Best Fuel Injector Cleaner of 2022


Product Size Weight Price range
Red Line (60103) Complete SI-1 Fuel System Cleaner - 15 Ounce Red Line (60103) Complete SI-1 Fuel System Cleaner - 15 Ounce 2.8 x 2.8 x 9.5 inches 1.7 pounds $
Chevron Techron Concentrate Plus Fuel System Cleaner - 20 oz. Chevron Techron Concentrate Plus Fuel System Cleaner - 20 oz. 9.4 x 3.5 x 3.3 inches 1 pounds $
Sea Foam sf-16 Motor Treatment, 16 oz. Sea Foam sf-16 Motor Treatment, 16 oz. 2.8 x 7.5 x 2.8 inches 1 pounds $
BG 44K Fuel System Cleaner BG 44K Fuel System Cleaner 3 x 3 x 5 inches 11.2 ounces $
Lucas 10003 Upper Cylinder Lubrication & Injector Cleaner 32 oz. Lucas 10003 Upper Cylinder Lubrication & Injector Cleaner 32 oz. 4 x 4 x 12 inches 4.59 pounds $

If you own a car for some time now, you have surely heard of injectors and their role. Also, you probably know that they have to maintained and cleaned in order to function properly. Just as a reminder, a fuel injection system is responsible for injecting fuel into the motor, so that your car can work. This system is equally responsible to fuel the motor with as much gas as you want. Fuel injectors have a variety of auxiliary roles, but among the most important are the fact that you can have better control over fuel consumption, that the toxic emissions’  level decreases and that the efficiency of the motor increases.  

Fuel injector cleaners are meant to act against blocked injectors, those that do not open or close, as well as to help with leaks in the nozzles. There are many reasons why a fuel injector could get blocked. Dirt accumulates in time due to a variety of factors, yet when this activity becomes a habit, your overall satisfaction increases, as you spend less money on gas and the car gives better mileage.

There are a lot of producers that sell injector cleaner products on today’s market. Although some are well renowned, as they produce car and engine products for a long time, there are others that are less known by consumers, yet still produce high-quality products that are worth investing in.

Are you eager to get your car’s fuel injectors cleaned up and get the best possible results? Then you need the best fuel injector cleaner that you can get. In order to make your task easier and help you find the best product for your needs, we have reviewed some of the best-selling five products on the market, by highlighting their pros and cons. Take a look at the recommendation below.

Red Line is a well-known fuel system cleaner producer that has built a strong name on this niche of the market. It competes with a lot of other strong brands as it offers high-quality products that are meant to perform cleaning activities without having side effects. The 60103 model comes in a 15 ounce bottle that has a basic design and a detailed label. Thanks to its long neck, it is easy to maneuver when pouring the liquid into the injector system. This product is suitable for injector, carburetor, valve and combustion chamber deposit cleaning. It combines high-temp and low-temp detergents of the highest quality, which is why it can clean all forms of fuel injectors, including GDI.

The effects that this product has on your vehicle are almost instantaneous. The fuel stability is enhanced, the gum and varnish formation is reduced, as well as the need for octane. This product can be used to clean the entire tank from the first use. According to the tests run by the manufacturer, it is capable of reducing octane by up to two points. Also, it is important to mention that it can be used with oxygenated fuel and that it contains synthetic upper cylinder lubricant. It is safe for regular use, so you don’t have to worry that your injectors will be damaged by the frequent use of this product.

What’s to like?

  • It has a 15 ounce capacity
  • It has a basic bottle that is easy to maneuver
  • It can clean injectors, carburetors, valves and more
  • It contains high-temp and low-temp detergents
  • It cleans all forms of fuel
  • It reduces gum and varnish
  • It has synthetic upper cylinder lubricant
  • It is capable to clean the pollution valves
  • It can be used frequently
  • It weighs 1.7 pounds

What’s not to like?

  • It is rather recommended for gas engines and not diesel

Are you looking for a fuel system cleaner that comes in a larger bottle? Then this 20 ounces bottle will satisfy your needs. This is a complex product that was mean to clean, restore and protect the fuel systems of a car, meaning that it can be used for fuel injectors, carburetors, intake valves and combustion chambers. Its use is recommended every 3000 miles for maximum results and it is safe to use frequently, as it will not affect any of the car’s parts. This cleaning product is highly competitive and often preferred by car enthusiasts, as it contains PEA (polyether amine). This is a nonabrasive substance, extracted from natural sources that ensure that your vehicle will only function better and will not be affected in any way. Except for this substance, it contains other four ingredients that are visibly exposed on the label, so that all users can check the compatibility with their systems.

