Best Avalanche Airbag Backpacks of 2022


Product Price range
Mammut Avalanche Airbag Backpack Pro X Removable Airbag 3.0 Mammut Avalanche Airbag Backpack Pro X Removable Airbag 3.0 $$
Black Diamond Jetforce Pro Pack 25L Black Diamond Jetforce Pro Pack 25L $$$
Backcountry Access BCA Float 32 Avalanche Airbag 2.0 Backcountry Access BCA Float 32 Avalanche Airbag 2.0 $
Ortovox Ascent 30 Avabag Kit Ortovox Ascent 30 Avabag Kit $$
Dakine Poacher R.A.S 26L Backpack Dakine Poacher R.A.S 26L Backpack $
ARVA Reactor 15 Ultralight Avalanche Airbag Backpack Grey, One Size ARVA Reactor 15 Ultralight Avalanche Airbag Backpack Grey, One Size $$

People have always tried to tame the untamed and measured their limited powers against the great forces of Mother Nature by swimming into the deepest waters, venturing into the most swarming jungles and conquering the highest mountain peaks. We are no strangers to taking chances and dropping fears despite the fact that sometimes our instinct might say otherwise. Diving into the unknown is perhaps the best defining feature of our character and the best routine breaker that ever existed, making our lives more enjoyable and bringing fun facts into the big picture. But what happens during those times when we overestimate our capabilities and maybe take a step too far? Well, we have seen this situation and trust us, it ain’t pretty!

Climbing mountains is perhaps one of the greatest challenges and reaching the tallest peaks sure brings about the highest level of adrenaline, but an equal amount of danger. Many have tried and many have failed, some of them even paying the ultimate price. Contemporary author John Green beautifully appreciated this experience by stating: „I go to seek a great perhaps”, considering that mountainside means overcoming great obstacles if meeting with dangerous animals on tight paths, enduring the harshest weather conditions or even being caught up in a mighty avalanche.

Despite the great dangers one might face, the exploration of mountains has turned into a fierce competition over the last decades and even became a thrilling leisure activity for those who seek a little excitement brought into their everyday lives. More and more people nowadays plan to get away from the urban scenery and look for pure adventure, finding comfort into the heart of the untamed mountains. In this new light, the profile industry had to come up with the latest safety and functional equipment and lost no opportunity by revealing to the market the very useful, lifesaver and now notorious avalanche airbag backpack.

The concept is not new, but grew in popularity over the last years as more and more people seek adventure and find comfort into the deepest hollows of the mountains. The avalanche airbag backpack has become a vital safety tool and significantly increased the chances of survival if ever having the mischance of getting trapped under heavy snow. If you are a driver, you might already be familiar with the whole airbag protection concept. In the backpack case, to be more explicit, the system is made out of an actual airbag, a trigger and a cylinder filled with carbon dioxide. Should you find yourself in a dangerous situation, simply pull the trigger and the airbag will inflate around you, protecting against snow and helping you float to the surface. It makes you more visible into the eyes of the rescuers and keeps you away from other moving objects that might potentially injure you even more than the avalanche itself.


Since we are talking about a lifesaving gear, the decision of choosing the best avalanche airbag backpack should not be left to chance. You might want to consider these vital aspects before reaching a conclusion:

  • Design: the market presents three types of airbag backpacks: the base unit, the integrated and the detachable design. The ABS base unit design seems to be the most popular as it allows you to carry the whole gear, including the airbag, in only one compact bag. Also you get to choose the type of backpack you desire and the gear will simply get attached with a standard zipper. In the case of the second design, the integrated pattern, the airbag must have a fix size as it should be perfectly incorporated into the compartment of the backpack. The detachable design does exactly what its name states: you can separate each and every part of the backpack, allowing you to use it even on a daily bases. Which one seems the most appealing to you?
  • Activation type: not only do airbag backpacks come in three styles, but also present two types of activation modes: the cartridge or the electric fan pack activation. The first one includes a metal fiber cylinder that holds gas under pressure and inflates the airbag in case of necessity. The electric type, however, uses a battery-powered fan to pump gas into the airbag. Choose the one type that seems easier for you in case opportunity strikes.
  • Type of activity: depending on how adventurous you feel, the style of snowboarding or skiing you are practicing ultimately dictates the type of airbag backpack you should go for. Cat skiers and helicopter skiers get more advantages if using a smaller backpack as they need to be as light as a feather in order to gain speed for a smoother ride. For those who are just touring around the mountains for long hours, using a bigger base unit backpack to fit all their belongings will definitely prove to be a better choice.
  • Safety features: the airbag backpacks often come with additional accessories in order to cater for all your needs and demands. Some of them are equipped with a locking mechanism to prevent accidental deployment. Others were designed based on your body preference: are you a left-handed or a right-handed person? Either way, choose the backpack that has the trigger positioned on your comfortable side. It might save your life one day.
  • Body features: since mountain riding is no easy job, carrying an airbag backpack should not only bring additional protection, but also increased comfort into your life. Choose the one that best fits your body shape and height and mountain hiking will be just a walk in the park.
  • Flight acceptance: if you are an adventurous soul who does not settle for less, but wants to travel the world to ski the impossible slopes, you might consider reading the aviation rules first. Some companies only allow a gas cylinder while others ask you to travel with an empty canister. In this last case, look for an option to fill your canister on arrival otherwise your airbag backpack will prove to be just an expense, serving you no good in case of an avalanche.

