Best 4K HDR TVs for Xbox or PS4 of 2022


Product Size Weight Price range
Best Price-to-Performance Ratio 4K HDR TV for Xbox One x and PS4 – Samsung Q70 QLED TV Best Price-to-Performance Ratio 4K HDR TV for Xbox One x and PS4 – Samsung Q70 QLED TV 63.3 x 38 x 7.7 inches 74.1 pounds $$$
Best Cheapest 4K HDR TV for Xbox One x and PS4 – TCL 43S517 Roku Smart 4K TV Best Cheapest 4K HDR TV for Xbox One x and PS4 – TCL 43S517 Roku Smart 4K TV 47 x 8 x 27 inches 16.8 pounds $
Best Color Precision 4K HDR TV for Xbox One x and PS4 – Sony X950G Best Color Precision 4K HDR TV for Xbox One x and PS4 – Sony X950G 61 x 37 x 7.5 inches 70.5 pounds $$
Best OLED 4K HDR TV for Xbox One x and PS4 – LG B9 OLED TV Best OLED 4K HDR TV for Xbox One x and PS4 – LG B9 OLED TV 61 x 37 x 7.5 inches 70.5 pounds $$
Best Value 4K HDR TV for Xbox One x and PS4 – Samsung RU8000 Best Value 4K HDR TV for Xbox One x and PS4 – Samsung RU8000 39 x 28 x 22 inches 76 pounds $$

Imagine coming back from a rather hard day at work, sipping a glass of beer, and turning on your Xbox One X or PS4 PRO. Or those rainy or snowy days when all you want to do is sit indoors, just enjoying a whole weekend of homemade pizza, with some friends coming over, and of course, the indispensable Xbox or PS4. Cozy, right?!

All you gamers out there, if you were wondering what to do to make the action even more intense, consider upgrading from PC gaming to console gaming. And if you have already decided that you need to improve your gaming experience with a new 4K HDR TV compatible with either Xbox or PS4, or both, then you've come to the right place. 

First thing first, take a peek at what you should be looking for in your best 4K TV for Xbox One X or PS4 Pro. 

Factors To Consider Before Buying The Best 4K HDR TV for Xbox One X or PS4 

1). Why do you need a 4K HDR TV?

4K HDR means high-quality images and loads of features that make your gaming experience as realistic as possible. 

Other than that, it's unlikely that you will be buying a new 4K TV just for gaming. Thus, you will have to consider the size of it so that it fits in your living room, plus its practicability in watching movies, videos, or merely daily usage. 

Also, you don't have to spend all your economies to nail what is essential in a 4K TV, mainly because most of them - and we refer here to the less expensive, are well-equipped, so they should meet your needs. 

2). Quality equals pricey?

Not necessarily. Indeed, for a high-end visual experience, you're going to have to sacrifice more of your savings. 

But before running to the store and picking the most expensive 4K HDR TV for gaming, remember that the less pricey win over the most expensive simply because the difference in their features is too little. Do your research before making the final decision.

3). What is the ideal resolution?

Whether you are using an Xbox One S, a PS4 PRO, or an Xbox One X, upscaling in 4K TVs is pretty impressive these days, as 4K registers no particular delay in rendering pictures.

And if you are still wondering whether to buy a 4K TV or not, this essential fact should help you make up your mind: 4K is hugely versatile and realistic. Judging by the feedback that users regularly give and by the tests made by professionals, when it comes to videos and games, mostly on bigger screens, 4K is THE resolution. 

4). What is the ideal range?

Definitely HDR – high dynamic range. In pictures, for instance, the light is wider than the light used by the old dynamic range that we've been using since forever. 

Still, HDR puts more pressure on the TV than SDR due to the amount of brightness it requires to show those clear and clean images. 

The conclusion would be: do not go for the cheapest TV that is not 100% compatible with HDR. SDR TVs will not use HDR at its full capacity and that would be a shame. 

5). Is brighter better?

Definitely. To be more specific, the best ally of HDR is brightness. 

Most of the games and videos aim for about 1000 nits or even more. 

So, if you want to use HDR at its maximum potential, make sure that your TV is compatible with HDR and can reach that minimum of 1000 nits. 

Of course, a TV that cannot reach 1000 nits might deliver some pretty good HDR pics too - and a good example here would be OLED screens. But better safe than sorry.

6). What is lag input?

Gamers know that lag is not fun at all. Especially in those games based on reactivity. Because of the delay in sending-receiving a command, you might miss a shot from your opponent and thus lose the entire game. Thankfully, with 4K TVs, you shouldn't worry about all that anymore.

