Best Bass Headphones Under $100 of 2022


Product Size Weight Price range
COWIN E7 Active Noise Cancelling Headphones COWIN E7 Active Noise Cancelling Headphones 6.5 x 7.1 x 2.4 inches 13.6 ounces $
COWIN E7 PRO [Upgraded] Active Noise Cancelling Headphones COWIN E7 PRO [Upgraded] Active Noise Cancelling Headphones 6.5 x 3.6 x 7.1 inches 13.6 ounces $$
Active Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones Active Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones 8.6 x 6.1 x 2.3 inches 1.05 pounds $
Sony Mdr-Xb950Ap Premium Xtra Bass Overhead Headphones Sony Mdr-Xb950Ap Premium Xtra Bass Overhead Headphones 7.9 x 5.9 x 1.4 inches 8.6 ounces $$
Audio Technica ATH-WS1100iS Solid Bass Headphones Audio Technica ATH-WS1100iS Solid Bass Headphones 10.5 x 9.5 x 4.1 inches 1.3 pounds $$$

Some people say that music is the best therapy and most of us agree with this saying. The truth is that it makes our days more beautiful and life more fun. Some of us listen to music on the street, some of us while working and for others it is the only path towards complete relaxation. Either way, it is proven that music helps us stay healthier, both physically and mentally. We all listen to music in different ways, but the truth is that nothing compares to the experience that high-quality headphones can offer. The noise cancelling, the bass, the depth are just a few elements that turn basic music into extraordinary sounds. A song can seem worthless or amazing, depending on the headphones we listen it through.

If you are a fan of bass headphones, you probably think that only the most expensive models on the market can offer you all the above benefits. In reality, there are affordable models from renowned manufacturers that still deliver good sound quality. Therefore, if you have set a budget of under $100 and you want to stick to it, you shouldn’t lose hope. There is a wide variety of headphone models that you can choose from.

Are you looking to buy bass headphones that are affordable, yet make you want to listen to music all day long? Then you should take a look at the five products that we have selected and reviewed. You will find in the list below five of the most popular affordable products available on the market. We have highlighted their pros and cons based on personal observations and consumer feedback, so that you can narrow down your options and make the best decision. Check them out below:

Cowin is a manufacturer that focuses on high quality sound. It designed this pair of comfortable over ear headphones that are affordable, yet really worth a try. They come in 7 colors, from black to red and have a lot of strong features that even the most pretentious users love. It has professional active noise cancelling, upgraded ear cushions that are soft and comfortable, as well as professional protein ear pads and 90 degrees swiveling ear cups. The skin texture of this model is really nice to touch. They are lightweight and really comfortable to wear for hours.

This model comes with 45mm large-aperture drivers that deliver crisp and quiet sounds. It has a stable 800mAH battery that allows you to listen to anything that you want for 30 hours continuously. Thanks to the high-quality built-in microphone and NFC technology that it includes, you can connect it to other devices wirelessly and those to whom you speak will be able to hear you perfectly. This model has several controls that you can access directly from the headphones: answer a call, adjust the volume, turn ANC on or off etc. This model is wireless, so you will not be bothered by the wires.

What’s to like?

  • It is a 2018 model
  • It has noise canceling
  • It has comfortable ear cushions
  • It has 45 mm large aperture drivers
  • It has 30-hour playtime
  • It has Bluetooth
  • It has an integrated, high-quality mic
  • It has aux port
  • It has deep bass
  • It has 28 db noise reduction depth
  • It is affordable
  • It has a gorgeous design

What’s not to like?

  • It has lower noise reduction depth than other models from the same manufacturer

The E7 Pro is a more advanced version of the E7 Active Noise Cancelling model from Cowin. This product’s design is a lot like the previous product’s, so you will not see a lot of difference here. This model comes with active noise cancelling, too and is ideal for traveling and work. Just like the E7 model, it has 45-mm large-aperture drivers that help deliver accurate bass response. It has noise reduction depth of 30 db and offers a crisp and clear sound regardless of the music or movies you are listening to. Function-wise, this pair of headphones has Bluetooth, NFC< microphone and AUX port. The ear cups and cushions are extremely comfortable and can be worn for hours on end. Thanks to its deep bass feature, it is perfect for those who love to hear bassy sounds.

