a nuisance at best. 

  1.  Screen quality 

A major consideration when researching the perfect laptop to buy should be the screen quality and performance. The screen has a very big effect on how a game can look and feel. Pay close attention to how well the screen recreates the color spectrum, you will be surprised at how different colors can look on alternate screens. 

In addition, pay close attention to the refresh rate of the screen in question. 60hz in the minimum are fine for most people, but screens with a refresh rate of 120hz, 144h and 240hz are commonly available. The difference may seem slight in practice between the faster and slower screens, but many say that faster screens are worth the investment for their smooth look and better reaction times. It is hard to go back once you have experienced a 240hz screen when gaming. 

Bezel size is a small but affecting factor on the look of the screen. The bezel is the frame around the edge of the screen and can come in a variety of different widths. On the better screens, you may see very thin bezels that make the screen look bigger, even though it is not. 

Finally, screen brightness is a common issue with portable gaming laptops that can detrimentally affect your gaming experience, especially outdoors. As unbelievable as it may seem, some devices do not have enough juice to really brighten the screen for anything but your regular household environment. This definitely misses the point of a ‘portable laptop’. 

With all that in mind, take a look at the fourteen best gaming laptops to use on the go.

The 14 Best Portable Gaming Laptops of 2020

For some, the branding of a gaming laptop is the only thing they care about while others know that what matters the most is the actual performances of the device. If you fit it the latter category, then this Intel i7-powered laptop is exactly what you are looking for. The company that sells the laptop is called “Feed Me” and while its brand name is not as popular as Lenovo or Asus, for example, the A9 15.6-inch laptop is still an amazing device that will take care of all your gaming needs.

Hardware performances are what matters when it comes to gaming laptops and this device doesn’t disappoint! The A9 laptop is powered by none other than the famous Intel Core i7-4500 CPU. This is a 4th generation processor and it clocks at 3.0GHz. If you check out any reviews on this processor, you will quickly find out that it can run all the latest games without a single glitch. Not just that, but the powerful processor also makes the A9 laptop ideal for heavy-duty tasks such as video rendering for example.

Since you are planning to play all your favorite games on the laptop, then you should be pleased to know that the laptop is equipped with Intel’s HD Graphics 4400 GPU. The impressive Intel processor and GPU are paired with 8GB/16GB of DDR3 RAM (depending on the model that you choose) which pushes the laptop’s performances to the next level. We also want to highlight that the screen measures in at 15.6-inch and it uses FHD technology to offer a high resolution of 1920x1080p.

Is there anything more annoying when it comes to gaming on a laptop other than having to deal with long loading times? This is even more frustrating when you play games such as World of Warcraft that require you to load new zones every ten minutes. Luckily, this is not going to be a problem that you need to deal with if you decide to go with the A9 laptop. The device is equipped with SSD memory. This is the leading technology for internal storage space and it speeds up the loading speed of everything! The laptop needs only six seconds to boot.

The laptop is built from premium metallic materials and it feels good to the touch. Talking about the design of the laptop, we want to note that it can fit in any backpack! Not just that, but carrying the laptop in your hands is super easy. This is thanks to the fact that the thin part of the device measures in at only 12mm. Another cool feature that we want to highlight is the backlit keyboard. This feature will not only make the laptop look amazing, but it will also make you feel like a true gamer.


Powerful Intel i7 processor

Intl HD Graphics 4400 GPU

SSD memory 

Backlit keyboard


The brand is not very popular

The keyboard is available only in English

The Asus ROG Strix Hero II is a bright and bold gaming laptop that features the NVIDIA GeForce RTX line of graphics processors. It is perfect for high-end gaming situations. The screen is lush with a full 144hz display that will eradicate any stutter from 60HZ screens of the past. This feature really is a must for any serious games. There has been a slight issue of some backlight screen bleed around the edges of the screen for some, which can be noticeable when gaming with a dark lit game or watching movies and especially when booting up the screen. This issue is small but there nevertheless. 