As Chevron has a direct relationship with BMW, its representatives invest a lot of effort in creating products that exceed expectations, giving the category of customers that they are targeting. This might be one of the reasons why this producer is trustworthy. There are some effects that can be noticed by drivers immediately after the treatment. Reduced rough idle, engine surge, cold start performance are just three of them. Also, lost power is restored and the acceleration works a lot better. More than that, this product is well reputed for its contributions to fuel economy.

What’s to like?

  • It is fairly priced
  • It comes in a nicely designed bottle
  • It is made by a reliable manufacturer
  • It contains PEA
  • It is able to improve cold start performance
  • It can be used for the entire fuel system
  • The treatment can be done along with the oil change
  • It can be used for all kinds of gasoline engines
  • It restores lost power and helps save money and fuel

What’s not to like?

  • The bottle is difficult to open

Sea Foam is another preferred brand when it comes to motor treatments, as it is incredibly effective and has built a reputation around high-quality products in time. This particular bottle of fuel injector cleaner is a pre-registered product and registered with the EPA. It comes with a kit that is easy and extremely simple to use and a capacity of 16 ounces. It contains 100% pure petroleum, which is why it is capable to liquefy gum and varnish deposits, as well as internal engine contaminants. It comes in a basic bottle with a simple design that is easy to maneuver when pouring in the fuel system.

The Sea Foam is capable of cleaning injectors, carb jets, it stabilizes fuels, it controls moisture in fuels and it can quiet down noisy filters. Having all these advantages after using this product, you will feel more comfortable driving your vehicle. Besides being capable of cleaning the injectors, it also cleans old deposits and adds lubricity to fuel, it lubes upper cylinders and works as a de-icer and anti-gel, so you don’t have to invest in any other products for these actions. This treatment is recommended for gas, gas-ethanol engines and diesel or biodiesel engines. It can be mixed with motor oil or used separately. its price is affordable and it is also available in packs of two, four, six or twelve bottles of product.

What’s to like?

  • It is affordable
  • It is easy to use
  • It can be added to oil
  • It cleans injectors and carb jets
  • It cleans old deposits
  • It can liquify gum
  • It adds lube to fuels
  • It can be used with gas or diesel engines
  • It contributes to a general better state of the motor
  • It is made of 100% petroleum
  • It can be used frequently
  • It has a 16-ounce capacity
  • It can be found in larger packs

What’s not to like?

  • The bottle doesn’t have a good grip

The 44K fuel system cleaner from BG is yet another useful liquid that is capable of restoring the functionality of the entire mechanism. It performs gentle cleaning of the fuel injectors, the intake valves and the combustion chambers. In case of clogging with carbon deposits, varnish or moisture, pouring this product in the motor oil or simply by itself can be extremely helpful. Also, it proves to be helpful in case of dirty injectors, pistons or carburetors. The first effects that drivers observe after using the 44K product are better fuel efficiency and an increase in engine performance. More than that, it helps stop the trembling, engine hesitation and stalling. The great thing about this treatment is that it is non-corrosive and harm-free, so using it frequent use will not damage any of the engine’s parts.

This product is highly efficient, can treat 20 gallons of gasoline at once and is capable to restore engine performance and mileage. Another advantage is that it is compatible with all fuels, as well as alcohol-blended fuels and fuel additives. The bottle has a nice design with a long neck, so that it is easy to grab and maneuver when pouring the liquid into the fuel system. It comes in black packaging, so the liquid will not be affected by sun rays in case you keep in your car. It weighs 11.2 ounces, it is lightweight and easy to store. By comparison to other products it is a bit pricier, yet its high-quality will convince you that the investment was worth it.

What’s to like?

  • It is a high-quality product
  • Its bottle has a nice design
  • It cleans fuel injectors, valves and combustion chambers
  • It can treat 20 gallons of gasoline
  • It is compatible with all fuel types
  • It increases combustion quality
  • It increases power output
  • It helps you save fuel
  • It is compatible with all fuel additives
  • It restores engine performance
  • It stops trembling

What’s not to like?

