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Best Portable Jewelry Box

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Protect your precious accessories with our Portable Jewelry Box. Featuring multiple compartments and a soft, velvet interior, it keeps your jewelry organized and safe. The compact and stylish design fits easily in your luggage, making it perfect for travel. Durable and elegant, it’s ideal for rings, necklaces, earrings, and more. Travel with confidence and keep your jewelry secure with our chic and functional jewelry box.



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Name: Jewelry Storage Box
Material: plastic+PU leather
Color: black, white, pink
Size: 16X11X5cm
Applicable: earrings, rings, bracelets, necklaces, etc
Function: Waterproof, double layer


  Best Portable Jewelry Box of 2024

They say women are more beautiful when they wear jewelry, but not because they manage to highlight the face’s features, but because they make it look brighter and more elegant. Have you ever noticed that you look sexier, more feminine or more beautiful when you put on your favorite earrings or necklace? If yes, then you surely know that positive reactions will arise when you decide to complete your look with a bit of glow.

Wearing jewelry that emphasizes your beauty is always a good idea, no matter the occasion. Luckily, you have a lot of options when it comes to choosing the accessories you need to turn yourself into a diva and leave behind your regular self.

Although wearing jewelry is common among women and choosing the most appropriate accessories should be a breeze, this decision isn’t always easy to make. Most women spend a lot of time in front of their mirrors wondering what the right earrings, bracelets or necklaces are, depending on a lot of factors, such as the outfit, hairstyle, skin tone, make-up and more.   

Are you one of those women who like to wear jewelry and think that diamonds are a woman’s best friends? Then you surely take some of your favorite accessories with you anywhere you go, especially during your travels. If so, don’t forget about the importance of a nice and stylish jewelry box that is portable and comfortable to use.

In order to give you an idea about your jewelry box options, we have reviewed the 5 best-selling such products on the market, highlighting their most important features, as well as their pros and cons. Are you ready to start analyzing five of the best jewelry boxes? Then take a look at the below products and choose the one that suits your needs.

1. SONGMICS Black Jewelry Box Faux Leather Watch Storage Organizer

Are you looking for a jewelry box that is sturdy, stylish, nicely design and roomy? Then this product could be what you are looking for. It is a classy, black jewelry box that includes 20 compartments, 3 layers and 2 side compartments with necklace hooks, one ring case, 5 ear studs and 3 storage pouches. Also, it has 2 slots for watches and the 3 layers have two drawers.

This jewelry box opens up easily and comfortably, it has high-quality beige velvet on the inside and is meant to protect your accessories from damage, loss, tangling or humidity. When closed, it is very easy to carry thanks to its practical handle. Its size of 10.2 x 7.1 x 6.7 inches and light weight of only 4.4 pounds are ideal for traveling. You can carry it in your luggage or you can simply hold it in your hand.

Buy this portable jewelry box if:

What’s to like about the SONGMICS Black Jewelry Box Faux Leather Watch Storage Organizer w/ Lock Mirror and Mini Travel Case UJBC121B?

This portable jewelry box has a few advantages that other similar products do not offer. It is affordable, it includes a mirror and it a small storage compartment that can be turned into a mini travel case. You can take it with you in your luggage without worrying about the room in your bag and, at the same time, you get to take with you the jewelry that makes you feel beautiful and confident.

What’s not to like?

Despite being one of the most practical portable accessory boxes on the market, this product seems to be a bit too large for most women and requires a special storage place. Also, it is a bit large for traveling, but, luckily comes with the travel case that is very practical.

2. SONGMICS Black Jewelry Box Lockable Makeup Storage Case

The second product on our list is another one of Songmics’ cases, a bit more affordable, but with the same stylish design. It comes in 3 colors: blue, black and purple. All three are equally beautiful and functional. The craft of this box is incredibly well-thought. It includes various structures, it is covered in faux leather that gives it an elegant look and it has soft, beige velvet on the inside.

It contains 9 compartments that are well-organized and help you keep your jewelry separated, clean and isolated. There is one ring set, one drawer, one watch cushion, as well as compartments for accessories such as bracelets, earrings, brooches, necklaces and many more. It is great for traveling, especially because it locks up and it has a comfortable handle that makes it highly portable.

Here is why you should go for this portable jewelry box:

What’s to like about the SONGMICS Black Jewelry Box Lockable Makeup Storage Case Faux Leather with Mirror UJBC114?