Again, as with most - if not all - gaming laptops, there is a trade-off between the power and small size of the machine and the heat and noise it produces. This laptop is loud when gaming and headphones would definitely be recommended to ease the pain of the constant humming and whirring. Where this machine stands out compared to its peers, however, is its thin frame. Some gaming laptops can be heavy and bulky but this one manages to pack a lot of tech inside a relatively small space. It's not ultrabook thin, but it is a great effort.

The keyboard is another plus for this machine as it is well-spaced out, clearly labeled and good for fast typers and fast gamers alike. The keys are fully backlit in every neon color under the sun. It is a love it or hate it situation and won't be for everybody. But it looks very unique. 

In the sound department, the bottom facing speakers produce a fair quality sound but nothing spectacular. The bass is great, but mid-tones leave little to be desired. Again, a good quality pair of speakers or headphones attached would work a treat. 

Battery life is average at around 3 to 5 hours depending on what you are using it for and how hard you are pushing it. Make sure to take the charger with you at all times. Connectivity is a plus with the  ROG technology providing a significant boost to your wifi signal. This allows for a little more freedom and a little more distance while maintaining a stable connection. 

One concern is the customer service levels over at ASUS. They do offer returns on defective products but there have been numerous instances of repeat issues and uncontactable customer service representatives. This can be extremely frustrating and is definitely something to consider if something goes wrong. 


  • Great connectivity with the ROG wifi technology and signal booster. 

  • Funky backlighting on the keyboard looks great and is a real standout. 


  • Asus customer support definitely leaves a lot to be desired. 

  • Inbuilt speakers are poor and an external set is definitely recommended

The Acer Predator features a 9th Generation Intel Core i7 9750H 6 Core Processor (Up to 4.5GHz) with Windows 10 Home 64 Bit along with the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 Ti Graphics with 6GB of dedicated GDDR6 VRAM. 

The screen is a gorgeous 15.6-inch display that looks great. It is not technically bigger than older models but the size of the bezel (the border around the screen) has been significantly reduced so that the screen looks and feels bigger. A definite plus. The color recreation is fantastic and the viewing angle is wide, making it very versatile when using it in a multitude of locations. 

The performance of this machine for gaming is right up there with the best and it allows you to play the most technically challenging games on high to ultra setting without a hitch. When you combine this with the general performance and the incredibly fast boot times, this laptop becomes a serious contender in the field. 

Again, cooling is always an important factor when it comes to gaming laptops and the noise and heat they produce, and this is where the Acer Predator excels. The cooling system is fantastic and produces a minimum of noise while keeping the tech inside relatively cool. This will reduce the chance of damage that can occur to the technology inside at very high temperatures. 

The chassis is made from an ice looking metal and high-quality plastic that gives it a pleasant feel. It certainly has a quality finish that one would expect and demand from a device at this price point. 

A common problem with gaming laptops and one that again features on this machine is the notable light bleed that affects the edges of the screen when a dark background or image is showing. It becomes rather distracting, especially when gaming. This issue seems to be a design flaw. When the laptop is closed, the bezel is pressing against the screen and leaving this light spot open. This is a factory issue and something that needs looking at by the manufacturer. 

Battery life is average, but again, do not buy a gaming laptop with only the battery life in mind and always keep the plug handy. The speakers are also particularly poor, sound tinny and produce very little bass whatsoever. Using external speakers or headphones is a must. 

Unfortunately, the operating system on this machine comes pre-packaged with a lot of bloatware that will constantly keep firing reminders at you. These notifications pop up on the screen and are a constant annoyance. They can be removed, though, which is a saving grace. 


  • High-level specs for a very competitive price.

  • Very good performance across the board with insanely fast boot times. 

  • Vibrant and colorful screen with a high refresh rate makes gaming a joy.


  • Design flaw means that the bezel can cause some discoloration on the upper part of the screen

  • It comes pre-packaged with small storage space, as a trade-off for so much processing power and performance. 

