Best Automatic Cat Feeder of 2022


Product Size Weight Price range
Arf Pets Automatic Pet Feeder Arf Pets Automatic Pet Feeder 11.5 x 8.8 x 13.6 inches 5.5 pounds $$
PetSafe Healthy Pet Simply Feed Automatic PetSafe Healthy Pet Simply Feed Automatic 18.5 x 8.7 x 12.4 inches 6.8 pounds $
Automatic Pet Feeder Automatic Pet Feeder 16 x 9 x 16 inches 5 pounds $$$
Iseebiz Automatic Cat Feeder Iseebiz Automatic Cat Feeder 12.6 x 9.4 x 8.3 inches 3.8 pounds $

Having a small pet is heavenly. There is nothing like that feeling that you get when you come home after a busy day and two little eyes are looking at you impatiently, begging for your affection. If you have a crazy schedule that requires you to be away from home most of the day, then you are probably a cat owner. Cats are more independent, they don’t need walks and will not be mad at you for leaving them alone for so long. However, you still have to find the time to caress and feed them.

Automatic cat feeders are amazing devices that can make your life so much easier. At some point, we all try to imagine what it would be like if we could go on vacation without having to beg our friends for help to feed the cat. If you have a dog as a pet, you cannot leave your house for more than a few hours without driving the poor pet crazy. When using an automatic food dispenser, you can somehow balance the situation. They get to eat on a schedule set by you, while you can relax at the thought that they are well fed.

There are a few automatic pet feeders on the market that really deserve your attention. However, that is not the case for every single product that you see. In order for a food dispenser to be declared a high-quality product, it has to meet some requirements.

Some of the most desired features are the following:

  • Small-size and beautiful design
  • Easy operation
  • Medium food capacity
  • Wi-Fi connection
  • Smart functions
  • Locking lids
  • Programmable meals
  • Variable portions of food
  • Sturdy construction

These are just a few of the elements that could influence your buying decision, which is why we have selected 5 of the most popular products available online and reviewed them. We have then emphasized their pros and cons based on personal observations and consumer ratings, so that you can have the full picture. Check them out below:

We have already discussed about the importance of feeding your pets regularly, even on a schedule if possible, a fact that is backed by several studies. Having an automatic pet feeder is essential in this process, especially if you are a busy person with a crazy schedule. This automatic food dispenser from Arf Pets could be the answer to your problems. It is small enough to occupy little space in your home and it is very easy to operate. With a capacity of 1.14 gallons, it is ideal for feeding small pets such as cats or small to medium dogs. Its motor has a 2000 hours working life and an 8 RPM rotating speed.

This food dispenser can be used corded or cordless, depending on your needs. It has a DC power cord, but it can be battery operated, too. You get to program it, so your pet will have access to the recommended quantity only. You can set up to 4 distribution alarms, but the number of portions and the quantity settings are up to you. Also, you get to pick the size of the portion. This product has an LCD clock and a well-lit display. Its design is basic, yet stylish, so you won’t ruin your home’s aspect.

What’s to like?

  • It is fairly priced
  • It is stylish
  • It is compact and lightweight
  • It is small-sized
  • It is corded and battery operated
  • It has customizable portions
  • It has customizable feeding frequency
  • It has a 1.14 gallons capacity
  • It is made of ABS material
  • It includes a gift for your pet

What’s not to like?

  • It does not work with wet foods

If you are looking for an automatic pet feeder that has a slightly larger capacity, but a beautiful design that will not ruin the aspect of your home, then this is a great option. This product comes at a great price, it is easy to set up and clean and it is made of BPA-free materials. Thanks to the functionality of this feeder, you will never have to worry about getting home in time to feed your cat or dog. It has multiple modes, one of the most appreciated by consumers being the slow feed mode, as it prevents fast eating. Also, it has a pause feed and an immediate mode.

Just like most automatic feeders, this one is programmable, too. It can program up to 12 meals a day and it holds up to 24 cups of dry food. This way, you will be able to use less space for pet food storage. Cleaning it is extremely easy, as it is made of plastic and stainless steel. Although it is battery powered (uses 4 D alkaline batteries that last for approximately one year), it can also be used with a power cord. The main advantage that this product has over the previous one is that it works with semi-moist foods, too, not only dry foods.

What’s to like?

  • It is fairly priced
  • It has an exquisite design
  • It holds up to 24 cups of food
  • It has customizable programming
  • It can release up to 12 meals per day
  • It has various modes
  • It has flexible portions
  • It is sturdy and durable
  • It can be used corded
  • It also works on batteries
  • It is easy to clean
  • It is ideal for small to medium size pets
  • It works with semi-moist food

What’s not to like?

  • It doesn’t work with wet food
  • It doesn’t include the power adapter

Another smart pet feeder is brought to you by Wireless Whiskers. It is an incredibly smart automatic device that is totally worth its price. Although its design is basic, it has a control panel that is easy to use and has intuitive keys. It was designed to work with more than one pet, as it can welcome each one by its name and keeps the cats away from the dog’s food and the other way around. It comes with 2 wireless tags that helps the feeder recognize the pet and has several extremely useful functions.

