Best Cold Weather Gloves of 2022


Product Size Weight Price range
OZERO -30 ℉ Waterproof Winter Gloves OZERO -30 ℉ Waterproof Winter Gloves S, M, L, XL, XXL $
Charhartt Men’s Insulated Glove Charhartt Men’s Insulated Glove S, M, L, XL, XXL 7.2 ounces $
MCTi Waterproof Men’s Ski Gloves MCTi Waterproof Men’s Ski Gloves M, L, XL $
SIMARI Winter Gloves SIMARI Winter Gloves S, M, L, XL $
Mountain Made Outdoor gloves Mountain Made Outdoor gloves S, M, L, XL $
Cevapro -30 Fahrenheit Winter Gloves Cevapro -30 Fahrenheit Winter Gloves S, M, L, XL $
Achiou Winter Knit Gloves Achiou Winter Knit Gloves M, L, XL 2.4 ounces $
Keeping your hands warm is always a good idea during the cold winter months. However, most of us don’t seem to remember gloves’ usefulness unless we actually fell discomfort. When the temperature drops to subzero, those gloves could make a big difference between having a great time outdoors and ending up with frostbites. Whether you like winter sports, running, fat biking, hiking, or you live in a cold area where temperatures are consistantly low, a good-quality pair of gloves can always make your day more enjoyable.

We know what you think! Most winter gloves are bulky and uncomfortable to wear all day long. Well, you couldn’t be further away from the truth. Gloves today are not just clothing for your hands. Depending on what kind of sport you pursue, you would need different features, besides just keeping your hands warm (yes, gloves have features). 

A skier, for example, might need to have a good grip on the poles, while also being able to adjust their gear or use the smartphone while wearing gloves. But, at the same time, if you pick a pair of thick gloves in warmer weather, you would get nothing but sweaty hands. A hiker’s first lesson is to protect their hands, and not just from the cold, but from sweat, wind and water too. That being said, winter gloves are not only a clothing item, but they play a crucial part in keeping your comfort level high so you can feel and perform best during cold winters.

But let’s say you’re not playing winter sports and you don’t need extra features when it comes to gloves. Either way, let’s face it. Maybe it’s time to throw away your dollar-store knitted mittens and invest in a pair of gloves that would indeed keep you warm and comfortable during chilly winters and could last a long time. That way, you won’t have to buy a new pair every year.

There are some things that you need to pay attention to when you are searching for the right gloves. First and foremost, you need to identify the location and temperature in which you would need to be, as not all winter gloves are created equal. Some of them are designed for ordinary winter temperatures, while others can withstand freezing temperatures. 

What to pay attention to when searching for the best cold weather gloves

1. Insulation

The best winter gloves are insulated, meaning they have some kind of material on the inside that locks in your body heat. These are the best kinds of gloves to look for, as they can keep the cold air from sneaking inside and cooling your hands. Insulation can be done using many types of materials, from wool to polar fleece, down, or synthetic materials. They all have a different role. While wool has a shorter lifespan and it is a heavier material, synthetic materials are lightweight and can keep you warmer for longer.

2. Permeability

The most efficient way to make sure you’re not going to get any frostbites is to invest in a pair of waterproof gloves. As long as the snow doesn’t get in, you are safe, no matter what kind of activity you are doing in the winter. So, why not enjoy building a snowman with your friends and family and keep the snow where it should be – outside.

3. Breathability

Having waterproof insulated gloves doesn’t have to mean sealing your hand in. If there’s something that everybody agrees on, is that sweat, especially on a cold winter day, can give you chills. Breathable gloves are the best ones to look for, because they can keep the water outside while also letting the sweat go through, thus creating a dry environment for your hands.

4. Dexterity 

You’re not going to be able to move your fingers with a pair of mittens or other bulky types of gloves. If you are constantly doing things with your hands, dexterity features should allow you to adjust your gear, zip your jacket and do all other activities with ease.