The Razer Blade gaming laptop is a beautifully crafted powerhouse that would sit well on any desk at home or at work. This machine has been custom-built with high-end gaming in mind, and to that end, it is a wild success. The tech inside comes packed in a super-thin 0.78-inch anodized aluminum unibody. 

Display-wise you get an edge to edge matte screen that is fully capable of reproducing color - it will recreate fantastic imagery even outdoors on a sunny summer day. The refresh rate is more than adequate at 144hz to keep your gaming experience looking and feeling fast. This device would also be ideal for all you content creators out there with an eye on video editing or photo editing. 

The machine supports SSD and HDD drives with dual-channel memory upgradability. This means that memory and drives can be easily replaced with more advanced versions of them in the future. The important components are all located within reach just under the hood, with only a few screws to remove when upgrading. Some computers don't have the foresight to put these in easy to reach places. 

The graphics card is part of the NVIDIA GeForce range that will compete with even the most high-end desktop PCs. It will have no problem with any program you throw at it. This laptop also scores high for connectivity, with the option for ethernet ports and USB/c ports available. 

It can be a struggle to get used to the keyboard though, as it has a specific gaming layout that puts some key buttons in slightly different places. If this is a big issue for you or if you are a fast typer and it would affect your work, then there is always the option of a Bluetooth or USB keyboard attachment. Another issue, but one to be expected on gaming laptops is that the battery life is pretty poor compared to ultrabooks, so don’t expect to be using this out and about without a charge for long. Finally, this much power generates a lot of heat and the fans do get rather noisy when gaming and will boot up regularly. They are much quieter when just browsing or writing emails though. 


  • Beautifully crafted brushed aluminum design.

  • The powerhouse of a processor.

  • High-end screen with excellent color recreation.


  • The keyboard takes some getting used to.

  • It can get hot and noisy when gaming.

This Razer gaming laptop is a real beast of a machine. It is an incredible achievement in design and engineering that it is even possible to accomplish that much power and performance in such a relatively small device. 

It features a great looking display, edge to edge matte screen with a super-duper 240hz refresh rate offering some of the best visuals in high-end gaming. The chassis is a thin 0.7inch brushed aluminum metal and features a high tech vapor cooling chamber that you simply don’t see on most machines. The memory is also fully upgradable making this laptop relevant for many years to come. It comes packaged with many ports as well, including Wireless 802.11ax (Wi-Fi 6), Thunderbolt 3, HDMI, MiniDP, USB 3.1 Gen 2. Most connectivity bases are covered here.

The keyboard has a nice solid feel to it, with the key providing enough of press distance to be comfortable for long sessions. The sound is another pleasant surprise and has a quality to it, which means an external speaker system is not as much of a requisite as other laptops. 

The vapor cooling system is a nice feature and makes this one of the best portable gaming laptops on the market, but even so, it still gets rather warm when pushing that processing power to the limit. The fan noise can also get noisy, a result of all that power, but that is to be expected. When doing any busy work such as emails or surfing the net, the laptop stays cool and quiet. 

Some notable downsides for this machine come in the form of its rather unsightly and heavy power brick. The laptop itself is relatively small, but the power brick makes it very difficult and cumbersome to transport this device anywhere. 

Finally, the trackpad on this device leaves a lot to be desired, especially if you are coming across to it from a Mac Pro. It feels significantly less responsive and dated in comparison and can be a little frustrating. 


  • The high-end power makes this on par with desktop gaming rigs

  • The beautiful aluminum design makes it look sleek and stylish.

  • The screen is of the highest order with truly excellent recreations of color and a super-fast refresh rate for gaming. 


  • Power brick makes an otherwise light package a bit bulky. 

  • It cannot be used on flights due to power compatibility issues. 

  • The trackpad is a little poor when compared to Mac Pros.