Mammut is one of the main players on clothing and mountaineering market, designing some of the best gear appropriate for this type of activity. The Swiss creator sure makes our top as the Mammut Avalanche 3.0 is one of the best avalanche airbag backpack available.

Highly appreciated for its long-term endurance thanks to the high-density, recyclable, 2-layer EVA back padding material, the gear presents a magnificent interchangeable airbag technique, suitable for all type of backpacks that use RAS. This Removable Airbag System provides extra protection with a single bag mechanism that also extends to the torso. The carbon cartridge weights about 1 kilogram and is completely incorporated into the backpack, providing reduced packing volume. It has sure been attentively integrated so as to deploy easily and offer optimized protection on spot. The airbag balloon is painted in a nice, bright orange color, intended specifically to provide clear clues so that the rescue team will locate you immediately.

The U-shape significantly increases comfort and load transfer if you are preparing for an active day on the mountain and have skis or snowboard attached. Moreover, the backpack presents a supportive back panel with lateral compression straps and can carry an extra load of 35 liters, if you feel comfortable wearing all that weight on your shoulders. The backpack has a hip belt for increased comfort and support, which can be detached if you feel like it suits you no purpose.

We have to admit that this avalanche airbag backpack brings about a number of advantages, one of which being the vast amount of storage space, so take along all the items you cannot live without. However, do not forget the survival gear that every mountain lover should carry around in order to stay safe. The manufacturer thought of it all and designed a front pocket for avalanche safety equipment and a couple of additional attachments for ice tool and walking sticks. Also it presents integrated helmet carrier, snowboard carrier, diagonal ski carrier and a molded, soft-lined goggles compartment. What else can you ask for?

If you are a lady with a brave heart and good physical condition, this gear is clearly the best avalanche airbag backpack for you as it perfectly applies on the female anatomy, presenting a system tailored especially for the beautiful bodies. The back length, shoulder straps and dimensions are a perfect adaptation and can even be adjusted according to your height. It does not matter if you are petite - just find the position that you are most comfortable in and go conquer the tallest mountain.

All in all, the thoughtful features and the advanced system makes this item the best avalanche airbag backpack and surely the one you would want to wear if you ever get caught in a series of unfortunate events.

If you were looking for a backpack that has it all, then search no more. The Black Diamond Jetforce definitely is the best avalanche airbag backpack as it checks multiple features on your demanding list: is has integrated high-end technology, is rechargeable, travel friendly and despite all these upstanding characteristics, it is light and small enough so you will feel comfortable wearing it for long hours.

How is this possible?, you may ask. Please find the answers below.

The Black Diamond Jetforce Pro Pack has a one of a kind integrated design, using its very own airbag technology to your advantage: the built in Jetforce technique uses a lithium battery powered by a jet-fan inflation system to draw air inside and fill the 200 liters Cordura airbag in an instant. Remember, this happens only in case of deployment, other than this it is just a very good looking, small and light-weighted backpack with state of the art, life-saving technology inside, which no one would have guessed otherwise.

Another reason why this is widely regarded as the best avalanche airbag backpack on the market is its rechargeable battery system. This feature allows you to train in advance, deploying the airbag a couple of times so you can get accustomed to the mechanism idea. If at first glance this does not seem so important to you, just think about being caught up in an avalanche and trying to locate the lever position in just a matter of seconds – not a pretty picture anymore, right? I got goose bumps just imagining it. Keep in mind that practice makes perfect, so exercise especially now that you have this wonderful opportunity. Moreover, it presents Bluetooth integrated connectivity, allowing software updates if linked to a smartphone.

Not only is this avalanche airbag backpack highly digitalized but it is also comfortable and convenient for carrying all kind of stuff. The reactive suspension system provides back relief and gives full, easy access to the main compartment so you can keep important things in handy. The SwingArm shoulder straps and the additional belt positioned around your hips and designed with a small pocket take good care of you, maintaining your back into the correct posture.

More than that, it is equipped with a dedicated avy tools pocket, single ice axe attachment, zippered top accessory pocket, a HiLo helmet holder on the exterior and a tuck-away diagonal ski carry, which allows the airbag to easily deploy even when your skis are attached. And all these are even allowed on an airplane. Can you believe it?

With reduced dimensions of 56 x 31 x 15 cm, the BCA avalanche airbag backpack is one of the best ones on the market since it is quite light-weighted, but still provides plenty of storage in its 32-liter capacity. It is more than enough so you can fit your survival kit, including the cylinder, indispensable shovel to remove snow from your path, probe and LVS device.