Today, we are looking at some of the best cold weather gloves, some of them especially made to be used in subzero temperatures, as well as the warmest winter gloves for day-to-day use. Let’s take a look!

If you are an outdoor person even on the coldest winter day, or if you like winter sports, you sure need a pair of gloves that would protect your hands even in subzero temperatures. These are some of the best options you have when it comes to keeping your hands warm and dry.

The OZERO gloves are made to withstand the coldest winds, as they are made from a multilayer material that protects you against the harsh winter environment. They have an outer layer of artificial suede leather that protects your hands against the wind. Most importantly, they are insulated, which means they can keep your hands warm even when the temperature drops to -30 degrees Fahrenheit.

They also have a waterproof membrane that keeps the water from getting inside, but the material is still breathable. So, if your hands are sweaty, the moisture will not be trapped in. The gloves are lined with a soft and warm thermal cotton that can boost your comfort level. 

For a better grip, an anti-skid silica gel material is attached to the palms, so when you are holding your phone, pols, or any other objects, you won’t have to worry about them slipping through your fingers. Speaking of phones, these gloves also allow you to use your smartphone, as both hands are equipped with two sensitive touchscreen fingers (the thumb and the index finger). 

While you have to test them for yourself, according to what kind of activities you do in the winter, many users have been pleased with these gloves. However, there are a few users that say the palm rubber tends to wear off quickly. But it depends on what you want to use them for. As a ski glove, it can be great. If you need them for activities that require a high level of dexterity, they are not going to perform that well because they are still a bit bulky and thick, so articulation is not their strong point. 

Many customers have put these to the water test. Some of them even submerged the gloves under the running water and they seem to pass the test of waterproofness. Overall, for the price, these gloves are an excellent option for many winter activities, as they can keep your hands warm and dry while you are out in the cold weather. In other words, these are some of the best gloves for subzero temperatures.


Breathable material
Touchscreen function
Anti-skid silica gel for palms
Lined with thermal cotton
Good price point, affordable


The anti-skid material wears off rather quickly
They are still thick, so articulation and dexterity are not their strong point

You know the saying, sometimes, less is more. These gloves look very ordinary, yet they do a lot. Before describing them further, let us note that these are not work gloves. Instead, these are meant for winter activities and day-to-day use.

The Charhartt gloves are made out of 100% polyester, having a durable Polytex shell that is also waterproof. So, these are waterproof gloves that can definitely keep water and moisture outside where they belong, protecting your hands and keeping them warm. Part of this warmth comes from the material, but they are also insulated and soft inside.

These are bulky but still manageable. However, if you have to do fine work, they won’t help much. These gloves are not designed for activities that require dexterity, but they are functional and practical on a cold winter day. The nice feature is that they extend up to your wrists, so you are going to get some extra protection from the snow and water outside.

They are also windproof, and they have a soft lining that feels comfortable inside. People seem to love them for many reasons. They are an affordable pair of gloves that can keep you warm, dry and protect you on a windy, cold day. Pay attention to the size chart, though, and make sure you measure your hands before you order, as many customers said they should have ordered a size up. Also, if you order a size too small, the fleece cuffs would be tight, and it would be difficult for you to get your hand through.

All in all, if you need a reliable pair of gloves to get through winter, and you don’t mind the standard bulkiness, go for it. These have an affordable price and come with everything you need to keep you warm and cozy.


Extended material & cuffs for wrist protection
Reinforced polyurethane palm
Soft inside
You can choose between four color combinations


They are bulky
Limited articulation (dexterity)
A bit hard to get them on, especially if you haven’t ordered the right size

These are ski gloves mostly, but you can use them for any other sport or activity in the snow. Because they are basically ski gloves, they are thicker, but also better in coverage. This means that you have plenty of room to put the wrist section over a puffy jacket so you can secure them properly and keep the snow away from your hands.

MCTi gloves feature a 3M Thinsulate insulation, as well as a soft and warm cotton layer so they can keep your hands warm. They are also waterproofed with a special membrane insert, but the material is not breathable, which means they could get a bit damp inside, in which case, you would have to air dry them before putting them on again. 