Coming in at a much more wallet-friendly budget level than most gaming laptops, this MSI GF63 is a great choice for the enthusiast rather than the expert gamer. It comes packaged with a fair amount of processing power under the hood, something that can cope with graphically intensive games on a medium to high setting. But don't expect to be able to push this thing to run the latest 2019 releases on  Ultra because it simply won't be able to. Nonetheless a great allrounder. 

The screen is fine and you will have no complaints about general use, but it does not come close to the high-end OLED screens on other devices. It is good enough to not be a distraction but nothing to write home about. The refresh rate is a modest 60hz, which will be a dealbreaker for some. Once you have experienced refresh rates of 144 Hz or above, it really is noticeable how multiple frames are skipped at lower rates. 

Memory capacity is also a modest 512GB and will need an external drive to beef it up to a much more comfortable level. That being said eternal drives are fairly cheap these days and easily accessible to rectify this issue. 

The body is made from a cheap-feeling plastic case, that while being not the best looking, does add to the cooling of the machine. It is also a particularly light design and one of the most mobile of laptops compared to more powerful ones, so it is the best portable gaming laptop for enthusiasts that need to move a lot. The cooling system is strong and the MSI GF63 rarely gets over hot or too noisy. 

The customer service over at MSI leaves a lot to be desired and they have a rather poor reputation when it comes to dealing with customer issues and complaints. Registering your warranty is an ordeal with so many roadblocks that makes you think they obviously hope you will give up and not bother. 


  • The very competitive price point for the specs.

  • The light and sleek design means that it is much more portable than most other more powerful machines.


  • Much lower quality screen with a refresh rate of 60hz means games will just not look as good as they should. 

  • Cannot play high end 2019/2020 games on high settings as the power is simply not there. 

The dream position for gaming laptops is to be great at everything the consumer request for a gaming pc. Portability, power, battery life, screen quality, great looking system, and sleek and stylish design. Now we are not saying that the ASUS ROG nails all of this, but it comes pretty close. 

This is one of the most uniquely beautiful designs for a gaming laptop on the market today. The combination of metal and plastic in a slim sleek frame makes it look fantastic and truly high quality.  The display provides a very accurate representation of color in all situations and makes your games just pop off the screen. The laptop can be used outdoor without the screen becoming unviewable. This is due to a high maximum brightness as well as the matte finish that eliminates most glare. The refresh rate of 144hz is also excellent for smooth and fast-twitch gaming. 

The performance is also a real standout feature as this machine can run modern, graphic intense games without a hitch. Framerates of over 120fps are easily achievable. And even with this power the temperature very rarely exceeds 75C - a true achievement. At the very least a minimum of 60fps is achievable on all games. 

The battery life is another huge plus for this laptop and you'll be able to squeeze out around 4 to 5 hours of life from a full charge. Not bad at all for a machine that works so hard. That is not to say that this machine is completely perfect. It does seem that the display has a common fault that means there is some significant light bleed around the edges of the screen when a dark background is present. 

The speakers are definitely on the poor side when the volume is raised above 50%. Not a deal-breaker but headphones or external speakers are a must. The keyboard is built to a good standard but some keys will be too flush against the frame to be completely comfortable when typing for extended periods. There is very little travel in these keys and not a lot of bounce feedback from rapid typing. 

Overall this a great all-rounder machine that has a lot of power under the hood to play modern games and it comes in a light and good looking frame with a reasonable to good battery life. It has a few flaws, but if you can live with those, then this machine is a great choice for all your gaming needs. 


  • Powerful enough to play modern games on hg settings with ease.

  • Stays relatively cool and quiet when gaming.

  • Sleek and slim design make this one of the most portable gaming laptops around.


  • Suffers from a common problem of light bleed around the edges of the screen in dark environments.

  • Keyboard has little bounce and the press distance is so small that sometimes you press the keyboard frame and don't notice. 