Thanks to its stable battery and long life-span, you can listen to music for 30 hours continuously when using these headphones. They come with 800mAH battery that can be charged using a USB cable (included in the box). It can be charged from any power source that has a USB port, such as a laptop, a hard drive or directly from a plug if you already own an adapter. This product’s credibility increases even more thanks to its 18 month warranty coverage.

What’s to like?

  • It has an affordable price
  • It has a gorgeous design
  • It is comfortable to wear
  • It has active noise cancelling
  • It has 90-degree swiveling ear cups
  • It has beautiful skin texture
  • It is lightweight
  • It is wireless
  • It can connect to other devices using NFC
  • It has Bluetooth
  • It has a strong battery
  • It has deep bass

What’s not to like?

  • It takes about 4 hours to charge

If you are interested in buying a pair of headphones that have deep bass but come at an even lower price, then this model from Levin might be what you are looking for. It comes in black and red options, so you can choose whichever fits your personality best. Its greatest feature is the advanced active noise cancelling that reduced ambient noise by up to 85%. Noise cancelling can be activated when turning the NC switch to on. The quality of the sound is given by the 49 mm large aperture driver, as well as its acoustical design. The sound delivered by these headphones is clear, crisp and accurate, with deep bass and clear vocal. It has stereo hi-fi sound, which most experts believe to be the best.

By comparison with the previous two products from Cowin, this model has a smaller battery, but it is still one that you can rely on for many hours. The 600mAH battery supports 25 hours of play time and 120 hours of stand-by time. The big advantage is that it charges really quickly, in no more than 2 hours, with a 2-hour difference from Cowin’s headphones. Thanks to its light weight, its soft ear pads and the adjustable headband, it is very comfortable to wear and you will not experience ear pain while wearing them for longer periods of time. This is a wireless model too; it features Bluetooth 4.1 and stays connected to devices that are up to 33 feet away. Also, it has a high-quality microphone. There’s more to it: it is covered by a 12-month warranty.

What’s to like?

  • It is inexpensive
  • It has a beautiful design
  • It has soft ear cups
  • It is lightweight
  • It has advanced active noise cancelling
  • It has 40mm large aperture drivers
  • It has Hi-Fi treble
  • It has deep accurate bass
  • It has 90 degrees swivel ear cups
  • It has adjustable headband
  • It has 25 hours play time
  • It charges in 2 hours

What’s not to like?

  • Its battery is less powerful than in other similar models

Sony is a well-known manufacturer in the music industry and has built a reputation around high-quality, durable products that integrate high-end technologies. It is the case of this product, too. It comes with strong features that turn it into a great competitor for other bass headphones on the market. It is inexpensive, has a sleek and modern design and brings extra bass that imitates club-like sounds. The feature that most users appreciate is the unique response control that helps reduce heavy bass distortion. The advanced direct vibe structure is a feature that Sony brings to its devices to be able to deliver more balanced bass. Thanks to this characteristic, whoever listens to music through these headphones can truly sense the difference.

As for the drivers, this model has Dynamic Neodymium drivers that ensure the delivery of precise sounds. It has a wide frequency range, from 3 Hz to 28 kHz, which is perfect for heavy music. Although this isn’t a wireless model, which might be considered a minus by some users who need a lot of flexibility, it is a powerful pair of headphones, very comfortable to wear, with a sophisticate design that will surely make an impression. The wire is 3.94 feet long.

What’s to like?

  • It costs under $100
  • It has a gorgeous design
  • It is lightweight
  • It has deep bass
  • It has wide frequency range
  • It has an Omni directional mic
  • It has adjustable headband
  • It has advanced direct vibe structure
  • It has tight bass with beat response control
  • It has dynamic neodymium drivers

What’s not to like?

  • It is not wireless
  • It doesn’t feature noise cancelling

Another wired model that has great features and solid bass is brought by Audio Technica. This model comes with large 53mm deep motion hi-res drivers. Thanks to the ultra-powerful magnetic circuit, it offers accurate audio with deep bass. Another important feature that this product has is the bass venting system that optimizes the air damping for great bass reproduction. If you are passionate about listening to music with deep bass, then you will love these headphones.