You have two colors to choose from (black and grey), and they are also windproof. The fingers are reinforced with a rubber material for an easy grip and longer wear. They offer a snug fit, most people saying that although they are bulky (like any other ski glove), they fit well.

On top, you will find a convenient zipper pocket. You can put your keys in there, your card or cash, so you don’t have to constantly reach for your jacket’s pockets. The inside lining is comfortable and soft, and, like most ski gloves, they feature a nose-wipe thumb.  

Overall, these are good-quality gloves at an affordable price, that can keep you warm throughout your winter activities. The only real downside is the breathability issue. If you are using them continuously throughout the day, they may get damp inside, which is not very pleasant. But, overall, they have some qualities that cannot be overlooked. 


Reinforced rubber fingers
High coverage
Zipper pocket for keys, card, cash or other small objects
Snug fit
Quality construction and materials
Affordable price


They can get damp inside, as they are not breathable

If you don’t like bulky gloves and you don’t need multilayer protection, these are a great choice. These gloves are made for activities like running, cycling, driving, training, or just walking outside on a cold winter day.

Made from 95% polyester and 5% spandex, these gloves give you a snug fit while also keeping your hands warm. However, these are not for winter sports or other heavy-duty activities in the snow, as they are not waterproof. SIMARI gloves are unisex, so men and women both can wear them, and you can choose the color and style you want, as they come in 3 colors/styles.

The gloves are very lightweight and slim, and they give you a nice grip because the palm is covered in silica gel. These are suitable for cycling, as the top part has a reflective pattern for visibility and safety. Customers also like the touch screen feature. The thumb and index finger have a conductive material that allows you to interact with your phone’s touchscreen. It works great, although some of the users wished it had the hole finger covered by this material, not just the bottom part. But overall, it works and it’s a great additional feature to have.

These gloves are a great addition to your cycling or running gear, as they can truly keep you warm and offer you wind protection, which is essential when you reach a certain speed, but also during a cold winter in general.


Lightweight materials
Anti-slip palm material
Touchscreen design
Affordable price
Great for winter and outdoor activities


These are not waterproof

This is another great pair of gloves to have during wintertime, especially if you like the outdoors or you have to spend a lot of time outside. These gloves have a lovely design, blending in with any kind of outfit. This pair of gloves is multipurpose and made for everyday use, as well as athletic activities such as running or biking in the woods in wintertime.

They offer a snug fit and a zipper on the top part to adjust and secure the fit. The gloves have a slim-fit design anyway, so in terms of dexterity, these are going to pleasantly surprise you. They keep your hands warm as they can preserve the heat inside due to the synthetic materials. The grip is also great as the palm is fully covered by a rubbery material that feels good quality.

The best thing is that both men and women can use the exact same pair of gloves, as they are unisex. They also have a touchscreen feature so you can access your phone’s screen anytime.
Another great feature is the water resistance. However, they are not fully waterproof, so keep that in mind.

The materials are breathable, and they are also pre-treated (on the inside lining) with an antibacterial solution that eliminates any odor and creates a safe environment for your hands. Cool, right? 

We (and many other users) like this pair of outdoor gloves because they are breathable, they have a minimalistic design and some extra features here and there that make a big difference. Also, the price is low, so if you’re still looking for a pair of outdoor winter gloves, give them a try.


Unisex gloves
Warm – strong heat preservation
Zipper to adjust the fit
Great dexterity wise
Touchscreen feature
Great grip
Antibacterial lining treatment
Affordable price


The touchscreen feature is not top-notch (you can get it to work eventually)
The sizing can be a bit off
The gloves are not entirely waterproof

If you think you already own the warmest winter gloves, think again because these gloves are going to surprise you. They perform well even at -30 degrees Fahrenheit because they are made out of PU leather and thickened fleece.