This backpack is just what you need especially if you enjoy skiing or snowboarding, as it offers a diagonal ski support system and helmet holder for your favorite gear. It is the best avalanche airbag backpack if you are an adventurous soul who finds delight in rising the adrenaline level while skiing in snowy vulnerable areas. The protective vest, the airbag and the very comfortable molded back panel will take care of you, providing all-round protection. In case an avalanche happens, just keep calm and do what you are trained for: the outer hard shell designed with dual-layer PE foam will protect your body from getting injured if it hits moving objects.

Speaking of comfort, this backpack is equipped with articulated shoulders straps to accommodate a good back position, and big sized pockets so you can organize all your belongings in absolute order. Additionally, it features a very useful hip and leg strap so it should not get lost, but remain perfectly attached to your body in case you are carried away by an avalanche.

However, keep in mind that in order to inflate the airbag, first, you will need to buy a 1.0 cylinder to refill the 150 liters gas tank as it is not included in the package.

If your list of hobbies includes long and upstanding ski tours, than Ortovox Ascent 30 is the best avalanche airbag backpack for you. It is very light despite its generous 30 liters capacity – it only weighs 1120 gr. From a removable helmet net to a dedicated key holder and especially designed rope attachment, integrated snowboard and snowshoe kits, this backpack successfully holds it all together. You might think that accommodating all these items is not an easy job and finding any of it when needed will definitely prove to be a daunting task. Well, do not jump to conclusions until you try it: the manufacturer thought this through and designed this amazing backpack with bright, light colors inside so you gain quick access to your equipment and find whatever you need at the blink of an eye. The inside print even shows you the right signals for emergency situations. You must appreciate the order it brings into your own chaos.

If that sounds like music to your ears but you are not convinced yet, perhaps you will make up your mind once you see that it is not only functional, but extremely comfortable thanks to the foamed 3D back system and the waterproof PU-coated material. Its ergonomic shape, the compression straps, the adjustable height grip and the outlined hip belt designed with locking clasp assure that your back always stays in the right position and does not allow any weight to pressure your shoulders.

If you are thinking that this is too good to be true, trust us, it is true! This avalanche airbag backpack raises the bar even higher by allowing you to train in advance so you will be completely prepared for anything that might go wrong. The airbag system can be removed if you want and enables activation even without the cartridge. However, should you find yourself in a situation where deployment is necessary, simply release the handle and the Avabag airbag will protect you instantly.

The Dakine Poacher is regarded as one of the best avalanche airbag backpacks on the market especially by snowboard and ski lovers as it is designed with well-contoured straps and back, ideal for gaining speed and feeling comfortable at the same time. Not by chance, it wonderfully accommodates snowboards and snowshoes.

With perfect dimensions of 20 cm high and 10 cm wide, compatible no matter your height, this airbag backpack is calibrated for snowcat, heli and lift-assist laps, which need a more aggressive approach so no one should stand in a contester’s way. The backpack presents the Dakine exclusive removable airbag system 3.0 with roll-top closure, a one of a kind system that you cannot find elsewhere. It also has a diagonal and A-frame ski carry, so gear up in a manner that it is not only safe, but also stylish.

If you are really looking to jam it up, you should know that it is not so easy to refill the airbag once it gets exhausted. But still, this is hardly something that you could not handle apart from all the other amazing features it provides.

If you were looking for an avalanche airbag backpack that is not only functional but also sturdy, the ARVA Reactor 15 is the best avalanche airbag backpack for you. Made of 210D Cordura double ripstop and 210D polyamide double tear-proof materials, it presents easy front access to the main compartment, a comfortable foam-padded back panel and reinforced front panel, all designed by taking into account the good position and wellbeing of the person wearing it.

Not only this, but if your motto is “better safe than sorry” and you prefer carrying lots of objects with you just to make sure that you lack nothing you might need, this backpack is capable of accommodating your personal belongings and your safety gear in a very satisfactory manner. The manufacturer had a crystal clear image of the person who might want to purchase it and left nothing to chance. It is equipped with a foldable ski, an ice axe, a map pocket, a goggle pocket and a very secret space over the adjustable waist belt where you can hide pretty much what you need the most. The main compartment perfectly fits all your gear, while the diagonal ski carry system, the vertical snowboard holder and the attached helmet pouch are conveniently positioned. Can you imagine how all this matches the 15 liters capacity? Well, it does and does so in a very stylish manner, we might add.

If you are worried that carrying all these might make you feel uncomfortable, the 3D FIT shoulder straps and the ergonomic hip belt with zip pocket make sure that everything stays in the right position and that you are good to go anytime.

The backpack is also hydration compatible and has a very effective working system. It is designed with two air chambers so you can always count on plan B in case the first chamber pops. If an emergency occurs, just trigger the retractable safe-locking mechanism and the airbag will fast deploy with nitrogen gas from a canister sold separately – you might not want to forget to purchase it, sounds pretty important to us.

So, mountains lovers all around the world, how confident and prepared do you feel now? Are you ready to grab you gear and your avalanche airbag backpack and conquer the highest and heaviest snow mountain peak? Remember, this backpack does not replace hard training and sturdy practice, but definitely increases your chances of survival should you ever get caught in a mighty avalanche. Keep calm and stay safe!