Best Portable Defibrillator of 2022


Product Size Weight Price range
Philips HeartStart Home Defibrillator (AED) Philips HeartStart Home Defibrillator (AED) 11 x 7 x 9 inches 5 pounds $$
Philips OnSite Business Package Philips OnSite Business Package 16.6 pounds $$
Philips OnSite AED Portable Community Bundle Philips OnSite AED Portable Community Bundle 11 pounds $$
Philips HeartStart OnSite Defibrillator AED Philips HeartStart OnSite Defibrillator AED 10.5 x 9.4 x 5.6 inches 5.4 pounds $$
Defibrillator AED Cabinet Box with Window Defibrillator AED Cabinet Box with Window 24 pounds $

If you are a doctor or a person with medical education, then you surely know what an important role a defibrillator has in ending the dysrhythmia of the heart. When a person’s life is threatened by cardiac dysrhythmia, ventricular fibrillation or ventricular tachycardia, having a defibrillator that you can use immediately is crucial.

Modern technology offers a wide variety of home and professional defibrillators that can prove to be life-saver devices for patients with high risk of cardiac arrest. Owning such a device gives a person a new chance to life every time cardiac dysrhythmia takes place. In case it is not treated immediately, it could lead to death in less than 10 minutes, which is why it is extremely important to pay close attention to symptoms and the patient’s vitals regularly.

Portable defibrillators are available everywhere, nowadays, including public places. The best thing about these devices, also known as AEDs, is that anyone can be trained in cardiopulmonary resuscitation and use them when needed.

How does a defibrillator work?

Defibrillators were first heard of in 1899. They were developed by Jean-Louis Prevost and Frederic Batelli, in Switzerland. The initial technology was rudimentary and nothing like today’s devices. The first attempts to defibrillate ventricular fibrillation implied internal electrical wires.

Today, there are many types of defibrillators, but their way of functioning is very similar. These devices send high energy electric shocks to the heart. The voltage that a defibrillator uses is between 200 V and 1000 V. The moment that the heart received as much electrical energy as necessary, it can re-gain its normal function.

A defibrillator is comprised of an electric supply unit and two paddles that include metal electrodes. The position of the paddles is very important during the defibrillation process, as the current must flow right through the heart. If you are planning to buy a defibrillator for home use, you should never underestimate the importance of the paddles’ position, as time and correct practices are crucial for the patient’s life.

Therefore, one of the paddles must be positioned above and to the left of the heart, while the other beneath it and slightly to the right. This is one of the most popular methods, but other physicians place one paddle on the front of the body and the other one in the back. Also, it is important to remember that conducting gel or other conducting liquids must be applied to the skin before the paddles are being used, in order for the electrodes to make perfect contact with the skin.

Are you worried for a close relative or friend’s heart condition and you know that there is a high risk of them getting into cardiac arrest? Then you should definitely get trained and keep a portable defibrillator close.

In this article, we reviewed 5 of the best-selling portable defibrillators and looked at all the pros and cons of these products. Take a closer look and decide which one is better for your needs.

This home defibrillator is one of the best portable products that the market has to offer. It comes with full guidance and assists you through the entire process, step by step. It is easy to use, the instructions are comprehensible and it is backed by a 5-year warranty. The product includes an adult smart pads cartridge that has a 2-year life expectancy, a 4-hour battery and comes in a red case with a 911 card.

This defibrillator is small enough to fit anywhere, which makes it highly portable. It can be used by anyone who has prior training, but users must be aware that CPR could be needed before using the defibrillator. This is not a professional product, but a high-quality alternative until professional help arrives. It measures 11 x 7 x 9 inches and weighs no more than 5 pounds, so you can carry it anywhere with you.

The Philips HeartStart defibrillator comes with a video training, to ensure that you will make no fatal mistakes while using it. Also, it can be bought at a lower price with CPR training coupons that are given away from various medical institutions.

What’s to like?