The Acer Predator Helios is a powerful gaming PC at a very competitive price. It allows you to play the latest games at an average of 60fps at a resolution of 1080p which is standard in today's market. The processor is an 8th generation intel core i7 so not the latest tech but still good. 

The display is great in comparison to other machines in this price band and it is a strong feature of the Acer. The color recreation is outstanding and the screen is bright without being oversaturated. In fact, the build quality, in general, is excellent on this one. It comes in a mix of hard plastic and metal, giving it a pleasurable feel and a sleek modern look that we love. 

The trackpad is top of the line for responsiveness and the general feel and a winner in our book. It is fairly on the large size and allows for proper tracking and movement across the screen. The touchpad surface is made of glass and feels great. Used in conjunction with gestures, makes this trackpad a delight to use. 

The keyboard is good without being spectacular. All keys light up in a neon red color that is not for everybody's taste. You can turn off the backlight if you wish so there is always that option. The keys have a solid push distance and feel fine for long typing sessions without a hitch. 

However, we have to mention a few notable downsides to this machine. Overheating is a serious issue with this device. Often you will find that temperatures find themselves pushing the 100C mark which will, eventually, cause problems with the hardware. Battery life is average at best reaching a modest 2.5 hours from a full charge, even less when high-end gaming.  It also has a rather small port selection and no thunderbolt support. This may be a big issue for some as most laptops have this as standard. Finally, upgrading this machine in the future with more RAM or hard drive space will be a little tricky, since they are disguised and hard to reach inside the chassis - something to be aware of. Difficult to do but it can be done with patience. 


  • Powerful performance with reliable frame rates from graphically challenging games. 

  • A truly gorgeous screen that rivals the best around.


  • A serious overheating problem means that underclocking the processor is a must, but difficult and dangerous for your hardware. 

  • Rather average battery life

  • Not easily upgradeable in the future.

Coming in at the lower end of the price scale for gaming laptops, the Asus TUF is a willing machine that succeeds on a budget on quite a few fronts. Quite a nice surprise. The dedicated GPU power is more than enough to play most modern games at medium to high settings at 1080p. The GTX 1640 is a good budget card and duly delivers on the promise of good solid performance.  

Overall the build quality is superb. The aesthetics are top-notch and it just looks fantastic sitting on the desk. The build materials are solid and don't give much creak when touched, making the whole thing feel premium. The RGB keyboard feels fantastic to the touch and the keys themselves are fine to be used for long typing sessions if that is your bag. 

The thermals on this machine are also pretty strong and should be commended. They very rarely exceed 70C with little to no throttling, which is a real achievement. As for noise levels, we can't say that they are not loud, but still on par with other laptops of this ilk. During regular use, it is relatively quiet so that is a definite plus. 

The screen is average to good with nothing extra special about it, it just does the job. It features a 120hz refresh rate during regular usage, but can't reach anything over 80 when gaming, which is a shame. It is best to keep it locked at 60hz for ease of use. Refreshingly, the operating system on this device comes with very little bloatware, a rarity in today's market. Well done Asus! 

Removing the casing to access the removable inner hardware is a bit of a challenge but can be done in less than 5 minutes if you know what you are doing. 

The keyboard and trackpad work fine as intended without too many complaints. A slight turn off for some is that the left and right buttons are not separated and feel a little flimsy when pressed,  a strange design choice. It can also be a little oversensitive, leading to mispressed buttons and the pointer zooming across the screen haphazardly. The speakers are almost unusable and an external speaker set should be an immediate investment if this is the laptop you choose. The worst issue with this model is its apparent issues with media streamed on websites or youtube. It seems to have a problem with playback and gets very noticeable stutters, even turning black at random. 


  • Powerful for the price and able to keep up with most modern games on high settings

  • Strong thermals keep temperatures below harmful levels. 

  • The superb build quality makes it look and feel great.


  • Poor trackpad design leads to many mispressed buttons and lost pointers.

  • Unusable seekers.

  • Issues with streaming media on websites.

