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Best Rolling Garment Bag

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Keep your clothes wrinkle-free with the best rolling garment bag. Spacious and durable, it features a telescoping handle and smooth-rolling wheels for easy transport. Perfect for business trips and special occasions, it ensures your outfits arrive in pristine condition. Travel smart and stylish with this bag!

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Item Type: Travel Bags
Main Material: Oxford
Style: Casual
Closure Type: zipper
Pattern Type: Solid
Travel Bag: Travel Duffle
Gender: WOMEN
Hardness: SOFT
Model Number: Travel Tote Bag
Material Composition: Oxford Cloth
Occasion: Versatile
Place Of Origin: China (Mainland)
Colors: Black, Light Purple, Pink, Blue
Product Size: 540mm/21.26in*230mm/9.06in*330mm/12.99in
Expanded Size: 800mm/31.5in*540mm/21.26in*230mm/9.06in

Due to the different monitor and light effect, the actual color of the item might be slightly different from the color showed on the pictures. Thank you!
Please allow 1-2cm measuring deviation due to manual measurement.


1*Folding Luggage Bag

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Black, Blue, Pink, Light Purple

  Best Rolling Garment Bag of 2024

Garment bags are some of the most useful and practical types of luggage that you can take with you when going on a short trip. Even though their design often seems similar to a small, regular cabin bag, a garment bag has some clear advantages that should not be overlooked.

If you have to go on a last-minute business trip, most probably you would have to be ready to wear your suit as soon as you land. To look good and make a professional impression, everything you wear must be impeccably tidy. Garment bags are meant to keep your clothes wrinkle-free throughout your journey, by maintaining a stable position thanks to a distinctive design and several accessories and tricks.

Usually, garment bags are used for short trips (3-4 days), but they can serve more than one purpose. For example, when moving into a new place, you can ensure that your favorite clothes are staying in the best shape possible, similar to the closet conditions. Also, if you don’t have several closets or much space in your house, you can use garment bags to store some of your off-season clothes and make sure they stay wrinkle-free.

Whatever your purpose is, garment bags have some clear advantages. 

First of all, you can move your clothes from the closet into the bag without removing the hangers. Second, garment bags are very good at organizing your items. They have many compartments and pockets and they ensure accessibility as well as safety. Many garment bags also have wet pockets that can keep dirty clothes, bathing suits or other items separated from your clothes. Overall, garment bags can keep your things organized and easy to reach and they don’t take as much space as the regular luggage bags. They are easy to carry around and very useful for short trips.

The best feature of the rolling garment bags is that some of them are made to fit the airport requirements for carry-on bags. As more and more airlines are charging extra for checked baggage, efficient cabin bags have become more and more desirable.

Here are a few things to pay attention to before buying a rolling garment bag:


As we mentioned above, not all garment bags have the same size. Whether you want to check it in or not, pay attention to the airline’s requirements. Usually, carry-on bags are measuring around 22 x 14 x 9 inches, but the measurements can vary depending on the airline.

Some rolling garment bags have added space for extra accessories or an extended space for longer garments, so check the specifications just in case you want to fit in a longer dress, for example.

Key Features

When it comes to features, there are lots of them to go through before deciding whether you need them all or just a few. Garment bags can come with various compartments and pockets (mesh and wet pockets), attachable/detachable shoulder straps, hanging hooks and so on. Moreover, there are different folding options: two or three in most cases. They could also include accessories like corner pockets for belts or toiletries and external pockets as well, even special compartments for shoes. If you usually like to organize your luggage, then more compartments and pockets would prove useful.


Most rolling garment bags are made from fabric materials, but some of them can even be waterproof. Either way, make sure you invest in a sturdy construction and durable materials because you can never rely on the airport’s personnel, as they are known for not being the gentlest when handling luggage in general. 