Design-wise, this model has a rigid housing with an aluminum centerpiece and a stabilizer ring that helps reduce vibration and improves clarity. It is comfortable to wear thanks to the dual-layer ear pads. Although it doesn’t feature noise cancelling, it offers sound isolation thanks to the firm internal layer and soft outer layer. The wire is 3.9 feet long and it is detachable. The in-line mic allows you to answer calls, which makes it highly convenient. These headphones have 38 Ohms impedance and omnidirectional microphone. They are easy and comfortable to carry with you, thanks to the nice pouch that it includes.

What’s to like?

  • It is nicely designed
  • It is inexpensive
  • It has 53mm large aperture drivers
  • It has powerful magnetic circuit
  • It features bass venting system
  • It has excellent bass reproduction
  • It has rigid housing
  • It has an aluminum centerpiece
  • It has a stabilizer ring
  • It has dual layer ear pads
  • It has a 3.9 feet cable
  • It comes with an in-line mic

What’s not to like?

  • It isn’t wireless

Why are bass headphones better?

Whether you like regular sounds or bassy ones, it is not necessarily a matter of quality, but a matter of taste. Some people enjoy the clear, crisp sound of the music, while others like the bass to be enhanced, in order to experience deeper sensations while listening to it. Bass headphones are definitely better for those who like to listen to more bass, but can be disturbing for those who aren’t into bass that much. Therefore, sound preferences, just like beauty preferences, aren’t something we can discuss. However, there are a few things that we can highlight about bass headphones. Believe it or not, music consumers prefer bass headphones according to recent studies, so manufacturers have focused on offering a neutral balance of bass, treble and frequencies to almost all headphones.

When listening to music through bass headphones, what you basically want is the sound to be deep, but still very clear and accurate. Distorted sound isn’t pleasant for anyone, so this is very important. In conclusion, bass headphones aren’t necessarily better, but they offer a much deeper experience.  

Why should you choose headphones over ear buds?

There is a huge difference between headphones and ear buds. No matter how powerful and technically good some ear buds are, headphones will always be the favorites of music producers, singers and heavy listeners. The difference is represented by the details. Although headphones are much larger in size and can sometimes be less comfortable is worn for hours on end, they are capable of delivering superior sound quality, especially when capturing bass tones. Earbuds are more discrete and can pass unnoticed but they don’t have the same features and are often not capable of isolating the background noise as well as headphones do. If the quality of sound is something that you are not willing to give up,  then headphones are the best option for you.

Why do you need noise cancelling?

Noise cancelling is a feature that you can find mostly in headphones and it is highly appreciated by experienced listeners. It is the ability of the headphones to reduce unwanted ambient sounds, by using active noise control. Noise cancelling isn’t the same as soundproofing. Soundproofing is a feature of passive headphones that will reduce ambient sounds, but will not cancel it entirely. When having headphones with noise cancelling, you don’t have to raise the volume too much to hear every single sound impeccably. They deliver good sound quality that you can hear no matter how noisy the environment is. Active noise control happens with the help of a microphone that measures ambient sound and then generates a negative waveform, mixing it with any audio signal. This type of headphones can be very useful in crowded places, when you want to relax, at work, if your office is noisy or even at home, when all you want to do is listen to music and forget about the surroundings.

If you know exactly what you are looking for in terms of technical specifications and design, then it is easy to find headphones that are high-quality and fairly priced. If, on the other hand, you can only tell if you like how the music sounds once you try them on, then you must also trust the reviews of experienced users. You don’t want to spend hours in offline stores trying to decide, which is why it is important to be able to see the differences before ordering them. If you want the best bass headphones that cost under $100, then you should be looking for features such as noise cancellation, a good microphone, wireless mode (or Bluetooth mode), good battery, light weight and a shape that doesn’t hurt your ears or head.

Once you find a model that has all of these features and is affordable, you have found your pair and you should not overthink it. There are few models on the market that are high-quality and that are still cheap. Most good models are very expensive and for good reason. In the list above we have selected some of the best models available right now at prices under $100. They encompass all of the features of high-end headphones, so you can choose whichever you feel is more suitable for you, trusting that it is a good choice.