If you what to test lag input yourself, put a light sensor on your screen so you can measure the reactivity of the box, meaning the time it takes between sending a signal and changing the picture. Try looking up for the Diva matrix device that can measure input lag with 4K.

7). What is the best type of panel?

Most of the TVs come packed with edge-lit LED that also include HDR, but if you want to test the best of the best, then you should definitely go for Samsung QLED. OLED is next in the top. 

While an 8-bit TV might provide a proper HDR color performance, 10-bit panels seem to be the real deal. Top of the top would be Samsung's newest models that support up to 12-bit color processing.

Extra tips and tricks

Next, here is some extra valuable information that you will have to consider before making your pick. 

OK, so we got that settled, you will want to enjoy your gaming experience at the best resolution possible. For that, you should keep in mind that using the right connection is elementary. To be more specific, you're going to need at least a HDMI 2.0 cable, or even newer. Also, make sure that your 4K HDMI is turned on on your console and that your TV accepts external HDR content. 

All set, now let's see some examples of the best 4K HDR TVs on the market.

Top Five Best 4K HDR for Xbox One X or PS4

Equipped with local dimming and QLED backlight, Samsung Q70 QLED might not have black filters or One Connect box, but it will introduce you to artificial intelligence processing, and that's definitely something. 
Released in 2019, Samsung Q70 QLED seems to be the best option that one could have in terms of 4K HDR TVs. And it is compatible with both Xbox One X and PS4. 
Packed with a screen that can vary from 49-inch to 82-inch, Samsung Q70 does not necessarily have the looks, but it does have the functions to make you want to buy it.
It is rather plastic-based, but it compensates by the 360-degree angle. 
As mentioned before, it does not come with a One Connect box, so all the connections are available on the right side of the panel. 
It comes with three USB, CI slot, auto cal connector, a LAN port, and four HDMI. It uses HDMI 2.0b that can work with 4K, up to 120Hz, VRR, HDR 10+, ALLM, and eARC. 
As you do not buy a brand new TV just for gaming, you should know that Samsung Q70 QLED TV has all your favorite apps embedded, among which: YouTube, Netflix, Amazon, Now TV, Rakuten, iTunes. 
The Universal Guide, a feature that Samsung has launched on the market, is an interface for all the services that this TV offers: movies, games, streaming, etc.
Another remarkable aspect of the Samsung Q70 is that it is very easy to install due to the user-friendly app that is available on both Android and iOS. It adds the SmartThings option that enables you to employ your TV as a smart hub that can control other home devices connected to it. It is compatible with Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri. 
In terms of HDR 4K performance, Samsung Q70 is comparable to the more expensive models, as it delivers high-quality images at its 4K maximum potential. Plus, it is very responsive, so no need to worry about lag anymore. 
All in all, with Samsung Q70 QLED you will have quite an experience during your gaming sessions, so this might be your best 4K HDR TV for Xbox One X or PS4 Pro.


High-end quality of the pictures
Excellent HDR performance
AI integration
Smart platform


No Dolby vision
No One Connect box

The second 4K TV on our list today is incredibly affordable, and yet much equipped TCL 43S517 Roku Smart TV. 
It adds Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos sound, Roku voice search, so it is a trustworthy competitor of the Samsung Q70 mentioned above. 
With a screen of 43 inches, a 0.35-inch screen sloping edge, 0.38-inch thick, and although mostly covered in plastic, TCL 43S517 Roku is pretty stout and has a much more interesting design than most of the low-price 4K TVs. 
It is smaller and thinner than the Q70, so you can easily install it in your one or two-room apartment. 
TCL 43S517 is packed with one USB port, three HDMI ports, a digital optical port, a headphone jack, an Ethernet port, RF connector. 
TCL 43S517 Roku Smart TV offers excellent 4K performance in gaming, due to the high quality of the image, sharpness in details, and great color reproduction and accuracy. 

It has an edge-lit backlight, which ensures a pleasant contrast of the pictures. Images are available at less than HDR10 quality and less than 10-bit color.
TCL 43S517 Roku Smart TV supports Netflix, Hulu, HBO, Showtime, DirecTV Now and comes with a cute remote control that enables you to navigate through the available apps and streaming services easily. 
The not-so-performing LCD panel allows some elevated grays and some inconsistent brightness in the corners of the display.