This faux leather jewelry box is elegant and helps you maintain your accessories well-organized. Thanks to the large number of compartments, you will find your favorite jewelry easily, even when in a rush. It also includes a mirror and can be easily maneuvered thanks to its upper handle. Moreover, it is lightweight and comfortable to carry, as it only weighs 2.3 pounds.

What’s not to like?

If the previous box was considered to be a bit too large, we could say that this one is a bit too small for someone who owns a lot of accessories, at its 8.9 x 6.7 x 5.3 inches size.

3. 2020 Universal Jewelry Organizer

If you are looking for a jewelry box where you can fit in all your favorite necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings, then you don’t need to search any further than the 2020 Universal Jewelry Organizer. This is a portable jewelry box and due to the beautiful design, you can take the box anywhere you want. While the design might be stylish, what really matters here is the interior.

The designers want the box to be universal and to fit all types of jewelry. This is why the item is equipped with necklace hooks and net pockets so that you can safely store your necklaces. Not only that, but you will also find a multi-integrated ear stud plate, ribbon handle, and a ring groove. You will no longer have to search all over the house to find your favorite jewelry because you can find it all inside the box.

Here is why this portable jewelry box might interest you:

• Beautiful design to complement your jewelry

• It is compact and lightweight

• It fits all types of jewelry

• Ring groove

• Necklace hooks and pockets

• Multiple compartments

What’s to like about the 2020 Universal Jewelry Organizer?

First of all, the fancy design looks amazing. The jewelry box will look good anywhere that you place it starting with the hotel room and ending with your own bedroom’s nightstand. However, the highlight features of the product are the multiple compartments and special necklace hooks and ring grooves.

What’s not to like?

The jewelry box has been designed to be portable and this is why it’s so lightweight. However, this is also a bad thing because you can only place so much jewelry before it fills up. If you own tens of rings, this product will not be enough.

4. Vlando Princess Style Jewelry Box from Netherlands Design Team

This is the ideal jewelry box for those who love everything in their room to be feminine and have a girly design. This pink portable box is a bit more expensive than other similar products, but it comes with a nice design, practical compartments and a size that allows you to take it with you anywhere you go. It is covered in synthetic leather and in velvet on the inside. Also, it has a flannel interior that is meant to help you protect your accessories from scratches.

This girly jewelry box measures 9.1 x 6.7 x 6.7 inches, weighs 3.3 pounds and can represent a nice addition to an elegant bedroom. It has a lid pad that is meant to prevent the accessories from sliding out. One of the practical aspects of this box’s design is the fact that the tray can be left inside or taken out, depending on your needs.

Take into consideration the following features if you are thinking about buying this product:

What’s to like about the Vlando Princess Style Jewelry Box from Netherlands Design Team, Fabulous Girls Gift (Pink)?

This designer jewelry box is definitely the right product for women of pretentious tastes. It is roomy, it has a few compartments that let you organize plenty of tiny accessories and it can be taken with you in your travels. It is medium-sized, so it will not occupy too much room. The greatest thing about this box is that it is made of environment-friendly materials that have high wear resistance, which means that you should count on these materials’ durability.

What’s not to like?

Although this product is incredibly elegant and feminine, it has few organizers, which could represent a flaw for women who own a lot of jewelry.  

5. Vlando Small Faux Leather Travel Jewelry Box

If you are looking for a tiny jewelry box that is great for traveling and fits anywhere, you will surely think that this is a suitable product for your needs. It comes in a variety of colors, from light beige to red and black, it is simply designed and compact. Also, it is covered in faux leather that looks elegant and classy. It has four organizers, ring rolls and a wall pocket that is great if you want to keep earrings or rings.

The great thing about this tiny accessory box is that it has a zipped closure that keeps your jewelry secure, unlike the usual covers or lids. It measures only 4.5 x 4.5 x 2.6 inches, which means that you can keep it in your luggage, bag or purse without even feeling it presence. Unlike larger jewelry boxes, this travel organizer is incredibly practical and easy to carry around.

Buy this jewelry box if you:

What’s to like about Vlando Small Faux Leather Travel Jewelry Box Organizer Display Storage Case for Rings Earrings Necklace (Black)

If you want to buy a jewelry box that is tiny, but practical and that comes with compartments that will help you keep your jewelry untangled and well-organized, then you need this inexpensive product. It comes with a visually pleasant design, it is highly functional because of its zipper closure and it is tiny enough to fit any type of bag.