Rolling garment bags are not cheap. The price can vary between under one hundred dollars to a thousand dollars or even more. As we already mentioned, investing in a durable garment bag that would last throughout the years is a smart decision, but that doesn’t mean you should spend a ridiculous amount of money on one. That being said, fall somewhere in the middle: don’t buy the cheapest one you find, but don’t spend a fortune thinking that you would pass it on to your children because you probably wouldn’t.

If you are interested in this topic, you would be happy to know that we did a bit of research ourselves and found some excellent options for you to try. Here is a list of some of the best rolling garment bags for travel that you can find right now, mostly affordable ones that won’t make you break the bank.

1. Samsonite Lineate Duet Wheeled Garment Bag

This is one of the finest garment bags that we have found. If you want to invest in a qualitative rolling garment bag from a well-established brand, this is the perfect one, in our opinion. 

Although it is very spacious, it is designed to be a carry on or under-seat bag, measuring 22.25 x 22.5 x 11.75 inches. Let’s talk about the wheels, as these are some of the best features that a rolling garment bag can have. These are 360 spinner wheels, and there are four of them. This means you can drag your bag whichever way you want, comfortably and without damaging them in the long run.

The construction is very sturdy, and the materials are water-resistant, as well as resistant to tears, abrasions or punctures. This is a very well-made garment bag for traveling in harsh conditions.

Another great feature that most garment bags don’t have is an integrated USB port, so you could charge your devices while waiting in the airport, on the airplane, or as you need. It also comes with a tri-fold suiter included for additional garments. It has a multitude of well-organized compartments, including one for the shoes, corner pockets and a lot of space, despite its carry-on size. The zippers are high-quality and designed for a smooth glide. It also comes with two hanger hooks so you can convert your garment bag into a hanging wardrobe. To top this off, you have 10 years of warranty, as Samsonite has a rigorous testing method for every product, thus guaranteeing that everything should last for a very long time. 

Overall, a fantastic choice for any traveling conditions, although not for every budget, but definitely worth the money.

What’s to like:

• Water-resistant, tear-resistant, puncture-resistant, abrasion-resistant materials
• 360 spinner wheels
• Integrated USB port to charge your devices
• Very spacious and well-organized
• Additional tri-fold suiter
• Compartment for shoes
• Hanger hooks
• 10 years of warranty

What’s not to like:

• High price, not for every pocket

2. Delsey Luggage Chatillon Trolley Garment Bag

This garment bag from Delsey has a nice, compact design. The dura Tec fabric is water-resistant, so your clothes and accessories will stay clean, fresh and dry regardless of the weather or humidity level. Also, it has reinforced corners and scratch resistant fabric for durability in the long run.

It has a book opening tri-fold design for additional space and two hooks that you can use to hang it directly in the closet, without unpacking. It can fit more than three suits in some cases, although for floor-length ballgowns, you would have to consider buying something bigger if you want to make sure they stay wrinkle-free.

The best part of this garment bag is that it has an overweight indicator that senses the weight inside it, so you can have a better idea of what you need to take out. It also has a laptop sleeve on the exterior, as well as a bottom pocket for toiletries, umbrella, chargers or even shoes.

The measurements for this rolling garment bag are 20 x 22x 9.75, it has reinforced corners that protect it from shocks or falls and the exterior fabric is scratch-resistant, which means that even after many trips, your bag would still look as good as new. Most people have checked in this bag, but make sure you check your airline’s charts to see if you could take it with you inside the cabin. The spinner wheels are a very nice touch, and they ensure smooth maneuverability. Overall, it looks like a durable garment bag that is sturdy and well-made.

What’s to like:

• It has a compact design
• It is lightweight
• It is equipped with an overweight indicator
• It has a laptop sleeve
• It is made of durable materials
• It has spinner wheels

What’s not to like:

• Not a carry-on bag in most cases
• It is not the best choice for transporting ballgowns or bulky winter clothing

3. London Fog Cambridge 44 Inch Wheeled Garment Bag

This rolling garment bag has a classic look, it is lightweight and has self-repairing nylon zippers. It has a book opening design (it folds in half) so all your garments can stay nice and put for a wrinkle-free experience. Its measurements are 23 x 4 x 44 inches, so be sure to check your airline and see if you could use it as a carry-on bag. This is a stretch, given the fact that some airlines require slightly smaller sizes, but you never know until you check the charts. However, its size gives you the advantage of having room for multiple garments.