The Dell gaming laptop is priced at the lower end of what is viable when it comes to gaming machines. But by no means let that fool you into thinking this device is not of high quality. If you are looking for a mix of low price and good quality, this can be the best portable gaming laptop for you. 

Out of the box, the set up is simple with a plugin and turn on being as hard as it gets. The operating system does come preinstalled with a few games, apps and antivirus that takes up almost 50% of the space on the C drive. It is highly recommended that you remove these and install your own antivirus. This will save you a good chunk of space. 

As for the machine itself, the display is high quality, with a good recreation of colors and solid implementation of graphics with no major gripes. The screen has a wide bezel that makes it feel a little dated compared to more high-end machines, but otherwise, it's great looking.

Unfortunately, the body is made from cheap-feeling plastic. This is surely just one of the trade-offs that Dell made to bring this machine to the market. Furthermore, the keyboard is not great and the trackpad is almost useless and really cheap feeling. The keys have very little feedback. They are backlit by blue light which makes typing even more difficult in poor light as blue light is hard for the eye to pick up, especially if you have any sight issues already. 

Where this machine really shines though is in its performance when gaming, the most important reason to buy a gaming laptop. This machine would be what we call a value-added machine. It does everything a normal laptop does with added extras. In this case, strong graphical performance and power for gaming. By no means will it be able to run the latest graphically intensive games on ultra or even high settings, but it will easily run most average games with ease. It also has a very small heat outlay, something which most machines really struggle to achieve. 

As an entry-level machine, this Dell gaming laptop really shines above its peers and is incredibly good value. That is if you care mostly about performance and less about looks and build quality. 


  • Great performance with most games for a very competitive price.

  • Good specs and easily upgradable.


  • Poor materials used make the build quality of this one quite poor. 

  • The trackpad is almost unusable its that bad. A mouse is a must with this one. 

The Lenovo Ideapad L340 is a budget gaming laptop with some surprising power under the hood. The performance of this laptop is excellent. The graphics card and processor can pretty much handle anything you throw at it, excluding only a few of the most high-intensity games. Even these, however, can have their settings lowered to medium and still be playable. This device comes in far above average in its class in this regard. In addition, the battery life is also above average for a gaming PC and the temperature rarely exceeds 80C. Pretty good going considering that this is an area where a lot of the more powerful models really fall short. 

The design is also very pleasing to the eye and has minimalist undertones that really give this device a premium look. The screen has an enjoyable color recreation, if not at the professional level, certainly good enough for most regular gamers and users. The hinge on the screen is very strong and it can rotate all the way to 180 degrees while still feeling sturdy. The bezels are also fairly thin which makes the screen seem larger than it actually is. It does only have a 60hz refresh rate though, so beware. 

A final point on the screen, it suffers from not being nearly bright enough for use anywhere but indoors at home. When taken outside of the coffee shop, it is an issue seeing the screen properly. Overall this device has a really slim form factor and is relatively lightweight making it highly portable for commutes and travel. 

Some sacrifices have been made when it comes to the materials used in the build of this machine. It is made from plastic, mostly, which is cheap feeling at best. The keyboard is also pretty weak and the keys have very little feedback when typing. The trackpad is also very poor and not sensitive at all to gestures and touch. 

Another issue that is presented with this model is that there is only one slot for RAM in the internals of the device. This prevents any serious upgrading in the future if you need to channels for RAM. It is a shame because it makes this laptop a lot less futureproof than it could be. In relation to heat and sound, this machine is fair at both, and completely adequate when gaming, without being anything special. 


  • Great looking, sleek and slim design.

  • Impressive performance for a competitive price.

  • The best portable gaming laptop to play a wide range of games. 


  • Poor build materials used make it cheap to the touch.

  • Only one RAM channel makes it not ideal for updating in the future. 

This Asus ROG laptop is a gaming laptop in the middling price range that cuts back on some premium features whilst still maintaining enough gaming power for most casual gamers. For this price band, it really is one of the best portable gaming laptops on the market today. To get a machine with more power than this one will see a serious increase in price. 