Built-in mic
Dolby Vision support
Dolby Atmos support
Interesting design
Very affordable
Good HRD performance


Limited number of ports
Brightness in the corners of the display

Not only the best color accuracy 4K HDR TV, but also one of the greatest mid-range 4K HDR TV, Sony X950G comes with a very innovative design, Acoustic Multi-Audio that makes the sound more centered, four HDMI ports, out of which one offers (e)Arc support, digital optical out, two USB ports, 3.5mm audio, Ethernet, and a Remote IR In.  
This big 55 to 75-inch smart TV also comes with remote control giving you instant access to playback controls, Google Assistant, Google Play, or Netflix. It captures stable images, supports, 10-bit color, Dolby Vision, with full 4K at 60Hz in gaming.

Due to the improvement that Google has made to the content, and also to Sony's effort to upgrade its hardware, Sony X950G is 60% more responsive than older models when accessing services like YouTube or Netflix. This goes for gaming too. 
Sony X950 provides natural HDR images, clean HDR and SDR content, proper proportions of black. For low-resolution content, you may need to adjust the upscaling from the Screen menu.

The X-Motion Clarity feature is entirely impressive. It uses a black frame and backlight boosting that observes two structures at a time and blacks out only the part that is actually in motion. 
Make sure to switch to 'Game' pic mode to avoid input lag and that HDMI Enhanced format is available for your type of input.


Built-in Chromecast
Netflix Calibrated Mode
4K upscaling
X-Motion Clarity
Great color accuracy
Supports 10-bit color
Dolby vision


Low sound quality

Although the market has quite a few high-quality OLED TVs, LG B9 OLED is a great pick from a value for money standpoint. In other words, it is the best cheapest LG made in 2019.
It measures 55 to 65 inches, and the newest model reaches 77 inches, which is pretty good. The 55-inch OLED measures just like its bigger brother C9, only that C9 has some improvements, and that is reflected in its price too. 
Although the materials are quite modest, LG B9 is sturdy enough and doesn't seem to deteriorate with ease. 
B9 OLED comes with four 2.0 HDMI ports, out of which one supports ARC, three 2.0 USB ports, optical inputs, an antenna, and Ethernet. The IR navigation is ensured by the Magic Remote that incorporates buttons for your favorite channels like Amazon Prime, Now TV, Rakuten TV, or Netflix. 

The design is minimalist, but we wouldn't say that this is necessarily bad.  What matters more are the features packed with the TV. 
B9 OLED has its own webOS smart platform that gathers all the TV programs and broadcasting services. The Home button on the remote control sends you back to the previous screen that you were watching, which is pretty cool. Also, the remote control allows voice commands throughout a hold-to-speak microphone. It is linked to Google Assistant, which will provide you with the answers to your requests. 

The premium OLED panel provides awesome HDR performance, giving you some natural close-ups, clean shades, clear tone mapping, nuanced pictures, with consistent black and blue. 
With less than 13.1ms input lag, the gaming experience is impressive. B9 OLED is responsive, and the 4K UHD playback is smooth and provides fine details to your images onscreen.


The most affordable version of LG 2019
webOS platform
Remote control
Great HDR performance


No HDR10+

Last but not least, on our list today is another great 4K TV for gaming with one of the best input lags, remarkable contrasts, and consistent black. Also, it is not pricey at all. 
What might disturb a bit in the Samsung RU8000 is the color shifting in the viewing angles. Plus, it has no local dimming. Still, frame insertion ensures great motion handling. 

For SDR, Movie pic mode seems to be ideal, while in the Expert Settings, you should go for contrast at 45, with no changes in brightness or sharpness. On the other hand, HDR enables some automatic changes, like max backlight. Make sure to enable the external device manager for your type of input. 
Of course, don't forget to switch to Game Mode, which ensures you the lowest input lag. Also, we recommend not to change the default settings in HDR.

The screen settings can be adjusted depending on the format of the content from the Picture Size Settings menu.
Samsung RU8000 includes the Tizen Software, and except for the 49-inch model, it supports FreeSync that can be set to Basic or Ultimate. The ideal is Ultimate, but if you encounter any issues with some games (and you might), then it's OK to switch to Basic.


Great motion handling
Tizen software
Low input lag


Color shifting when viewed at an angle

Most of the options that you will find on the market provide a more than decent performance at quite affordable prices.
So, what should you do next? Based on the features that we listed above, you should create your own list of priorities and then come back to this shopping guide, and choose one of the top five best 4K HDR TVs for Xbox One X or PS4. Game on!