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Best Automatic Hair Curlers

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Get flawless curls effortlessly with the best automatic hair curlers. Easy to use and time-saving, these curlers feature advanced technology for consistent, long-lasting curls. Safe for all hair types, they provide salon-quality styling at home or on the go. Enjoy beautiful, bouncy curls anytime, anywhere!

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Power: 34w

Power supply mode: plug-in

Temperature adjustment gear: 160℃, 190℃, 220℃

Heat conductor material: tourmaline ceramic

Diameter of heat conductor: 21mm-30mm

Cable length: 2 meters

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  Best Automatic Hair Curlers of 2024

As technology evolves, so do we. Our needs become more complex and we become more pretentious. We expect a lot from our favorite products these days: speed, efficiency, safety features, quality and an amazing design. Luckily, the manufacturers in the beauty industry have adapted quite well and surprise their customers with very useful products.

The best automatic hair curlers on the market are some of the best examples. The innovative version of a curling iron, the automatic hair curler has an entirely different design, but does exactly the same thing, only faster and safer. How many of you got finger burns while trying to curl your hair when getting ready for a night out? The curling iron is famous for these burns, as well as for burnt hair. More than that, it needs some hair-styling skills, because if you don’t pay attention, the right side of your hair will look nothing like your left side.

Automatic hair curlers practically drag your hair inside the device, twisting it and holding it for a few seconds. When the hair section is released, a perfect curl is ready to turn some heads. When the whole hair is done, you won’t believe how fast and easy a perfect hairstyle can be obtained. You will fall in love with it from the first glance.

The great thing about automatic hair curlers is that you don’t risk burning yourself or your hair. These products are equipped with safety features that prevent your hair from getting burned. As for your fingers, you don’t have access to the hair while inside the curler, so there is no way that you can get burns. If you are looking for a hair curler that offers you incredible results, this is what you are looking for. To help you find the best automatic hair curler on the market, we have reviewed 5 of the best-selling such products. Take a look and choose the one that you find most suitable for your needs and budget.

1. Infiniti Pro by Conair Curl Secret

Are you looking forward to the best curls ever? This is a product that will prove that anyone can have perfect curls. It is easy to use, it is equipped with Tourmaline technology that helps you avoid getting frizzy hairs and it comes with heat protection. More than that, your hair will shine after using this automatic curler.

This product has a brushless motor, a powerful heater and quick heat up and recovery. It has 2 heat levels and timer settings that allow you to use it as you desire. It is suitable for medium and tight curls, but not for waves. As for the safety part, this curler comes with an auto-off feature that prevents overheating and any type of damage. The box includes a barrel cleaner. Also, the product is covered by a 5-year warranty.

What’s to like?

What’s not to like?

2. UKLISS Automatic Hair Curler with Tourmaline Ceramic Heater

The UKLISS Automatic Hair Curler with Tourmaline Ceramic Heater is an affordable product that will help you get the curly look that you love! Despite shipping with an affordable price tag, this is still one of the best automatic hair curlers available on the market. The product is equipped with lots of useful features such as directional buttons to help you get the perfect curl and temperature control buttons so that your hair doesn’t get burned.

The rotating ceramic curler will help you achieve professional wavy hairstyles in a matter of seconds! If you aren’t savvy with this type of product, then you should be pleased to know that this automatic hair curler model is equipped with an automatic curl function. This function automatically pulls the hair into the titanium coated curler, gently wraps the hair strand and heats it at the proper temperature.

What’s to like?

• Affordable price

• Easy to use (automatic curl function)

• Ceramic heater

• LED display

• Temperature controls

• Timer

• Titanium coated curler

What’s not to like?

• It doesn’t work great with short hair

• It’s not cordless

3. BeQool Automatic Hair Steam Curler Ceramic Curling Iron

If you are looking for more than just an automatic hair curler, this product will exceed your expectations. It comes with a beautiful design and at a low price that will take you by surprise. Ever since the first hair styling accessories and tools became available on the market, experts thought that the ones that use steam are better and less invasive. If you agree with that affirmation, you will love this product. It uses steam, it is made of ceramic and it is suitable for tight, soft and natural curls.

8, 10 or 12 seconds are enough per section in order to obtain perfect curls. The more you keep the hair inside, the tighter the curl will be. This product has 3 timer and 3 temperature settings. When you are done with all of the sections, your hair will look nourished, perfectly styled and shiny. The box also includes a cleaner and a plastic bottle that you can use to fill it in with water.

What’s to like?

What’s not to like?

4. Kiss Products Instawave Automatic Hair Curler

This automatic hair curler has a simpler design than the two previous products and a better price, too. However, it is not effective for any type of curls. This curler looks just like a traditional curling iron, except its barrel is a spinner and it is equipped with a small clip and four other plastic holders. It is suitable for tight and medium curls, depending on the size of the hair section. The great thing about it is that you can set which side the hair should be spun towards: left or right.