What’s not to like?

Although this product is well-designed, its zipper looks a little bit cheap and will not be fulfilling your requirements if you are a pretentious person.

6. Vlando Small Portable Travel Jewelry Box with Mirror

A jewelry box that is tiny, elegant and classy is brought to the market by Vlando at a very low price that is highly competitive with the prices of other similar product. It comes in light grey, with a zipper closure and smart compartments that are easy to use and practical for jewelry organization.

It has two removable dividers that help you store larger accessories when necessary or keep the tiny ones separated instead. This jewelry box comes with a flannel interior that protects your belongings from scratches, drops or humidity. On the outside, this jewelry box has PU leather that offers a visually pleasant aspect. Its size of only 4.5 x 4.4 x 2.6 inches is suitable if you want to carry it in your purse or bag.

Buy this product is you like the below features:

What's to like about the Vlando Small Portable Travel Jewelry Box with Mirror (Grey)?

Liking this tiny jewelry box is easy, because it comes with numerous features that help you take your accessories with you even in unplanned journeys. All you have to do is place your favorite jewelry inside and take off. The organizers and nicely built and there are two removable compartments that give you the option to store larger pieces, too. Also, it includes a tiny mirror that proves to be very useful while on the road.

What's not to like?

Despite of the fact that this product comes at a good price and is beautifully designed, its zipper closure seems to have poor quality and might disappoint some users.

How to keep your jewelry safe while traveling?

Although most of the times you can limit your jewelry to only one set of earrings, a bracelet or watch and a necklace for your travels, there are times when this is almost impossible. Especially when traveling for important events, business dinners, fashion shows etc., jewelry plays an important role and it is a pity not to be able to use it. However, at times, women feel uncomfortable to travel with expensive jewelry, for obvious reasons. Sometimes, valuable accessories get scratched by other objects in the luggage, other times they get stolen or are affected by fluctuating temperatures, moisture and more. If you are planning to take your jewelry with you, the smartest option is keeping them in a box that is especially designed for this purpose.

Jewelry boxes are usually made of hard materials, come with several compartments, dividers and locks. The probability of having your accessories stolen or damaged is really low, thanks to the soft materials that the boxes are made of, as well as by the security features. Except for jewelry boxes, you can also choose roll-ups and small hanging organizers while traveling. However, the ones that hang aren’t very practical while traveling.

What is the most important feature of a portable jewelry box?

There are many reasons why jewelry boxes should be used during your travels, but the most important by far is the fact that it offers protection from theft. Just like suitcases, some of these boxes come with locks. You can use them to simply lock the jewelry box, but at the same time, you can get creative and use a lock to tie the box to the luggage or other objects in your hotel room. The second most important feature of these portable boxes is the fact that they can protect your valuable accessories from being damaged. Last, but not least, they are designed to help you organize al of your accessories, to have better visibility over them and to find them easily whenever you need them.

How large should a portable jewelry box be?

The size of your jewelry box should depend on the number of accessories that you want to take with you in your future trips. If you know that you have a lot of jewelry that you cannot leave without, then you should have at least a compartment for each category: earrings, bracelets, necklaces, watches and other smaller accessories. Some jewelry boxes come with integrated mirrors and several “stories”, which makes them larger. Also, models that have a foldable “drawer” design and watch pillows might be larger than basic ones. The truth is that larger jewelry boxes are safer, but they occupy more space in your luggage. Also, they are more elegant and roomier, they have a more stable lid and usually protect the jewelry better from humidity and pollution. Small jewelry boxes, on the other side, are more practical, less expensive and occupy less space in your bag. The bottom line is that the size of the ideal model depends on your needs.


Having a jewelry box that you can take with you in your travels is extremely useful and might help you in ways that you do not take into consideration at the present time. Wearing the right jewelry at the right time can prove to be a confidence enhancer and a way of emphasizing your most beautiful features.

The market is rich in travel jewelry boxes that are portable and comfortable to use, but you should choose the product that suits your needs the most. For example, if you are a heavy traveler that goes away of the city for short periods of time, regularly, you surely know what are the accessories that you need and you do not need to take a large box with you. On the other hand, if you travel more rarely, but for longer periods of time, you probably cannot predict what the accessories that you will be needing will be. Therefore, it is better to take with you a larger jewelry box that fits everything you need inside.

The reviews above can help you decide on the product that fulfills your requirements best and that can help you complete your look even when you are constantly on the run.