It has a Wally-Lock that secures the hangers in place and you also get dual hooks so you can hang the bag directly in the closet, without unpacking and packing everything again. This can come in handy if you often travel for shorter periods and you don’t have time to unpack. It can also hold about three suits (with the right hangers).

The handle can be zipped and hidden when you are not using it. You can use the top carry handle if you need to. The best part about this garment bag is that you have a compartment for shoes. Some users said they could fit two pairs of shoes in there.

Additionally, there are lots and lots of compartments and pockets for folded clothes, toiletries, socks, shoes, belts and everything you could think of. The construction and materials are very sturdy and well-made overall.

What’s to like:

• Classic design
• Well-made, sturdy materials
• Very spacious
• Lots of compartments and pockets
• You can fit about three suits
• It has dual hooks so you can hand it directly in the closet
• It has a compartment for shoes, and you can even fit two pairs in it

What’s not to like:

• It is a bit pricey
• In most cases, you wouldn’t be able to take it with you in the cabin (not a carry-on bag due to its size)

4. SWISSGEAR Full-Sized Effortless Folding Wheeled Garment Bag

Yet another beautiful rolling garment bag that deserves attention, SWISSGEAR is a very spacious bag with lots of compartments and pockets for everything you need to take with you, including shoes.

It measures 23 x 23 x 9.5 inches, so it’s not precisely a carry-on or under the seat bag, but again, be sure to check with your airline requirements, just to be sure. We mentioned it is very spacious, and it’s true: some users managed to fit five suits inside it. As for the length, it can fit floor-length ballgowns, so you can fit any piece of clothing without worrying about wrinkles.

It has various pockets for socks, shoes, folded clothes, toiletries and two corner pockets as well. It is very sturdy and has high-quality materials, although it is not waterproof. The only aspect that people observed is that the zippers can be a bit hard to zip, especially at the corners and some said they wished for better and sturdier zippers to begin with, while others didn’t have any problems with them. We think overall the SWISSGEAR cares for the qualitative materials, and that’s why they also offer 10 years of warranty.

The only downside for some people might be that this rolling garment bag doesn’t feature 360 wheels, it only has two regular in-line wheels.

Overall, a great product placed at a slightly high price for some, but it comes with lots of space and accessories that could make the difference for you.

What’s to like:

• Very spacious
• It has lots of pockets and compartments, including one for the shoes
• Sturdy materials
• 10 years of warranty
• Can fit multiple garments, including full floor-length gowns

What’s not to like:

• It’s too big to be a carry-on bag (in most cases)
• It has only two in-line wheels
• The zippers can be hard to use
• It doesn’t have hanger hooks so you could hang it in the closet

5. Samsonite Silhouette Xv Softside Duet Voyager Garment Bag

This Samsonite garment bag is probably one of the products that would make you fall in love at first sight. It is expensive but definitely worth the price for many reasons. It is durable, spacious and extremely well-made, rugged and ready to withstand extreme conditions while providing lots of pockets and compartments for every large or little item that you need to take with you on your trips.

It comes with a unique book-opening design, it has a compact shape and four high-quality wheels that make it way easier to move around, especially when you have to move fast and take corners. It measures 22.5 x 22 x 10 inches, it has extender panels for longer pieces of clothing like ballgowns, two modesty pockets at the top and a hanger hook bracket on the inner side.

Although this garment bag is too big to be used as a carry-on bag on airplanes, its size allows you to carry many items, depending on their size and thickness. Some users said they could fit 8 hangers in it, so with the right hangers (choose the thinner ones) you can fit suits, dresses and several other items. People were impressed with its capacity and all the little spaces and pockets, especially the two large external pockets that could fit any piece of folded clothing.