  • It is easy to use
  • It includes complex training materials
  • It is backed by a 5-year warranty
  • It has a battery that lasts for 4 hours
  • It has a pads cartridge that lasts for 2 years
  • It is highly portable
  • It is suitable for home use
  • It is lightweight
  • Its buttons and functions are intuitive
  • It includes a separate cartridge for children

What’s not to like?

  • Although this is a great product that is ideal for home use, it can sometimes display error messages out of a sudden, such as pad replacement errors

Yet another product from Philips comes to assist trained individuals to perform correct and efficient defibrillation. This AED is designed for office environments; it is incredibly easy to use and has step by step guidance that is easy to comprehend even in extreme situations. This product features voice prompts, CPR coaching and shock delivery via adhesive pads.

The box includes a pre-installed battery, smart pads that are also pre-installed, a set-up guide that includes maintenance advice, as well as an owner’s manual. It has smart truncated exponential biphasic waveform, adult defibrillation peak current of 32A and paediatric peak current of 19A. The shock to shock cycle time is less than 20 seconds. It features a quick shock function that enables the device to deliver a shock right after the PR interval, in 8 seconds.

This product comes with intuitive control buttons that anyone in an office or any other professional environment can use easily. It comes with green pads cartridge handle, a green on and off button, a blue i-button and an orange shock button.

What’s to like?

  • It is suitable for professional environments
  • It uses advanced technology
  • It is very easy to use and practical
  • It comes with voice guidance
  • It has a 9-Volt battery
  • The battery has a 200 shock capacity or 4 hours of operating time
  • It has smart pads that can be used for adults and children
  • It has intuitive controls
  • It has an 85 cm active surface area
  • It delivers 150 Joules for adults and 50 Joules for children use
  • It has an 8-year warranty

What’s not to like?

  • This is an advanced business defibrillator that is easy to use, yet the setup takes more time than expected

Just like the previous two products on our list, this defibrillator from Philips comes with high-quality pads and paddles, as well as powerful specifications as to its built and shocks. The difference between this product and the other two is that it includes more accessories and a convenient warranty.  This combo includes the on-site defibrillator, a long-lasting batter, a carrying case, a pediatric pad, a cling, a 3D, an inspection tag and an rescue ready kit.

The Philips On-site community bundle is backed by an 8-year warranty and the AED safe-track program. This product uses a high and low current doses combination with the purpose of minimizing the side effects that could have serious consequences on a child’s heart. The combo is lightweight, as it only weighs 11 pounds, it is highly portable and can also be mounted on a wall. Its 8-year warranty is extremely convenient and represents the reason why a large number of individuals choose this product over the basic model.

What’s to like?

  • It includes 8 items
  • It is a complex product with advanced features
  • It is easy to use
  • It can be used for both adults and children
  • It comes with full guidance
  • It is lightweight and portable
  • It can be mounted on a wall
  • It is suitable for both home and office use
  • It has an 8-year warranty

What’s not to like?

  • Although this product can be mounted on a wall, the wall-mount accessories are not included and have to be bought separately

This AED on-site defibrillator from Philips combines the advantages of a home product with those of a professional one. It is an easy to use product that features vocal guidance that leads you through the entire process and it is always ready to use. It gives fast shocks that increase the chances of giving a successful treatment in case of cardiac arrest. Also, it can be used for children and adults, as it includes targeted smart pads for both. It delivers up to 150 Joules when the adult pads are being used and up to 50 Joules when the pediatric pads are needed.

It has intuitive controls and it can be tested in various ways, from daily automatic self-tests that allow you to test internal circuitry, waveform and battery capacity, to pads integrity and battery insertion tests. This defibrillator is suitable for home and office use, it has a battery that lasts for 4 continuous hours or 200 shocks and that has a life expectancy of 4 years. Also, it has a shock to shock cycle time of 20 seconds and a quick shock function that delivers current 8 seconds after the CPR interval.

What’s to like?

  • It is suitable for home and office use
  • It can be mounted on a wall
  • It has vocal guidance
  • It can be used for children and adults equally efficiently
  • It can be easily tested
  • It comes with smart pads
  • It is always ready to use
  • It has a good battery capacity
  • It is backed by 8 years of warranty

What’s not to like?