Whether you love skiing, cycling, driving, riding, or you are living in a cold environment and you love the outdoors, these gloves will keep your hands warm and sweat-free. They are insulated and the inside is soft and comfy. Moreover, these gloves are waterproof, so if you plan on making a snowman or cycling in the pouring rain, they are perfect for keeping the water outside and warmth inside. Many users have already tested these gloves out in the rain, and they were very happy with their performance.

Even though they are waterproof, they let your skin breathe, so if you happen to sweat while engaging in your favorite winter activities, they will not retain the moisture. On the palms, you will find PU leather as an anti-slip material that would give you a good grip on various objects. We like that they used PU leather as an anti-slip material, because silica gel tends to degrade faster, and you would eventually end up with no grip at all. This material, on the other hand, has a longer life and can ensure that whatever you are holding stays put.

These gloves also have a touchscreen capability but, given the fact that they are a little bulky, you wouldn’t be able to text or do another precision-type activity on your phone. The advantage with these gloves is that you get 12 months warranty and customer service that is available 24/7. 


Warm gloves, they can handle subzero temperatures
Anti-slip PU leather 
Durable, good construction
Affordable price
Touchscreen capability
12 months warranty
24/7 customer service


They are not entirely windproof
The touch screen capability is low
The sizing is a bit off (you should size up if you are not sure)

If you are just looking to replace your old winter gloves, these ones are perfect. These gloves are created for day-to-day use, like shopping, running, driving, or traveling in the wintertime. They are slim and stretchy, so they could fit any hand, although they still come in different sizes, but the fit is much better compared to a non-stretchy kind of glove. 

They have a soft wool lining and they feel very comfortable to wear. They also keep you warm, as long as you are not taking them on the ski slopes. For casual winter temperatures, these perform well. While they are not waterproof or windproof, they are breathable, and you can expect them to perform great in terms of dexterity because they are not bulky at all.

So, these are more like your standard winter gloves, but with some improvements. First, they feature an anti-slip silicone material on the palms, so you can get a better grip on things. Then, you can also use your phone due to the touch-sensitive material that you can find on three fingers. One thing worth mentioning here is that no matter what kind of glove you get, it is still going to add some thickness, so when it comes to the touchscreen capability, you shouldn’t expect gloves to behave as well as your bare fingers.

All in all, these are great for a walk in the snowy winter, or if you are traveling and you don’t want something thick and bulky to put over your hands. The price is low, so even if you are on a budget, you would still afford to try them out, which is a plus.


Warm and comfy
Soft wool lining
Great dexterity wise
Breathable materials
Anti-slip palm
Touchscreen sensitivity (on three fingers)
Low price


They provide short-term warmth. These are not heavy-duty winter gloves.
Sizing can be a bit off
The touch sensitivity can sometimes fail

We hope that we could help you in your search for the best cold weather gloves. In this article, we chose to review the more affordable products, so you could easily make up your mind. If you still have some unanswered questions, here are a few that might help you.


When you search for cold weather gloves, first you have to determine the place and the purpose. A ski glove is not going to be the same as a mitten glove because they serve different purposes. Another essential aspect to keep in mind is sizing. Sizing is crucial when you choose your pair of gloves because the wrong size can cancel all other features, including their basic purpose of keeping your hands warm. If you are a casual person that doesn’t do extreme activities in freezing temperatures, you can get away with regular wool-lined gloves. On the other hand, if you are active in the wintertime or you live in a freezing environment, synthetic linings and features like water repellency are essential to keep you warm and frostbite free.


While mittens used to be the warmest gloves around due to the only compartment where all fingers sat together, thus saving and retaining the body heat, today, you have lots of options that are just as efficient, if not better. We have already discussed the importance of lining and correct sizing, but today you can even find battery-powered gloves that can heat up even the coldest fingers. In terms of dexterity, gloves are undoubtedly the way to go, but in the end, it is a matter of preference. 


Thermal gloves are the kind of multilayer gloves that can truly keep you warm. They usually have an insulated interior made out of synthetic materials that are guaranteed to keep the heat in, and an outside layer that generally consists of harder materials like deerskin leather, suede or insulated cotton.