The handle locks into 8 different positions and underneath it, you can find a hidden luggage ID tag.

Its four 360 wheels are very easy to maneuver, and it also comes with two hanger hooks that allow you to hand the whole bag into the closet. You will find that it has shoe pockets as well.

All in all, we are a bit inclined to like Samsonite products, that is true, but what is also true is that this is a lovely, sturdy, rugged, extremely spacious and well-designed product that would definitely pass the test of time and stay your faithful companion during your trips. We think that if you have the budget, it is definitely a good idea to invest in such a good quality product.

What’s to like:

• It has a gorgeous design
• It is large-sized
• It can fit multiple garments
• It comes with extender panels for longer garments
• It has additional modesty pockets
• It has an inner hanger hook
• It has four 360 wheels
• It’s made of sturdy, durable materials
• The handle has 8 different positions
• It has two very large exterior compartments

What’s not to like:

• It is expensive
• It is too large for a carry-on bag

6. Travelpro Luggage Maxlite 5

This Travel Pro rolling garment bag has some great features and a reasonable price tag. The materials are treated and therefore water-resistant, stain-resistant and very durable. It has an elegant and compact design, measuring 8.5 x 22 x 16 inches, so it could be handy as a carry-on bag (always check with the airline).

Its advantage is that it’s very lightweight, at just 8.38 pounds, which means you can pack more. It can fit several suit, dresses, pants and shirts, keeping them wrinkle-free. 

Another very nice thing about this garment bag is its wheels. The bearing wheels seem very sturdy and they look like they should last for a while. They are larger than others, so the maneuverability would be better.

This garment bag has sufficient interior pockets so you could fit your toiletries, belts, socks and other small items. The zippers are qualitative, and they glide very easily, they look sturdy and well-designed. 

The only thing that you should be aware of is that, given its smaller size, and depending on your size as well, especially the height, this garment bag does not accommodate the full length of suits sometimes, so just keep this in mind before buying it.

What’s to like:

• Fairly priced product

• Very sturdy, well-made from durable materials

• Water-resistant, stain-resistant

• It’s a carry-on bag so you can take it with you into the airplane’s cabin

• Sturdy, well designed large wheels

• Zippers are nicely made, and they glide easily

What’s not to like:

• You cannot fit a full suit’s length or a ballgown without folding it at the bottom

7. Geoffrey Beene Garment Carrier

This rolling garment bag is nicely designed, comfortable to carry with you anywhere and it has a shoulder strap that can be extremely practical. You also have two color choices: black and olive green. It has a nice and stylish design, with one of the largest pockets in the front and two in-line wheels that make it very easy to handle and carry around.

This bag’s telescopic handle is thin, yet sturdy and easy to maneuver. Its measurements are 22 Inches x 7.5 Inches x 22 Inches, so it can pass as a carry-on bag in some cases. Its inner side has plenty of pockets of different sizes that are designed to fit a few suits, depending on the thickness of the hangers and the materials. You can fit in up to four suits, but some people said they were able to fit multiple dresses, aside from the suits.

The external pockets can fit up to two pairs of shoes, which is very useful when traveling for a few days and need to change in something more comfortable. It has in-line wheels and a detachable and adjustable padded shoulder strap, which is a plus on our list.

The aspects that seem to bother some people are the zipper’s quality and the hook on the bag. However, keep in mind that excessive weight can affect the integrity of those elements. As long as you are careful and don’t overload your garment bag, it should be fine.

Overall, this is a sturdy, well-made and well-organized garment bag that is also affordable, so if you are on a budget or don’t want to spend a fortune on a name brand’s garment bag, this one would be the right choice for you and definitely worth the money.