This curler’s barrel is made of ceramic, it can reach a maximum temperature of 420 degrees F and it has an auto shut-off function that enables after 90 minutes. The temperature is adjustable, so it gives users full flexibility. This product also comes with a style guide that will help you get inspired.

What’s to like?

What’s not to like?It takes more time to do the curls than with a regular automatic hair curlerThe hair can get tangled sometimes

5. Kiss Products Professional Instawave Pink Automatic Hair Curler

The Kiss Instawave hair curler is similar to the previously reviewed product, only a bit more expensive and with exchangeable barrels. Also, its barrel is much shorter and it is equipped with ceramic ionic technology that is meant to reduce frizzy hair. When buying this product you can choose between a variety of barrel sizes, depending on the curls that you wish to obtain.

When using this curler, you don’t have to worry about burning your hair. Thanks to its beeping technology, you will know when to release the curl and you will be able to keep your hair safe and healthy. It only takes 30 seconds for the barrel to heat up. Also, it has a 90-minute auto shut-off function. The great thing about it is that it is equipped with a rotational switch, so you are in full control of the direction of your curls.

What’s to like?

What’s not to like?

6. S-power Professional LCD Automatic Hair Curler

The S Power automatic hair curler is exactly what you need if you are looking for a product that will get you professional results. It comes at a low price, too, so if you are on a budget, this could be your best option. Being equipped with an LCD display, it is easy to operate and very efficient. It has timer settings and adjustable temperature, ranging from 140 to 230 degrees F. This product will be ready to use in a matter of seconds from the moment you turn it on.

One of its main advantages is that it lets you set the direction of the curls. It can be chosen by simply pressing L, R or A. Unlike other similar products, it is lightweight and very easy to work with. It works for both long and medium hair. However, short hair has to be enough to get in the curler.

What’s to like?

What’s not to like?

Is an automatic hair curler easier to use than a regular one?

Automatic hair curlers are derived from traditional curlers, but instead of having to rotate the hair on the wand manually, you simply have to place the hair on it and wait to be rotated automatically. Some automatic curlers don’t come with a wand but with a hair chamber, where it is dragged inside, twisted and held for a few seconds, depending on the heat settings. The best thing about automatic hair curlers is that you don’t have to do all the rotating motions yourself. Did it ever happen to you to try to curl your hair but feel tired when done? It happens to a lot of women, especially to those with thick and rich hair. Thanks to this innovation, the whole process is easier than ever.

Another reason why some curlers with automatic function are easier to use is that they drag the hair inside the hair chamber, so you don’t have to touch anything. Therefore, the risk of having your hands burnt is extremely low. These hair tools are very cute, at the same time. They have a nice design, different from any other that hair curlers have had so far.  

Do you need hair styling skills to use an automatic hair curler?

The most important reason why most women chose automatic hair curlers over regular wands is that no styling skills are required whatsoever. The curler does it almost all by itself, so your intervention is needed only for separating the hair and selecting the strands. Regular curlers require you to be somehow handy if you want to finish doing your hair quickly and nicely. You need to know exactly how much hair to curl, the duration and the heat intensity. Also, your hands must move quickly or otherwise you will spend your whole day in front of the mirror. On the other hand, if you know that you don’t really have the time and energy to spend too much time in front of the mirror, you will find that an automatic device will practically do the job for you.  

What kind of curls can an automatic hair curler do?

There are several kinds of automatic curls available on the market and each of them has different characteristics. However, most hair curlers offer the same results. More often than not, you will be able to obtain at least three types of curls, tight, medium or loose, depending on how much hair you select for curling. Actually, it all depends on the technology that the machine uses and the different features that it might have. Most modern curlers are capable of pre-heating in under a minute, allowing you to use it immediately after plugging it in. Depending on the model that you will choose to curl your hair, it might be capable to rotate in one direction or in both directions (both left and right). If you like your curls to be formed on the inside, for instance, but your device is only capable of doing them on the outside, then you have a problem. It is wise to check the specification list before ordering one.  

Do you want to get your hair done in a matter of minutes every time you have to get out of the house? Do you like to have awesome looks every day? Then an automatic hair curler can be a lifesaver. You can get so much done in the time that you used to waste with your regular curling iron that you are simply going to love it. The above products are suitable for most hair types, yet it is worth analyzing their features in depth, so that you choose the best option for your needs.

In case you have rather shorter hair, it is recommended to go with the hair curlers with more of a regular design, just like seen in examples 3 and 4. They will help you get the desired results in no time. For medium and long hair, the products 1, 2 and 5 are the best options on the market. They are reasonably priced, they use innovative technology that keeps your hair healthy and nourished and they work like a charm. Choose the best product for your needs and enjoy an amazing look every day!