If your dog or cat has gained a lot of weight and it is threatening their health, the first thing that the veterinarian will recommend is a diet. Once you know that, all you have to do is enable the AutoDiet function and the feeder will limit the portions, as well as lock the pet out of the feeder when it has had enough for the day. The allowance can be split in up to 24 portions. What is even more interesting is that it is capable of feeding different types of food depending on the pet that is eating. This product is suitable for cats and small dogs with a maximum height of 18 inches.

What’s to like?

  • It is fairly priced
  • It has a basic design
  • It is easy to set up
  • It is easy to use
  • It includes 2 wireless tags
  • It can recognize up to 8 pets
  • It features AutoDiet function
  • It can release food up to 24 times per day
  • It displays each pet’s name
  • It can feed different foods to different pets
  • It has a 5-pound capacity
  • It can lock the pets out if on diet

What’s not to like?

  • It doesn’t work with wet food
  • It doesn’t connect to Wi-Fi or an app

Are your pets both cats and dogs and their sizes differ? Then you surely need an automatic feeder that fits can be used by all of them. If so, this product is exactly what you need and it comes at a much lower price. It has a beautiful, rounded design; it has programmable timing and food quantity and can release food up to 4 times per day. When it comes to portion sizes, the feeder gives you more options. You can set portions between 1 and 39, depending on your pets’ needs. A feature that other products in this list don’t have is the voice recorder. It allows you to record your voice for 10 seconds so that the pet will have the impression that the owner calls it.

Thanks to the dispenser’s lid, the food remains fresh for a long time. As for the power supply, you can either use the included A/C cord or the batteries. If you decide to use it cordless, then you will have to buy the batteries separately, as they aren’t included in the box. This is a small, compact feeder that helps you clear your mind for a short period of time. Giving that it doesn’t have a large capacity, you can only use it for a day or two before refilling it. This product measures 12.6 x 9.4 x 8.3 inches and weighs 3.8 pounds.

What’s to like?

  • It is inexpensive
  • It is nicely designed
  • It is suitable for cats and large dogs
  • It has customizable time and food quantity
  • It offers 1-39 portion sizes
  • It has a voice recorder
  • It has a non-transparent lid
  • It works cordless and corded
  • It is lightweight and easy to transport
  • It includes a USB cable

What’s not to like?

  • It has a small capacity
  • It can only feed the pets up to 4 times per day
  • Batteries are not included

Can you feed different pets using an automatic feeder?

Automatic cat feeders were originally built to serve the needs of cat owners, but as these devices evolved more and more, they became so advanced that they can now feed all kinds of pets. If you have both cats and dogs, for example, you can buy a model that has a collar recognition function. This is extremely useful, not just because all of your pets can be fed without any additional effort from your side, but also because they can’t steal each other’s food. Advanced automatic feeders that come with multiple containers usually have a plastic or acrylic top that only opens when you program it, too. If you decide to buy such a product that comes with multiple functions and various recognition programs, your pets will be fed at specific times, based on their collar signal. 

This way, you can monitor their feeding schedule better, you ensure that they never run out of food, and you take back your freedom. Depending on the specifications of the feeder, you might be able to feed even other types of pets, such as rabbits. However, you have to ensure that they have the recommended height. Otherwise, the machine could simply not be able to detect the pet.  

What are the main advantages of automatic feeders?

There are a few important advantages that automatic feeders bring pet owners. Besides being extremely easy to use, they eliminate the need of having to feed your pets manually. Did it ever happen to you to remember while being out for a coffee that you have to go home and feed your pet? It happens to everyone and while it is a responsibility that you must accept if you are a pet owner, an automatic feeder simply makes your life easier. You can stop worrying about the feeding and plan only the grooming and the walks, that is, if you have a dog. 

More than that, automatic feeders help control the amount of food your pet eats. Sometimes, pets find the bag of food or cans and simply force them until breaking them. With such a machine, your pets will only eat when the lid opens. It is a great way of keeping their weight under control. Another advantage of these automatic machines is that they can sometimes work with both wet and dry food. 

Are automatic cat feeders noisy?

Just like any electronic device that has a motor, an automatic cat feeder makes some noise. The level of noise depends on the model that you choose, but most manufacturers focus on making them as silent as possible. Giving the fact that most pet foods are dry, some noise might be present due to the fact that they hit the plastic or metal bottom. This is something that you cannot control. However, if the noise is really annoying, you can find a spot in your home where you can’t hear it and place it there permanently. 

If you are a cat or a small dog owner, you surely care about your pet’s well-being and health. If that is the case, you know that you want them to be fed regularly, in a healthy way that doesn’t affect their weight. An automatic pet feeder is great for achieving this goal, as it has adjustable settings such as variable portion sizes, customizable number of meals per day etc. Some products are even designed to recognize multiple pets and feed them depending on their needs. If you have noticed that your pet has gained weight in an alarming way, you can put them on a diet using one of these smart food dispensers.

Of course, not all automatic cat feeders are smart, but most of them are extremely useful, durable and can keep the pets out of the food container. They are perfect for pet owners with crazy lifestyles that want to ensure that their pets will not suffer. After analyzing the above products, you will surely find one that is suitable for your pet, within your budget.