What’s to like:

• Affordable price
• You have two color choices
• It has a shoulder strap
• It has multiple and well-organized pockets
• You can fit numerous garments inside
• It has room for two pairs of shoes
• It can be considered a carry-on bag in some cases (check with your airline first)

What’s not to like:

• Zippers and hooks are not so qualitative

8. Travel Select Amsterdam Business Rolling Garment Bag

If you want a good-quality rolling garment bag for travel but you are not yet ready to invest, this one has a price tag that would suit just about any pocket. Aside from being one of Amazon’s Choice’s products, it’s also very appreciated by many users.

First of all, you have four color options to choose from. The rolling garment bag is reasonably spacious, allowing room for about three suits and other items, but you don’t get many organizational pockets and compartments. On the inside, you get two mesh corner pockets, but the good thing is that they can be removed in case you want some more space. It doesn’t feature a shoe compartment, but users said they were able to fit one or even two pairs of shoes in it eventually. The bright side is that it has an adjustable and detachable shoulder strap.

The construction is sturdy, and it has some external pockets that could come in handy and compensate for the lack of space for little things inside. However, in most cases, it cannot be considered a carry-on bag due to its dimensions: 7 x 23 x 21 inches. Again, maybe you could be lucky when it comes to some airlines, but definitely don’t buy it for this reason only, as you could find other garment bags that can easily fit the general requirements. It comes with in-line skate wheels.

At the end of the day, if you are not a very frequent traveler, this could be an excellent option for you. The price is very low compared to other similar products on the market, and you get a garment bag that can fit several suits and/or dresses and still have a bit of space for other items you might need. So, for a few days, this one is ideal, especially considering its price.

What’s to like:

• Low price, affordable

• Fairly spacious

• You can fit shoes in it

• Adjustable and detachable shoulder strap

• Detachable corner pockets to create more space

What’s not to like:

• Doesn’t fit the general requirements for a carry-on bag

• Doesn’t have many organizational pockets

• It has no special compartment for shoes

• The overall quality is not the best

We hope that you like our list so far. The purpose of this research was to ease your way into this topic and hopefully give you some good options to choose from. These are some of the best and most useful wheeled garment bags that we could find on the market right now and we hope that we managed to at least spark your interest. No matter what you decide to buy, be sure to read the review section because most of the time, you cannot judge a product solely from a few pictures or some incomplete descriptions. Make sure you take into consideration the buying guide provided above and chose wisely. If you still have questions about rolling garment bags and why you should buy one if you are a frequent traveler, here are some more answers that could help you decide whether or not you should consider buying one.


Wheeled garment bags are designed to fit clothing and personal belongings for a few days. They are usually small, compact and have very well-organized interiors. The reason why they are called garment bags is that they are meant to help you organize your clothes without wrinkling them. 

If you travel a lot and you are not a fan of ironing, this type of luggage would help you keep your most important attire wrinkle-free. Not to mention that garment bags make packing so much easier due to the multiple compartments and pockets dedicated to specific items. This way, you know exactly where to find them, plus, staying organized can save you precious time.


A rolling garment bag can serve multiple purposes. They are usually designed to be small and compact, so they mostly meet the criteria for a cabin bag, so you can save time at the check-in, as well as reducing the risk of lost luggage, as you have it with you all the time. 

You can use garment bags for regular trips as well. If you go on a city-break for a few days or a short vacation, you can save some time and money by organizing everything into the pockets and compartments of a garment bag, as well as keeping your most wanted pieces of clothing free of wrinkles. Many of them are advertised toward business travelers due to the nature of a business trip that is usually short and implies having impeccable outfits.


Rolling garment bags are small pieces of luggage with wheels. They are an all-in-one product, and they serve multiple purposes, like keeping your clothes wrinkle-free, as well as helping you organize other items and being able to carry them effortlessly. You can also find regular garment bags that keep your clothes on the hanger and safe, but they won’t keep them wrinkle-free because it’s all in the packing method. That is why a rolling garment bag is an easy fix and can help you travel like a pro.