  • It is more expensive than other fuel treatment products

If you are looking for a fuel injector cleaner in a bottle that has a large capacity, that helps you save a lot of fuel and that is highly effective in increasing the performance of your engine, then this product is perfect for you. This is a powerful blend that contains oils and additives capable of cleaning the entire fuel system. Its main objective is to increase the power and fuel mileage, as well as to lower exhaust emissions. It is compatible with both gasoline and diesel engines. It also works with carbureted and fuel injected engines. It does not contain any solvents and it does not damage the injectors, so it can be used as frequently as needed. It can be used to pass smog tests if needed. The great thing about it is that it is capable of neutralizing the harmful effects of low sulfur diesel fuel.

This product can be used for engines other than those of automobiles. It works for off road vehicles, boats, locomotives and other diesel engines that are usually more difficult to clean and maintain. In order to obtain the best results, all you have to do is to open the bottle and pour the treatment directly into the fuel tank. Two-three ounces of fuel treatment per 10 gallons of fuel is more than enough, so you don’t have to pour a large quantity. Even if you don’t measure it and pour more than necessary, the product will not harm the engine. The design of this bottle is extremely practical, as it has a thin head that allows you to pour with maximum precision, just as much as you want.

What’s to like?

  • It is fairly priced
  • The bottle has a practical design
  • It is extremely easy to use
  • It does not damage the fuel system
  • It can be used as frequently as needed
  • It can help pass smog tests
  • It can be used with gas or diesel engines
  • It neutralizes the effects of low sulfur diesel
  • It increases the engine performance
  • It is a powerful product
  • It does not contain solvents

What’s not to like?

  • It cannot be added directly into the oil

When should you use a fuel injector cleaner?

Fuel injector cleaners can be used by everyone who knows the specifications of their motor and injectors, but are often used in maintenance facilities by professionals. They can be found online or in traditional stores and are highly effective when it comes to injector cleaning. Such a product’s use is recommended for the overall good functioning of the motor and fuel consumption reduction. If you are not sure how cleaning the injectors of your vehicle can help, here are a few reasons: fuel cleaner can restore throttle response, eliminate black smoke, improve cold start, remove misfires and pinging, engine stutter, hesitation or stumbling. At the same time, it protects the engine from corrosion, improves emission values and neutralizes low sulfur fuel problems. 

If you notice that your car starts showing the above symptoms, it means that the time has come for an injector clean up. What a fuel injector cleaner does is remove carbon deposits from the fuel system, clean the nozzles and combustion chamber. Carbon build-up can be reduced when the fuel system is lubricated properly and the cylinder walls, intake valves, pumps and carburetors are clean. 

Is a fuel injector cleaner safe to use?

In order to make the injector cleaning process as easier as possible, manufacturers have created products that can be added directly into the fuel tank. Therefore, you don’t have to intervene at the motor level and you don’t need to be a specialized mechanic to do it. Most fuel cleaners are effective immediately and can be used on a regular basis. There is no evidence showing that it could be dangerous in any way for your car. However, there are less effective products that will simply show no effects after use. This is the main reason why it is important to know the specifications of your car and to ensure that the product you are buying uses a high-quality formula. If you care about the environment, then you should know that the usage of these products reduces pollution and is therefore recommended for all diesel and gas vehicles. 

What are the symptoms of clogged injectors?

When the injectors are clogged, they show a variety of symptoms. If you have noticed that the engine misfires lately, that the engine stutters or hesitates, as well as a loss of performance or engine stalling, it is highly probable that the injectors are clogged. There is a long list of reasons why this phenomenon can happen, but it is important to mention that it is normal. Cleaning the injectors is part of the regular maintenance that a vehicle requires. If you want to clean the injectors of another vehicle, such as a lawn mower or a boat, you can do that with an injector cleaner liquid, but you should make sure that it is compatible with the motor. If the symptoms persist after using a high-quality product, you should probably ask for a mechanic’s advice, as you could find other motor-related issues, too. 

The best fuel injector cleaner is the one that has the best formula for your car’s technical specifications and can target the real problem. Knowing a little bit about your car might be helpful in the process, yet it is not mandatory. The real challenge is to choose the one product that you know is going to do the job. Although it might seem like an easy task, choosing the best product out of such a wide variety is not easy. The products in our list are being sold by trustworthy brands and have been tested over a number of years in order to offer high performance in injector cleaning.

If you are one of those car owners who are motivated to do maintenance jobs on their own, then you should choose a container of cleaning product with a larger capacity, as you will probably perform this activity regularly. Although some products promise to treat many gallons of gas, depending on the type of your engine, you might want to choose products that are concentrated and that are compatible with your type of fuel. Giving the fact that you have to pay close attention to the product’s characteristic, the above reviews will help you understand exactly what type of injector cleaner you can use for your car.