It is perfect for work or play. It comes with the most modern 9th generation intel processor with a minimum of 8GB of RAM. Laptops with this much power often come with poor thermal issues but the cooling systems on this machine are really rather excellent. Build quality is high with the device feeling sturdy and smooth to the touch, qualities that you often see with that brushed aluminum used in premium laptops. The touchpad and keyboard are also well built and didn't cause any problems. 

One slight issue is that there is a lack of a number pad on the keyboard. When looking at the ports, it lacks an SD card reader and Thunderbolt 3, which might be a turnoff for you. It also has no built-in webcam, but most webcams on laptops are poor anyway so it is not that big of a loss. It is lightweight compared to most gaming laptops, a real plus for mobility and using in when commuting and traveling. 


  • One of the most powerful machines at this price band.

  • Great looking brushed aluminum casing gives it a real modern high-quality look and feel.


  • No number pad on the keyboard

  • Few ports missing such as SD card reader and Thunderbolt 3

Delving into the higher end of the gaming laptop market can be a head-spinning business that will put a real dent in your pocket. The new Alienware M17 gaming laptop is positioned at the very top and it is premium across the board in what it delivers both physically and in the performance. 

The build quality on this machine is outstanding, with only high-end materials used, such as magnesium alloy, copper and steel. They all combine to give this laptop a premium feel and look. It is also Alienwares thinnest notebook ever, a noble achievement that still does not affect the power and performance of the machine. 

It features advanced thermal technology, the Alienware cryo-tech V3.0 for component cooling. This enhances the overall performance and keeps everything safe and cool to the touch. This is utilized in conjunction with a hexagonal honeycomb pattern on the air vents that, as well as looking super cool, helps maximize airflow to the hot insides and keeps your machine cool. The battery is solid if unspectacular and will deliver at least a few hours of gaming before a charge is needed. 

The performance on this device is as you would expect, phenomenal. It features one of the best graphics cards money can buy, the GeForce RTX 2070. This thing will provide enough juice to run any new games for the foreseeable future. Same with the intel processor. It houses a very fast i7 that does the job needed with minimum fuss. 

The screen is a whopping 144hz and runs as smooth as anything you will see. It has a solid representation of colors with zero flicker when gaming on super fast games. The keyboard is well designed and has a nice typing feel to it that will work great for any professional typists out there.

The ports on this laptop are numerous and varied and it includes the holy grail of having the Thunderbolt3 port. This port allows the laptop to connect multiple items to it in a chain, such as external monitors and hard drives with minimum fuss. If you can afford, this is definitely one of the best portable gaming laptops available today. 


  • One of the best graphics cards that money can buy means this machine will be all you need for years to come in the gaming world. 

  • Amazing build quality provides a super high premium look and feel that is both sturdy and practical.

  • Faultless screen with 144hz refresh rate and excellent color recreation. 


  • It is not cheap. 

The CUK Asus ROG Scarr II is a wondrous machine and one of the best around for portable laptop gaming. The screen is a whopping 17” and it is truly great. It runs at a super-fast 144hz that looks and plays the most fast-paced and modern games to perfection, with excellent color recreation. It has enough power to make the screen bright enough to use in any situation and light level. The screen also features a near bezel less design, that makes the 17” display feel akin to a smaller 15” display, maintaining portability.

The performance under the hood is also excellent with a superfast GPU CPU that will run anything you can throw at it. The storage on this laptop is also massive and it will take a while to run out of space if it ever happens. 

The build is good, with a premium plastic being used on the chassis, with an attractive black finish, that is effectively smear-resistant. This machine feels as though it was built to last. It is also surprisingly lightweight considering all the power inside. Nice for those looking for an easily transportable device for gaming on the go. The fan cooling system on the internals is super efficient and will keep the device cool even under the biggest strain. They achieve this while also being rather quiet, a definite plus. 