  • It does not include a wall mount

If you are on a tight budget, but you still need to equip your cabinet or office with a portable defibrillator that can be used intuitively and easily, then this could be the box that you are looking for. This AED box is a weather resistant product that comes with waterproof enclosure, so that it remains intact even in the harshest conditions. It does not include a defibrillator, but it is the wall box that you need in order to keep in safe conditions that one that you bought separately.

This box measures 10 x 12 x 5 inches, it is highly rated and comes with a tamper resistant door and window. It includes a 3-D wall sign and 10 tamper seals that can prove to be extremely useful in case of theft.

What’s to like?

  • It is inexpensive
  • It is tamper resistant
  • It is waterproof
  • It has a tamper-resistant window and door
  • It includes 10 seals
  • It has a 3-D sign
  • Its size is suitable for almost any defibrillator
  • It is lightweight

What’s not to like?

  • This product is well-built and seems to be compatible with most portable defibrillators, but there is no information to whether it is a licensed box or not

Why should you own a portable defibrillator?

The reasons why a portable defibrillator is useful in any situation are countless, but there are some sensitive cases in which they should be own and kept at hand. For instance, if you work in a place with high risks of accidents, if you have a family member who suffers from a heart condition or if there are numerous elder people around you every day. Cardiac arrest can happen to anyone, regardless of the age or health status. Giving the stressful lifestyle that we all lead, the sedentarism and poor foods that we put into our bodies, there is always a risk. In an ideal world, everyone would be healthy and happy, leading a balanced life until the age of a 100. Unfortunately, we all have to accept that life can turn out to be too short for some people, which is why it is a great benefit to own a portable defibrillator that you can keep at home or in your car.

By owning such a machine, learning how to use it and by always being prepared to intervene in case of a cardiac arrest, you can save a life or more. Portable defibrillators are easy to use nowadays, so you don’t need advanced medical knowledge, but you need to be trained in order to use it.

Are portable defibrillators really capable of saving a life?

Cardiac arrest happens when the heart’s electrical activity is disrupted. In such a situation, the heart starts to beat extremely fast or irregular. In these cases, the patient can be confronted with ventricular tachycardia or ventricular fibrillation. The next thing you know, the blood flow to the brain and vital organs is decreased or even stopped and the person’s life is in real danger. Home portable defibrillators are machines that can be used anywhere. They include clear instructions, but it is safe to use them after calling 911 and waiting for their instructions based on all of the symptoms that you can observe in the person next to you. Portable AEDs usually come with voice instructions and makes it easy to check the pulse and the breathing. In case of cardiac arrest, CPR is required, too. Then you can turn on the AED and redo CPR after the shocks were delivered.  

When do you need a defibrillator at the workplace?

Although, in the modern era, there are few workplaces that are truly dangerous, you always need to take precautions, especially if you own a business. No matter how many trainings you might offer your employees regarding emergencies or safety concerns, you never know when an accident happens, when a natural hazard affects everyone or when someone simply gets into cardiac arrest and needs urgent help. A portable defibrillator is essential at the workplace and you should never underestimate its importance. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, using a defibrillator increased the survival rate by 60 percent, which is not a number that you can ignore.

Life is full of surprises and, unfortunately, you can never be sure of what tomorrow will bring. If you want to feel safer and rest assured that no matter what happens, you are always prepared, you should take into consideration buying a portable defibrillator that is easy to use and efficient. Saving someone’s life can not only turn you into a hero, but can also show that you are a responsible person who is ready for any situation.

If you are aware that a close friend or relative is having high cardiac arrest risk, you should install a defibrillator in your home to make sure that, should it be the case, you are able to help. Portable defibrillators are also suitable for traveling, office use or for use in public places. Equipping a space with such essential products also expresses civic responsibility.

The reviewed products are high-quality defibrillators that you can choose from, depending on your needs and budget. They are all extremely efficient in sending electric shocks to a patient’s heart and saving their lives. Also, they come with step by step guidance, training videos and complex instructions that can help anyone get properly trained for emergency situations.