A few issues with this particular model have surfaced, however. The battery life is not great, as with most gaming laptops, and you will need to keep a power adaptor handy at all times. The ports are all there as standard, apart from the thunderbolt 3 -  which is a real shame at this price. It is also missing and audio port. 


  • It is an absolute powerhouse that will run any game at high settings with ease.

  • Sturdy and solid design with high-end materials used.

  • Brilliant almost bezel less screen looks great.


  • Battery life is still poor, but to be expected.

  • No audio or thunderbolt 3 port. 

The MSI GF75 is a gaming laptop with a unique and individual style. The design is clean and elegant with attention to detail that is staggering. The keyboard is backlit with an awesome red light that makes this thing look alien. You will get a lot of envious looks from your peers. If you are looking for a fantastic looking device and care about the appearance of your appliances, this is the best portable gaming laptop for you. 

The screen is super fast with a 120hz refresh rate being more than enough to make the most fast-paced games look smooth as silk. Yet there is some issue with screen resolution, with a maximum of 1080p, all that is available. This means that the more impressive 3840 screens will easily outshine it. 

The processor and GPU are excellent and are more than fast to run the highest  intensity games for years to come. Another great feature of the machine is its impressive surround sound capabilities. It is not usual for gaming laptops to have strong sound capabilities, as speaker quality is often a place where corners are cut to keep the price down. Not so in the case of the  MSI GF75. The sound on this gaming laptop is excellent and there is no need for any external speakers to boost sound quality. A standout in the market in this regard. 

This being said, there are a few downsides to this monster of a machine that may or may not be a dealbreaker. Firstly, the rubber pads on the bottom of the computer are slippery and do not grip smooth surfaces well. This can mean that the device slips and slides when in use, not deal for gaming sessions. Secondly, the trackpad isn't the most responsive and could be better quality, especially on a gadget at this price and at this end of the market. Also, the number keys have been somewhat sacrificed in this design and are very narrow, making them difficult to press when typing. 

Finally, when closing and opening the screen, you do get a sense that it is not sturdy enough for rough treatment, and that this machine has to be delicately handled to make sure that it does not break or damage itself. Screen damage was also a concern for the manufacturers, as they have kindly packaged in a keyboard cloth to place in between the keyboard and screen when closing it, to prevent the keys damaging the screen and leaving annoying marks. 


  • Super powerful insides make this machine capable of high-performance gaming for many years to come. 

  • A 120hz refresh rate screen means that this machine is ideal for fast action gaming and sports. 

  • Great surround sound from the inbuilt speakers means that you don’t need to invest in any external sets.


  • Thin number keys are hard to press and the trackpad is a little finicky.

  • The screen is somewhat delicate and there is a concern that it may break from regular use. It is a must that the screen is treated delicately to assure that this doesn't happen.

The technology in laptop gaming machines has come a long way in recent years and it is possible to find devices with everything your desktop PC can manage and with added portability thrown in. This is an enticing package for many, but it does come with some caveats. It is virtually impossible to pack all that power into machines this small and not have some trade-offs. 

Do not expect long battery life, it just isn't going to happen. With power plugs available so abundantly, however, this is not a big problem. There are also external power banks that can handle laptops.  Also, these gadgets will get hotter than your average laptop and be a little noisier. If you can handle these downsides, there is a lot of value to be found in gaming laptops. Especially ones that are future proof, with high secs out the gate that can be easily upgraded as new technology emerges. 

Do not get overawed by the sheer number of specifications out there and try and simplify your needs down to two or three factors. Look for a machine that hits all your requirements and price points and give less credence to the rest. We are sure that you cannot go wrong in choosing one of the best portable gaming laptops in our list, as we conducted extensive research and compiled the most important factors to consider before purchasing. 

A quality gaming laptop will last for years to come and should be considered an investment rather than an expense - especially if you use it a lot. Happy gaming!